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  1. cellar_door

    FS: Games US PSN Digital code $50

    I bought this 50 USD PSN US code for someone but they dont need it anymore. So I am selling it. I paid 50 USD for it ~ 3500. Willing to let it go for 3000. Please note - 1 It is a digital code. 2 It will only work on US PSN Accounts. IT WILL NOT WORK ON INDIAN PSN ACCOUNT! 3 I would...
  2. cellar_door

    OC & Modding Help me RGBfy my PC.

    Ok. So I started a project to clean up my PC case/monitor and make it all pretty. To get started, I figured I would pick up some RGB LED strips and see how it went. Problem is the LED strip I picked up has this connector (See image attached). That connector connects to a power cable so you can...
  3. cellar_door

    FS: Desktops HTPC PC for sale

    So I have an HTPC I am getting rid of. Its HDD went faulty and I cant be bothered to invest in a new HDD to get it working. Since I got good broadband, I have been using Chromecast and I dont wanna get the HTPC rolling again. Most of it is in really good condition. Never been overclocked...
  4. cellar_door

    Budget 10-15K Need a nice looking phone

    So this is a bit of a bizzare request. I need a phone that looks nice. A little tired of the dull choices available under 15k, all of them look the same. I saw the nubia z11 and it looks beautiful but the HW and SW are really subpar for that price. The Swipe elite max looks gorgeous too but I...
  5. cellar_door

    Other Phone for an older person?

    So I need to get a phone for my grandfather. Problem is he cant deal with a touch phone at all. Tried getting him to use Android and Win OS, no go. So need something with buttons. But he is kinda old and his eyesight isnt that great. So need a big size phone with decently spaced keys. Also...
  6. cellar_door

    Camera Need a P&S (??) for learning basics of photography

    So I been reading up on photgraphy and always wanted to take better pictures. Sort of pick up a new hobby kinda thing. What's your budget? 15,000 max. 10k would be better. Camera type? Whatever fits in my budget (I am guessing thats P&C) Body Style? Dont care How much zoom do you...
  7. cellar_door

    Audio Buying orignal Mi Piston?

    So whats the best place to pick one of those up? I can only see ebay and am a little wary. Anyone else have any ideas?
  8. cellar_door

    WTB Mid Range GPU

    Need a GPU 270x, 280x, 760, 960 etc. PM me.
  9. cellar_door

    FS: Consoles Xbox One

    FS Xbox one. Bought in Oct 2014 from Amazon India. Just under 6 months old. Normally used. Has bill and warranty. Reason for sale - Gonna be travelling for a few months. Gonna buy a gaming laptop or a 3DS. Price 22k. No games. Delhi buyers only ATM. NOTE - The controller desyncs sometimes...
  10. cellar_door

    Video Any recommendations for a cheap XMBC remote?

    Sorta related. Any recommendations for a cheap XMBC remote? Sub 2k hopefully?
  11. cellar_door

    CPU/Mobo Mobo with HDMI out?

    So my current mobo just got fried. Plus its out of warranty. This motherboard would be used in an HTPC build. Cabinet can handle regular sized mobos though so MiATX is nice but not a necessity. I would like to pair it with an AMD APU. Only thing is. Its got to have an HDMI out since I dont...
  12. cellar_door

    FS: Others Asus O'Play Mini Media player

    FS Asus O'Play Mini Media player Bought this a few months ago from Nehru Place, Delhi. A few weeks after buying it I ended up converting my old gaming PC to an HTPC so its been sitting unused since then. I updated it to the newest firmware when I bought it. Its been barely used. Cant find the...
  13. cellar_door

    FS: Consoles FS PS3 320GB

    FS PS3 320 GB Bought over a couple of years ago. Sparingly used. Never repaired, modded or opened. Working perfectly. Purchased in late 2011. Out of warranty. Bought from Delhi. Can provide bill. And the box. Included are the PS3 console. Power Cable. The S video cable that it came with...
  14. cellar_door

    FS: Games Dark Souls 2 PS3

    FS Dark Souls 2. PS3. Price 1700 shipped. Good condition.
  15. cellar_door

    WTB Kindle

    Delhi sellers only. Cheaper models preferable.
  16. cellar_door

    Budget 21-30k CPU/Mobo/RAM/HDD/PSU/Cabinet for Gaming

    What is your budget? 30K. Willing to stretch a little if its worth it What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel E6350 Motherboard - Some gigabyte one, not sure of the exact model GPU - NV 650 (will be keeping this) RAM - Transcend...
  17. cellar_door

    WTB PS3/Xbox 360 controller

    Like the title says, I need a new controller for my PC. PS3 controller would be preffered since I can use that with my PS3 as well but I am open to 360 controller offers too. Wired or wireless (360 wireless has to be with a reciever obviously) are both fine as long as the condition is good. It...
  18. cellar_door

    WTB External HDD 1 TB or more

    Nothing fancy. Just needs to have warranty. 1TB or more. Delhi buyers preffered.
  19. cellar_door

    ISP for Gurgaon?

    Whats a good option for Broadband in Gurgaon? Specifically around Sector 56. Need something with no FUP. At least 1MBPS. Sub 1500 Rs PM. Do MTNL provide services there or is it just BSNL? If BSNL, what are their services like?
  20. cellar_door

    WTB Last of us PS3

    As the title states, need Last of us PS3. Preferably with the codes. Open to offers without it too. But I dont have the option of online banking ATM. So its has to be a Delhi meet and cash transaction.