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    OC & Modding Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2019 - New Frame Build

    What can one use a dual system setup for ?
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    The New Flagship: Ryzen 9 3950X

    AMD Ryzen 9 3950X 16 Core CPU Benchmark Leaks Out, Obliterates The Intel Core i9-9980XE 18 Core CPU in Single and Multi-Threaded Workloads The chip scored 5868 points in single-core and 61072 points in multi-core performance tests. To put things into perspective, the Ryzen Threadripper 2950X...
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    The New Flagship: Ryzen 9 3950X

    Update: The new Ryzen 9 3950X will top the stack of new Zen 2 based AMD consumer processors, and is built for the AM4 socket along with the range of X570 motherboards. It will have 16 cores with simultaneous multi-threading, enabling 32 threads, with a base frequency of 3.5 GHz and a turbo...
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    Budget 90k+ Gaming and Video Rendering PC Under 100K

    I too have 6700k(stock clock) and faced similar dilemma. Everytime I looked for, got the same response as William_mboy Party_Monger have suggested. Think it like cascaded upgrade. GPU, RAM, SSD could easily be transferred to your next rig. So in that order, - upgrade your GPU - Get RAM if...
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    Budget 71-90K For coding + multimedia work

    Please suggest what laptop would suit following needs ? Target users - Technical staff at school - Coding ( Python) - Multimedia work --- Presenatations ( lots of images + videos ... to tune of 500mb-1gb) --- Image Editing (Photoshop) --- Video Editing ( Primarily movie making from images +...
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    Monitors Suggestion for 24" monitor

    Looking for suggestions. I am lookout for a new 24" monitor . Should have VESA support to mount in portrait mode. It will be the 2nd monitor on my rig. The primary is LG 29UB67. Will use it for documents + code so sharp and clear text display would be a must. Local shop suggested AOC 24B1XHS...
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    When A TV Buyer was Sold Insurance Policy as Extended Warranty!

    Add Chroma to that. Few years ago they sold THEIR own warranty in the name of brand warranty. I'm sure their policy hasn't changed.
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    Old School

    Just got following alert From E8400 to 6700k From 502T to N66U From Congress to BJP From 2008 - 2018 ... Learning, sharing , joy filled 10 years .. Wow !! THANK YOU :happy: TE for an amazing journey so far.
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    Sharing MS Office 365 with 1TB cloud storage - ₹500/year

    How does this work out for a family who share a common workstation and login via indiviual MS accounts (Windows 10). Does installing it via one MS account (admin access) will allow rest users on same pc to use it ?
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    Budget 31-40k Upgrade Advice (open for used components)

    Posting a bit late. The build is ready and deployed. There were few changes owing to parts availability and few going kaput in old rig. These pushed the budget. Upgraded components -> Ryzen 5 2400G MSI Tomahawk B450 - For covered VRM, durability Tridentz RGB 2x8G running at XMP1 2933 MHz -...
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    860 Evo prices slashed at Amazon

    The prices are indeed sliding. 2TB @ 280 USD
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    860 Evo prices slashed at Amazon

    which one ? Few days ago asked a friend to get 860 evo 1tb from US .. INR 12000. India prices were 22000 +
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    860 Evo prices slashed at Amazon

    Just came across following Had bought 500GB for 10800 a month ago .. now stands at 9500
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    Where to learn photography in Delhi

    Sry .. no suggestions for Preet Vihar side at the moment. Just 2 cents as below Budget Don't spend too much in the beginning Photography has a learning curve and requires time and money Good thing is it's not a bulk purchase but can be easily done in parts Body Try to get a body with low...
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    Where to learn photography in Delhi

    For classroom courses, you should mention your area so that you could get pointers for the ones nearby. The other thing to know beforehand would be current level. Is she aware of basic concepts ? Is she already using any device - Phone, P&S ... ? Do not establish a brand preference unless you...
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    Budget 31-40k Upgrade Advice (open for used components)

    Not in terms of specs. I know it's a mid tower . But I felt that while setting up last time. E8400 + Hyper TX3 + 3 hdds .. made it a bit cramped up as compared to CM Elite 430 which I had that time and was 'bit' bigger than K380. Both Gigabyte and Asus are good for me. Inclinde towards Asus as...
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    Budget 31-40k Upgrade Advice (open for used components)

    Oh yes . You are right. I'm interested in mini-ITX as K380 seems to have less housing capacity. However looks like there aren't too many options in mini-ITX for AM4. What would you suggest in mATX ?
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    Budget 31-40k Upgrade Advice (open for used components)

    Thanks. Agree with you. Ryzen 2400G is a good overall solution for next few years. But my past experience with AMD has not been good. The last time I had AMD .. Phenom II X4 955 BE .. i faced a lot of challenge to find compatible motherboard once the original one died (after 4+ years). I'm not...
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    Budget 31-40k Upgrade Advice (open for used components)

    Sister's pc need an upgrade. Pls help me with the choice of components. Preference - M-ITX build - onboard graphics - onboard wifi if feasible What is your budget? 25-30K for CPU, Mobo, RAM 5K for SSD, What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and...