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    Xiaomi Mi TV 4

    Exactly... I'd love to see all the accessories and add-ons listed with pics. Also the Screw holes on the back in the pic.
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    Storage Solutions Need help with diy nas

    FreeNas with ZFS... FTW
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    Recommend SD Card for "adopted internal storage"

    Hi everyone, I recently got my Moto G4 and want to expand its storage using the new Marshmallow's adopted internal storage usage feature. Class 10 cards and "above" are recommended however there are many negative revies that even the best cards are being reported slow and sometimes "dropped"...
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    Android Suggest for all time iphone user

    Thanks... I shall wait for iPhone 7 to launch so let me fill the void till then with an Android phone. My main concern is clean UI... can't stand buggy fluff, so thanks for the pointers. No fingerprint sensor is not important to me. I'm reading about Moto X and finding it close to my liking...
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    Android Suggest for all time iphone user

    Hi, someone stole my phone yesterday from Delhi Metro... it was 5 months old iPhone 6S -64GB Anyways... I have been an all time iphone user but now the value preposition is not soothing. I'm looking for better offerings in terms of price and hardware so suggest me a good purchase on Android...
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    Video Turning a Tv to a Smart TV ! Buy a raspberry pi ?

    I got a Tronsmart Vega S95 - META from AliExpress last month.... plays everything beautifully I though at it. I have attached a 1TB external 2.5" hard drive formatted in NTFS -- works great. bought it for $80.
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    WAN + ADSL Router with Torrent downloading + Local storage

    Hi Everyone, I searched around for this but the thread pulled out were way old from 2009-2010. Can the Enthusiasts here share some good ideas what options we have to run a Router with Torrent downloading and can have a Local storage as pen drive/SD Card. I'm running an Airtel ADSL (130gb...
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    Storage Solutions Media Storage drive for Direct HDMI playback on TV

    Hi, any good Media Player enabled drives that can be plugged directly into my HDTV to play photo, songs and movies of x264/x265 codec ? I'd prefer to install my own HDD and I'm concerned about firmware updates, so should be an actively maintained product. Open to alternative DIY solutions...
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    Broadband modem buying help

    Get TENDA ... works great and beats the price
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    Budget 0-5K Need earphone with mic for iPhone

    Hi, I bought the other one's instead...the older Rs.799/- one... reached me on Sunday (within 2 days of ordering). Sound is amazingly crisp and Mic works good too. The packing was absolutely rich and splendid peace of hardware to own. One small gripe though, the volume controls do not work on...
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    Budget 0-5K Need earphone with mic for iPhone

    Thanks alot for the recommendation, There are two earphones listed Rs. 799 seems to be the "Piston" model you are suggesting Rs. 999 which seems to be the superior one and new model Pls confirm which one to go for... I have...
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    Budget 0-5K Need earphone with mic for iPhone

    Hi all, I've tried lenovo and other cheap earphones with my iphone after i lost my original genuine ones, while the sound into the ears is OK, these earphones fail badly at the mic. The other party simply can't get my voice clear, or sometimes echo and other problems. Can you guyz suggest some...
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    PC Peripherals (Delhi) WTB: Logitech Gaming mouse G400s/402/MX wireless series

    Hi All, I'm looking to buy a new Gaming mouse... a long time MX581/500 user so want something comfortable and ergonomic mouse. I'm not gaming much now, but alot of desinging work in illustrator and photoshop, so need DPI adjustments on the fly. I called up some sources at Nehru place but 502...
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    Budget 5-10K Gionee: where to buy in Delhi

    Hi, I've been reading alot about them, particularity about being backed up with responsive service but have not been able to spot them anywhere in Delhi(West) at Reliance Digital, Croma or any other shops. I sent them email but there wasn't any response! Anyone knows where I can check these...
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    Need: Bangkok+Pattaya Deals

    I'm Getting 25,000 all incl.( VISA + Taxes) per person from SahibJi Travels. Any Delhites having opinions on this tour operator? they are in Karol Bagh.
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    Need: Bangkok+Pattaya Deals

    Well What is TIGER ?? i dont know..pls explain Child's age is 4.5yrs, No BED required. Planning 4 nights, 5th day return. VISA Costs not included ?? are your sure the MakeMyTrip deal i quoted above doesn't have VISA charges ?? is it a general gimmick played by tour planners?? Can you pls...
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    Need: Bangkok+Pattaya Deals

    Hi everyone, I just thought to check here with so many smarty's at TE. I'm looking for some good deals for a holiday travel to Bangkok+Pattaya. I'll be flying from New Delhi. on Make my Trip this is best pkg I've found so far for Budget Friendly Thailand - 5 Nights Rs. 25,990 3 Night Pattaya...
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    how to add sms service to website !!!

    Prince.... You Cannot do it. understand the thing here, Emails travel from internet to internet, SMS and Calls transfer NOT from internet but between TELECOM OPs. Can you ring someone's phone without a phone in your hand ? its a Point A & Point B which talk between themselves using a set...
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    Android Google Nexus 4 - Discussion Thread

    the T-mobile store is charging horrendous $507.99 that is way too much and I shall rather wait and get it from Google Play only... any other pointers ???
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    Android Google Nexus 4 - Discussion Thread

    Hi all, My brother is coming from Michigan, U.S. next week. I had asked him to bring me a Nexus 4 (16GB) but he checked and said availability is a problem from Google Store. is it still an issue after so many months ?? Tried to search but didn't find any better instant available deals other than...