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    Budget 71-90K Suggest a build for Adobe After effects, Maya, blender ,etc

    Skip the harddisk for anything except pure storage. Even cheapest 1tb ssd will be far better than the hdd Mostly Nvidia GPUs are better with Adobe products. Check some videos out on the same.
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    Bank account or any other mode of savings for a group of friends

    What happens when the guy running the common account gets up to mischief. Save in your own account. Pool later. Or transfer to some travel agent directly.
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    How can i get my site to rank on google

    SEO is really hard work and more like a million small things to do. Unless you're a technical person, hire someone to do it. Or just advertise on Google.
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    #Logut Campaign by Restaurant Owners

    Its mostly big chains that are facing the heat cause of competition. If its so bad, where are new restaurants opening around everywhere every day?
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    Laser Printer with Scan and Xerox (All in One Kind) - B&W ok, low maintenance preferred

    I have it. Bother one is better. Its called a mini xerox machine. It has duplex which is a life saver and ADF. Also has wifi. Its very easy to refill the brother one too. If you need help I can post pics next time. There are plenty of tutorials for it too. Only thing they dont show in tuts is...
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    Laser Printer with Scan and Xerox (All in One Kind) - B&W ok, low maintenance preferred

    Jeez man, what confusion is this. Just got to a few local shops that are popular. They will give you rates instantly. They will also refill it later for 200-300. Amazon is overpriced. Yes its laser printer only. Prints only black and white. Prints duplex. Just watch a review or something online.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    I love Advanced tomato. Havent used xwrt. If you are a prosumer, advanced tomato works really well. All major stuff works well and looks good. If you have specific needs then search and then decide.
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    Laser Printer with Scan and Xerox (All in One Kind) - B&W ok, low maintenance preferred

    This is a very good model. Offline it goes lowest to 14k. It has wifi, easily refillable. Has duplex. My friend is using it since 3-4yrs as a mini xerox machine. Works great. Very popular. I have the cheaper model with just printer. Its amazing. I bring a 100 rs toner and refill + reset...
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Advanced Tomato.
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    The "Everyday" show-off thread !

    Congrats! Now get some custom firmware and you'll unleash its true potential..
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    Budget 41-50k Mid Budget PC

    AMD Ryzen 5 3400G with the cheapest mobo you can find. If youre gaming then add a graphics card and move to a non vega Ryzen CPU. (without graphics.)
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    14 spa centres searched in Noida Sector 18; 35 arrested for running sex racket(Times of India)

    God forbid some people are sexually satisfied. Obviously we cant have that shit in India.
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    Raspberry Pi based always on torrent box

    They're fine if you dont need the extra speed. The warranty period takes care of any issues that may arise. Samsungs are great when you intend to use the full sata bandwidth.
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    Raspberry Pi based always on torrent box

    What are you using for FTP server. Configure settings there. or see if there is any setting that is idling the usb drive after an interval.
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    Raspberry Pi 4 announced with 4K support and up to 4GB of RAM

    The new pi has 2 usb3 ports and 2 usb2, gigabit ethernet, very low poer consumption, dual hdmi for multimonitor, powerful quad core processor and now upto 4gb ram. You can do any thing that requires 24/7 operation at low power requirement, that requires high bandwidth, or want to attach...
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    Raspberry Pi based always on torrent box

    SMB gives random issues. SFTP (or just ftp) is much better. Most sync apps have the option for it and there are plenty of server apps available too. Also find it more reliable as you can see the log and find issues.
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    Laptops Shifting back to Windows from Mac - some help please.

    You get a macbook instead of the air or pro and complain that it cant do much? :O . That one has very low powered processors. And 8gb ram in mac is a lot. Especially wit compression and superfast ssd paging.
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    Budget 41-50k Is 8th gen i5 worth it over i3 ?

    Yes the i5 is a quadcore. Anything that uses multiple cores will fly. Basically most professional apps etc.