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  1. nimitbhardwaj

    WTB GRE Prep Books

    Looking for GRE prep books, preferably Manhattan Series or Manhattan 5lb. Take the PM route please.
  2. nimitbhardwaj

    WTB Mi Band

    Looking for a Mi Band. PM with offers.
  3. nimitbhardwaj

    FS: Mobile Mint condition Moto G

    Got a mint condition Moto G 16GB Black + all original accessories + box. Screen has had a tempered glass on since day one. Bought a new Original back last month (black) so the back is also scratchless. You won't find a single scratch on the phone. Its running on Lolipop. Take the pm route for...
  4. nimitbhardwaj

    Android Anyone manage to get an extra Mi Band in the sale?

    Did anyone manage to get an extra Mi Band in today's sale?
  5. nimitbhardwaj

    WTB Android < 10K

    Looking for a a mint condition Android in 8-10k price range. Should be in warranty. Take the PM route for offers. Cheers.
  6. nimitbhardwaj

    Digital Electronics Hardware Project

    I have a 2 credit Digital Electronics hardware project coming up. I need suggestions about topics. Shouldn't be too complex, but good enough. I can buy the ICs from ebay or get them from my college lab.
  7. nimitbhardwaj

    iOS Best alternative to Apple USB Lightning Cable?

    So my little brother broke my original lightning cable. It costs about 2k which is a pain in the arse. Suggest a good alternative with good build quality, can be recognised by the PC and lasts long. I heard Belkin ones are good.
  8. nimitbhardwaj


    Anyone going to buy Yureka at today's sale? I'm going to try. Apparently it was sold out in 3 seconds or so the last time. If you do get an extra one in your cart, please lemme know.
  9. nimitbhardwaj

    Siri To Understand Indian English

    Apple's Siri being a very much interactive smartphone voice assistant we have seen so far, can now understand the English accent used by Indians. Yes! The second beta version of iOS 8.3 seeded to builders provides Siri help for Indian English. Till date, it had been a problem for many Indians...
  10. nimitbhardwaj

    WTB Yu Yureka/Mi3/Note 3g

    I want to buy Yu Yureka, Note 3g or Mi3. Yu/3g preferred. Local deal only. Delhi NCR.
  11. nimitbhardwaj

    Topic for Environmental Studies project?

    I need a kickass topic for my EVS project. Any suggestions?
  12. nimitbhardwaj

    WTB Used books

    Looking for the following books. PM me if you can sell/giveaway these or similar books. 1. Probability, statistics and random process by Veeraranjan 2. Fundamentals of digital circuits by Anand Kumar 3. Solid state electronic devices by Ben G Streetman 4. Modern digital and analog communication...
  13. nimitbhardwaj

    Android [SOLVED] Redmi 1s stuck in fastboot

    I installed Xposed framework by mistake to my rooted Redmi 1s. Now its stuck in fastboot mode. The kick in the ass is that the Volume+ button is dead so I can't flash a recovery and then install a fresh ROM. Any solution to this?
  14. nimitbhardwaj


    I'm not able to withdraw my funds from Neteller. Is there an alternate way to get those funds out?
  15. nimitbhardwaj

    Budget 5-10K Procedure for buying Redmi note 4g through flipkart

    I registered for the Redmi Note 4G 5 days ago for 3 feb sale but didn't get any notification How does it go down? Never bought any Redmi phone from Flipkart earlier. The page shows "You have registered for Redmi Note 4G sale on 3 feb".
  16. nimitbhardwaj

    Need career planning advice

    I'm doing my B.Tech from JayPee Univ. in ECE. I,m in my 4th semester now. My first preference was CSE but I opted ECE because I planned to do MS in either Aeronautical,CSE or ECE. (Can't decide till date which one I want to go into) I have some knowledge on GRE but I need advice on how to...
  17. nimitbhardwaj

    FS: Mobile Moto E

    Phone is in Mint condition. Used it as a backup phone. Looking for a quick sale. Box is available. Accessories not included. Always had a screen protector on. Rooted and running CM.
  18. nimitbhardwaj

    FS: Mobile Brand New iPhone 5s(Verizon) 16GB Gold

    Got 2 x Verizon locked iPhone 5s for Christmas gift. Brand new. Opened box to check if Indian SIM cards work, and yes they do! Price is negotiable.
  19. nimitbhardwaj

    WTB New Factory Unlocked iPhone 5s

    I'm looking for multiple units of Factory unlocked iPhone 5s. Wholesellers please contact me.