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    Hotspot on USB Adapter.

    Hey guys, I have a hathway connection at my place. I usually hook it up to the laptop via Ethernet and use "Connectify" or i setup a AD-HOC connection to share the internet via WiFi for my phone. My desktop doesn't have a WiFi card. I'm planning to buy this...
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    Samsung Omnia,Nokia Lumia or Android

    Hey guys, I'm buying a new phone my budget would be 15k MAX. The most important criteria is I NEED TO USE THE PHONE FOR 2 year. I had the Lumia 710 in mind. It was a call disconnecting bug. Disappointing battery life...
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    Laptops Does OS void warranty?

    Hey guys, I got a lenovo s10-3 netbook. it came with Win7 starter edition. I want to install my win7 ultimate on it and also re do the partitions. Will it void the warranty?
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    Storage Solutions Internal or external ?

    Hey guys, I'm buying a 1TB/2TB 7200rpm hdd. Should i go for an internal or external? Whats the difference between the transfer rates exactly? I don't have any specific need for an external hdd but if there isn't much performance difference might as well go for a external hdd simple...
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    Curve 8520 software update and unlocking.

    Hey guys, My sister bought a Curve 8520 from US for me,she bought it off amazon. Blackberry 8520 Gemini Curve Unlocked Phone with 2 MP Camera, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi--International Version with No Warranty (Black): Cell Phones & Service Its running OSv4.7 i want to update to...
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    Good software for mp3?

    Hey guys, I recently lost my i pod,so i copied my music to my phone. I have a moto A810. But the default music player sucks. Its got no library or artist,album segregation. I googled and installed KD player but the touchscreen doesnt work so cant get it started.And i installed...
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    GPRS access for applications

    Hi guys, I have a Motorola A810 and vodafone sim. I can browse the net via the default browser. But opera mini,google maps,ebuddy and all other applications cant access the net. I check all the settings and all. I HAD THE SAME PROBLEM WITH MY OLD NOKIA 3110c. thanks in advance.
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    Recovered From Hepatitis A

    Hey guys, Ok..had no one to talk to about ..Heres the thing. I got hep a (jaundice) on December ~20th. I was admitted on 31st as my SGPT was ~2500. I was discharged after 3 days with my SGPT ~750.After that I had a fat free (and oil free) diet till March 1st. (no oil,only...
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    Pink,flap phone!

    Hey guys, Need a phone. Requirements : It should be pink:P and flap:P music player, decent cam. Need it for my gal :). MONEY IS NOT AN ISSUE!!
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    SSC results!!!

    hey guys!! Just got my SSC results!! I got 88.15!! :D :D yepeE! Anyone elz on TE who gave SSC???? Congrats to them!! :)
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    Graphic Cards Help with setting custom resolution!!!

    Hey, Ok I know this is long but plz read patiently.. I have a 15’’ monitor running @1024*768 @60Hz which is the max supported frequency….but it can also do 1152*864 easily without quality loss. I had a nvidia card a while ago and ran @1152*864 without any probs..! :)...
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    Storage Solutions DVD Writer recommendations!

    Hey guys, I know this has been discussed over and over again...but plz just once more.:) Which is the best DVD writer in the market??? Should I go for Lite-on or Sony? Is Sony DR 170c nice?? Thanx in advance, Sam:)
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    OC & Modding Questions about much to play around?????

    Hey guys, My CPU running at the stock cooler used to touch 61 degs at full load, it's a ClawHammer 1.8GHz......the Stock voltage was around 1.5+ I'm running at stock....I thought to under voling the CPU to bring its temps down!!! But my BIOS didn't let me control my...
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    this is sam a.k.a samrulez

    Hey guyz, I'm sam from mumbai. I was an active member @ the digit forum Found this place cooler. Will remain active! Cheers! Sam