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  1. manohar5321

    FS: Others Plantronics Voyager Bluetooth Headset

    Hardly ever used this one , was gifted by someone about 2 years ago. the black leather like finish does attract scuffs and dust but is a pleasure to hold , please check out the pics
  2. manohar5321

    FS: Others Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Black

    Hi everyone , I upgraded to the Band 4 and so was thinking to sell the old one . Its in pretty neat condition. The glass area is not totally scratch proof and so there a few faint scratches which cannot been seen unless you get really close. The strap is new . I think it is about 7-8 months old...
  3. manohar5321

    WTB Electronics Recycling_Save the planet_Sustainability_I need your help_

    Hello guys, people here on TE are sensible and responsible and deal with professionalism and I appreciate everyone of you who keep this place the way it is . My community is partnering with a company called Recykal to promote efficient and responsible way to recycle products in the right...
  4. manohar5321

    FS: Mobile OnePlus 3T 6/64GB Grey - SOLD

    Selling my beloved Oneplus 3T , the design and cratsmanship of this thing is amazing yet its saddening to sell it off , already have a Oneplus 6 which am using now. The device is in great condition and has very few minor scuffs which you can see here
  5. manohar5321

    FS: Others Cupboard Clearance Sale

    A bunch of stuff from my closet that I no longer use, some are free and others cost just a little bit. 1. Micro USB cables x 2 2. memory card reader - works quite well 3. Moto Deck BT Speaker - offers solid quality stereo sound , condition is 4/5 but everything works like a gem 4. USB chargers...
  6. manohar5321

    FS: Others Sim Cutting Tool

    1. Sim Cutter tool, helps in chopping the full size sim to Micro and Nano sized one's Prices (excluding shipping) 1. 100
  7. manohar5321

    FS: Others Junk Giveaway Part3

    Found some cases lying around , a few of them are new The kindle case is brand new and original leather cover for the Kindle 4 model - SOLD to @andrew327
  8. manohar5321

    FS: Others Junk Giveaway Part2

    These are some things I found on clearing my cupboard, if anyone is interested in the stuff pm me. Also keep in mind that I cannot ship any of the items . Not sure if they work or not, you can check them if required. Currently only the cassette player and ram sticks are available Sale Location...
  9. manohar5321

    FS: Others Junk Giveaway Part1

    These are some things I found after cleaning up my cupboard, a few charges and cables. If anyone is interested in them pm me , They are all for free if you can drop buy to collect them Location : Hyderabad Aux cable on hold for @tapankunu
  10. manohar5321

    FS: Mobile Redmi 3S Prime 32GB

    The phone has been maintained well and offers superb battery life and generally very good performance. The back plastics inserts at the top and bottom have some tiny dings, they were caused due to a cheap case I used initially later I bought a better case. other than that there are zero...
  11. manohar5321

    FS: Others MIO FUSE Activity Tracker

    I have used it only once and never removed from the box after that . Absolutely neat condition.
  12. manohar5321

    FS: Others Jabra Style Bluetooth Headset - Brand New

    Got it as a birthday gift but unfortunately I already have two very good headsets which i dont use at all. I opened the box to check only . I can provide 2 days testing warranty . Not sure if Jabra provides warranty without invoice. Will ship same day as I receive payment
  13. manohar5321

    Activity / Fitness Tracker

    looking for a good condition fitness tracker for step tracking and cycling , if HR is present then better. Should be a reputed brand and max budget is 3-4k
  14. manohar5321

    FS: Mobile SOLD : OnePlus 2 Sandstone Black 64gb

    The phone is maintained very well , it does have two minor dings, one on the lower right corner and one on the side metal frame , both are very small and hardly noticeable. The phone has Spigen tempered glass since day 1. Included with the phone are its genuine accessories and also included are...
  15. manohar5321

    WTB Fitness band

    Looking to buy a fitness band for <1000 . For mi band won't pay more than 500 depending on condition and accessories.
  16. manohar5321

    FS: Others MI Band, Voyager Legend BT, FORME, TEWEE 2

    Hey Guys, selling a couple of items for low prices as am moving out soon , all the items have invoices except the Forme mobile phone. 1. Mi Band 1 - brand new sealed - bought in Jul 16 - invoice available - SOLD to @drcrack 2. Voyager Legend - 4/5 -bought in 2014 - invoice available no...
  17. manohar5321

    FS: Others Junk Clean Up Sale @ Hyderabad

    Found plenty of stuff i don't use anymore , Items available at Nizampet, Hyderabad 500085 1. UMAX TV Tuner for computer, in mint condition , no remote - 200 Rs 2. HCL brand webcam with USB 2.0 - working - 100Rs 3. AIWA walkman player - 50 4. nokia small pin car charger, samsung proprietary...
  18. manohar5321

    FS: Others Sony SWR10 Fitness tracker

    The phone is broke , and I hardly use the band anyways thats why decided to sell it . works very well. I have the band only , you can charge via micro usb cable either from a mobile charger or a computer. Condition is very good , no damage to band at all. prefer local deal, shipping charges extra.
  19. manohar5321

    FS: Others Gigaset A490 Cordless Phone , Brand new

    Bought this about 1 and half year back , it had a display problem and gave it for servicing , Gigaset sent me back a brand new piece which I have only opened to check , Prefer local deals, shipping charges extra.
  20. manohar5321

    FS: Others Xiaomi Mi Band , Brand new

    Brand new sealed pack Xiaomi Fitness Tracker . my dumb brother bought this by mistake. prefer local deals , shipping charges extra.