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  1. Safin

    Readers Galore

    Gadgets for reading - And for watching movies Apple Ipad 2 Kindle DX Sony PRS 500 Click here to view the gallery.
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    [PN] Amazon India entry with

    As was being speculated for some time, Amazon today launched its India operations with The platform, which Amazon says is still in beta, offers more than 1.2 crore products from over 14,000 brands and hundreds of retailers. Amazon lists Homeshop18, UniverCell, Hidesign, Gitanjali...
  3. Safin

    [PN] Future of file sharing sites!

    As the news of the crackdown on hit the internet, it became very clear that we don't need laws such as the SOPA and PIPA to crackdown on piracy and illegal content on the internet. What started with Megaupload has had cascading effect with many major file hosting services acting...
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    PC Peripherals Where to buy Gigabyte products in India

    List of dealers who are selling Gigabyte products in India.
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    Twitter to be bought by Google?

    There are some rumors floating around the net that google is all set to acquire Twitter and is in late stage negotiations. Sources: Google In Talks To Acquire Twitter (Updated)
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    Laptops Anyone tried HCL MiLeap V Series?

    I was looking for Asus EEE PC (although we now do hear that Asus is coming with the tablet version of that) and stumbled upon this HCL model: HCL MiLeap X & V Series | Ultraportable Notebook (HCL MiLeap Vseries ultraportable Tablet) I tried the demo and its quite stunning to say the least...
  7. Safin

    Multiple large file downloads in bulk

    A friend of mine is asking me advice on this topic. This is a commercial website so it cannot be an experimental test :) Here is the scenario. There is a depository of files(images) in a folder. The files are mapped to a db. A user can select the files from frontend. (Think of it as an add to...
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    General Talk Guidelines

    Zero Tolerance on racial and religious slurs on TE Please note that henceforth we will adopt a zero tolerance policy on religious and racial abuse/slurs in this forum. There are increasing complaints from members about the loose talk that goes on in this section. What might be fun for some is...
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    Which Personal health insurance?

    Guys, am interested in knowing what personal health insurance you are signed up with. Don't say company group ones :hap5: . Need some feedback in selecting a good one with preferably OPD benefits also. And thats reliable in clearing up the claims.
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    Blackberry might be banned in India

    Looks like blackberry services are in for some heavu weather in India. A recent application to start the service by Tata teleservices was rejected by the DOT on the grounds that its impossible to decode the messages of the same for monitoring purposes. BlackBerry service does not allow for...
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    Plug2Surf opinions anyone?

    Guys am looking for a wireless solution for my laptop. Am sick of the slow GPRS speeds right now(yep no edge compliant tower anywhere near my place. So am looking at the theorotically better performing CDMA network. I will be happy with 10KBps speeds :) Now anyone used the tata plug2surf? They...
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    Happy Birthday to ApeX

    We have given him a wonderful gift :tongue: to Qf by keeping him busy on his birthday today :hap2: Happy Birthday. A nice experience, once in a lifetime actually to celebrate your birthday with a good solid downtime :rofl: Enjoy mate and very happy returns of the day. Just goes on to show...
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    Google's Wikipedia

    Prepare for Google Knol Official Google Blog: Encouraging people to contribute knowledge Google Inc. Thursday announced plans to launch a tool it said will allow users to contribute articles for a new online encyclopedia of sorts. Unlike Wikipedia, Google's new Knol (which stands for a unit...
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    Good business class phone

    Guys need suggestions for a good business class phone. What i need 1) Good Keyboard. (I have to check and reply mails a lot so i need good keys and most importantly it should be easy on the hands) 2) Good messaging and options to handle web surfing. 3) Normal BlackBerry applications compatible...
  15. Safin

    sim city societies anyone?

    Anyone on TE played the new sim city yet. After a long long wait and some rave pre reviews by the NYT(Be an Eco Sinner or Saint in the New SimCity - Bits - Technology - New York Times Blog , Will Games Impact Surpass Inconvenient Truth? - Dot Earth - Climate Change and Sustainability - New York...
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    Similar Game recommendation for psp

    Am looking for couple of recommendation's for the following two genre's of games on psp(the ones listed are the PC variants) 1) Freelancer - Open end space exploration and space based exploration? Anything for psp on similar lines. Point is, i don't want a vanilla space shooter. (Anyone who has...
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    PC Peripherals suggest a scanner

    fellas looking for a good scanner. no AIO's, already have a printer. Standalone scanner, which will be able to do text scanning so that i can use ocr soft to convert. Any suggestions?
  18. Safin

    firefox 2.0 and access keys

    Not in mood to do an extensive search so i thought i will ask if any of you guys have found a way around as of now. If you have been using firefox 1.5 and have used vbulletin(or mostly any forum software) Alt+S(and host of other access keys) used to work(this key combo eg. caused the page to...
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    Import from US: what about customs

    A friend is sending me an electronic item from US. Now the actual US price is about 400$. But i have asked him to gift wrap and mark it as "no commercial value(Gift article)" The packet would weigh just around 1.1 kg and about 20cm by 10cm by 5cm i reckon. Now the question is would the customs...
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    mobile advice

    guys looking for a mobile.. here is what i ideally am looking for 1) a bit bigger screen :P primarily to browse 2) camera doesn't matter. anything decent is ok 3) ditto for music. got ipod for that. so even if the sound quality is down its ok. 4) budget, about 12K although i can increase it a...