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  1. Dishant996

    Oracle Database Associate 12c or MongoDb Developer Certificate? OCAJP or Google Android Associate?

    I'm looking forward to do the mentioned certifications. Which one of the paired ones should I do? For databases - which one? Oracle Database 12c (1z0-071) or MongoDb Developer Certificate offered by MongoDb university? For Java related certificate - which one? OCAJP Java SE 8 Programmer or...
  2. Dishant996

    I have completed a few MOOCs from University of Michigan in Python. Where should I go now?

    I have completed Python Data Structures, Using Python to Access Web Data and Python Databases MOOCs offered by University of Michigan through Coursera. In these courses, I learnt how to read a file and extract data from it, do web scraping and extract relevant data using regex from webpages...
  3. Dishant996

    RHCSA or CCNA?

    fresher here interested in networking and linux.. tried google searching but didn't help.. would like some insight from experienced people in industry.. thanks! and please do share some tips to prepare for it by self teaching..!
  4. Dishant996

    should i get just cause 3 available at 75% off on steam?

    i have a amd hd 6670 1gb ddr3 sapphire edition, amd fx4300 and 4gb ram. i saw people youtube running it with gt 610 and 3gb or 4gb ddr2 rams on 1280x720. youtube also had a video of my card running watch dogs at 1366x768 but i ran watch dogs at 1440x900 with decent framerates, as it was just...
  5. Dishant996

    how to use usb on a wall mounted led? how to do pc gaming on it?

    i have a sony klv 32r402a led 32 inch tv. it has 2 hdmi ports and a usb port. my questions are- 1. how to use usb extension wire on the tv (those wires that are used to connect rear ports on the cabinet)? i tried to, but the pendrive wasn't detected by the tv. why? 2. i have a pc. it has a...
  6. Dishant996

    will I be able to play battlefield 3 multiplayer with reliance jio Sim?

    I played cs 1.6 with it and it sucked real bad. Downloading is awesome when you're using within the daily limit, but cs1.6 still sucked, I got killed a lot cause of lag (I don't suck, okay). I haven't tried any other games. I'm looking forward to buy bf3 limited edition digital code online...
  7. Dishant996

    need help buying a new wifi reciever for the pc

    as the electronics sale is kicking off on flipkart as i write this, my friend discovered huge discounts on them. never bought any before. i'll post the discounted ones below. would really appreciate your opinions. i need the receiver to connect my android occasionally and use my android to use...
  8. Dishant996

    CPU/Mobo how to turn off the usb charging feature of my motherboard?

    its a gigabyte 78lmt-s2pt. I use my smartphone to connect to internet on my PC. its starts getting charged as I connect it with a USB cable. I want to manually turn the charging feature on or off as per my will as the constant recharging screws up with the battery life. searching on internet...
  9. Dishant996

    where can i download battlefield 3 multiplayer for pc?

    i got the battlefield 3 locally, not original. it was rld . now i want to play multiplayer . is there any way to play multiplayer without purchasing it? i don't know whether we are allowed to post anything like this.
  10. Dishant996

    PC Peripherals my DVD drive runs DVDs from one vendor but not the other ones

    I used to buy games from a local vendor. His DVDs run flawlessly till date on my DVD drive. Recently I changed the vendor, but the DVDs he sells don't run in my drive and they give ' insert disc' error and spits out the DVD. I tried running the old vendor's and new vendor's DVDs in my friend's...
  11. Dishant996

    FS: Processor Intel Pentium dual core 2.0ghz with 3gb ram ddr2 667MHz

    You can google the specifications like which mobo can support these things, etc. Would prefer local buyers. Pm me your offers. Thank you.
  12. Dishant996

    Does good college really matter for your career?

    Hey guys, this question is actually regarding this matter that people say irrespective of your college, if you've got talent, then there is no one who can stop you from achieving great heights. I've applied this in my life and even if i didn't clear jee in 1st attempt, even though knowing that i...
  13. Dishant996

    Does good college really matters for your career?

    Hey guys, this question is actually regarding this matter that people say irrespective of your college, if you've got talent, then there is no one who can stop you from achieving great heights. I've applied this in my life and even if i didn't clear jee in 1st attempt, even though knowing that i...
  14. Dishant996

    Should one follow his high school friends to college?

    Hey guys, actually its not about any college, but personal matter. My friends, with whom i studied PCM with, all of them are going to the same college, in same branch, CSE. And my interest lies in cse as well. Technically, i'm going to another college, where i know no one. I don't even know a...
  15. Dishant996

    Are CSE and IT same for B.E./B.Tech.?

    Hey there, techies... I'm looking forward to pursue engg. In Technical field.. Like every other jee aspirant, i didn't get IIT, but i'm getting CSE in avg college in my hometown, and IT in best college of my hometown, i will pursue M.Tech. Later.. I'm getting Oriental for IT and some avg collg...
  16. Dishant996

    would anyone please help this frustrated science student?

    hey there techies... i'm a 12th std. student graduated from PCM stream with 61%! like every other science student, i aimed for IIT, but wasn't successful.. i didn't opt for science stream for science, i joined to follow my dream career to become a software engineer.. since 9th grade, i'm able to...
  17. Dishant996

    FS: Desktops Intel Dual Core E2180,Nvidia nForce 610i Micro ATX Mobo ,3GB DDR2 667 MHz RAM,ZEB-450W SATAPLUS PSU

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Zebronics N73V Nvidia 7050/nForce 610i LGA775 Mobo + Intel Dual Core CPU E2180@2.0GHz + Dynet 2GB+1GB DDR2 667MHz RAMs + Zebronics ZEB-450W SATAPLUS PSU (Cabinet not included) Expected Price: RAMs (1.5k), Mobo+CPU Combo(1.7k), PSU(Rs. 300) Shipping...
  18. Dishant996

    PC Peripherals need help in Transcend RMA

    hey guys.. i bought transcend 2gb ddr2 667mhz desktop ram a year ago from flipkart.. its warranty provided was of 5 years!! it died a couple of days ago.. so. i thought i could get it RMAed.. anyone knows how to do it...? Thanks!
  19. Dishant996

    Budget 0-20k help buying a new budget pc

    What is your budget? 15k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel(R) Pentium(R) Dual CPU E2180 @ 2.00GHz RAM - Dynet 3.00 GB(2GB+1GB) 667MHz PC2-5300 Motherboard - Zebronics NVIDIA NF-7050 (N73V) Motherboard HDD - Seagate...
  20. Dishant996

    How to Download Thanksgiving Patch for Assassin's Creed 3 for PC?

    Hey guys.. My pc is not having internet connection.. As y'all know.. It requires internet to update patches for assassins creed 3..i'm gonna be downloading the patches from an internet cafe.. Can someone give me link for the thanksgiving patch and other patches? Thanks!Bump bump bump all the...