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  1. sidk47

    Budget 51-70k New PC from existing PC Budget 60k can extend to 1.05L

    What is your budget? 60k without graphics card having my eye on nvidia rtx 2070 super for 45k max What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - Dell U2311H with displayport and vga only PSU - Some very good 1000W...
  2. sidk47

    Core i7 - 3770K

    Wanted the intel processor as mentioned in the title. Please do respond if you have this processor.
  3. sidk47

    What cable to buy for my Dell U2311H

    Hi guys, I am using the monitor as described in the title. Currently I am using VGA. But only today did I realize that my monitor supports Display Port as well. Can anybody tell me which cable to buy to connect my nVidia GTX 970 with this monitor? I no longer want to use VGA. Should I buy...
  4. sidk47

    Budget 90k+ Please suggest a graphics card and monitor for me

    Thanks so much for the advice. I'm thinking of going with zotac amp extreme 1080 Ti as it has 5 years warranty. Do you think this is a good decision?
  5. sidk47

    Budget 90k+ Please suggest a graphics card and monitor for me

    Will there be any price cuts on nvidia graphics cards because of the launch of amd vega? Or should I just go ahead with my purchase?
  6. sidk47

    Budget 90k+ Please suggest a graphics card and monitor for me

    Hi guys, I want to play games like gta v, rise of the tomb raider, and mafia iii by upgrading my graphics card and buying either a free sync or g sync monitor. Please suggest a good graphics card and a monitor to go along with it. It should be more than full HD, maybe 4k or somewhere in...
  7. sidk47

    Amd vega in India

    Hi guys, I would like to buy a new graphics card. I want to play rise of the tomb raider and mafia iii and gta v with it. Would you recommend amd vega or gtx1080? My budget is around 50000. Please reply.
  8. sidk47

    Want to watch youtube on dumb TV

    Hi guys as in the title, I am having a full HD 2D non curved DUMB TV and I would like to watch youtube on it. What are my options? I checked out Google Chromecast but couldn't understand how to use it and need some clarification on it. Also, I typed "Google Chromecast" into and was met...
  9. sidk47

    WTB Sansa Fuze

    No looking only for FUZE.
  10. sidk47

    WTB Sansa Fuze

    Want to buy a sansa fuze.
  11. sidk47

    WTB ATI Radeon HD 6970

    Wanted to buy for cross firing purposes
  12. sidk47

    WTB Radeon HD 6970

    Hi if any of you have a Radeon HD 6970 that you want to get rid of as it has become obsolete. Then let me know. We can work out a deal. Thanking you, Siddharth.
  13. sidk47

    CPU/Mobo Help me upgrade my RAM

    Hi guys, thanks for all your help. I have bought 8gb 4gb X 2 of corsair xms 1600Mhz ram and happy to say that all 12 gigs of my ram are working fine and am able to run the virtual system of mac os x well, without a glitch. Thanks for all who replied to this thread.
  14. sidk47

    CPU/Mobo Help me upgrade my RAM

    Yes, VMWare virtual system only. Ok, I will get new ram.
  15. sidk47

    CPU/Mobo Help me upgrade my RAM

    Hi guys I have run the scanner but I don't know how to share the results with you. Also, I just wanna know if I can mix and match ram modules, and whether or not they'll be guaranteed to work with each other...
  16. sidk47

    CPU/Mobo Help me upgrade my RAM

    Hi guys, I have 4 gb of corsair xms ram (2gb X 2) which is high in performance and I got it from US few years back. However, my system slows down too much when running virtual systems, and I would like to upgrade my RAM now. I'm thinking another 4gb should be enough. So can I buy another 2gb...
  17. sidk47

    Storage Solutions Trouble with 64gb sdxc card

    ^ Thanks for your response, but I fear this card is dead on arrival.