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    Reliance/Airtel/Tata/BSNL Broadband?

    I have been using the 256kbps UL plan of BSNL for about 3 years now and finally, I have felt the need to increase the bandwidth.. After searching for various ISPs on the net, I have come down to the following: 1) BSNL itself.. 512kbps UL for Rs. 1350/month. 2) Airtel - 1299 plan with...
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    A question to fans of the NHL series..

    Ok this i think will be to a very very small percentage of followers of the NHL series, here in India.. :| I've played the PC version of NHL 2000 and beyond and upto 06 after which my PC couldnt handle them anymore.. :rofl: Now, I've got an x360 and I got the NHL 10 game which according to IGN...
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    PC Peripherals Charging thru USB problem

    Hi, a friend of mine working for Infosys is planning to buy an mp3 player. However, apparently infy have disabled all the USB ports in their computers so that no device is recognized. So, the main problem he has now is charging the player. Is it possible to charge the player thru the USB port...
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    Guitar controller for the xbox 360

    I want to know, where in Bangalore can I find a guitar controller for the xbox 360, preferably one that works for guitar hero. Anyone have an idea about this coz google hasn't been of much help sadly. Also, can someone quote the price of one so I can estimate the range.
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    A little help with my 360..

    I'll try to keep this within forum rules. so, here goes.. I bought an xbox 360 console recently which was already *ahem*-ed.. but i don't know with which version. I recently read that u need v.1.6 in order to play most of the upcoming games. I'm still very much a n00b in order to do the whole...
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    Can GTA IV work on my comp?

    Hey, I was thinking of buying GTA IV after I really enjoyed playing GTA San Andreas.. But am not sure if my comp can support this game.. My comp specs: AMD Athlon X2 5200+ @2.7GHz Asus M2N-MX SE Plus MB 320 GB HDD nVIDIA XFX 8600 GT 256 MB 2 GB RAM @667 MHz wat else? *thinks* Thanks in...
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    Hey to everyone

    Hey.. i am rahul from blore.. and as i am posting here, i am new to this place.. thanks to sri_rng for guiding me to this place.. :hap2: