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    FS: RAM Crucial Ballistix SPORT 16GB kit - DDR3 - 1600

    I bought the wrong RAM for a desktop, needed 1333 bought 1600 by mistake. It was bought from Amazon USA and sent here, new in package.
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    Factory Unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB BLACK iOS 5.1 with additional accessories

    Please delete, duplicate thread
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    FS : Factory unlocked Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB BLACK iOS 5.1

    Product Name: Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB BLACK (Factory Unlocked) iOS 5.1 Expected Price: Rs 16000 Shipping charges : 500 (Outside NCR) Description if any: Factory unlocked iPhone 3GS in Black color, will never get locked even when upgraded. Out of warranty but in immaculate condition with no...
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    Whole House Connected Audio

    Hi guys, Just got a a new audio setup so i thought i will post about it here. I have a 2 zone Sonos setup running the following equipment : 2 Zone Player 90 1 Zone Bridge 1 CR 200 Remote The zone players dont come with a built in amp (for that you want the 120) so they are suited for rooms...
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    Finally upgraded my camera

    Hi all, After a long time i finally took the plunge and got an SLR, picture says it all :
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    My CarPC

    Sometime back i took up the project of putting a carpc in my Innova. Here is what it looks like now : The PC specs: Via EPIA EN15000 motherboard/C7 cpu 1 GB DDR Ram 40GB laptop HDD Seagate Opus mini case with 120W PSU Opus 90W PSU for peripherals 7" Xenarc TS in a custom dash ccStick...