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    FS: MP3 Player Aune M2pro for Rs.13,000/- only

    Open to reasonable offers
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    FS: MP3 Player Aune M2pro for Rs.13,000/- only

    For sale my beloved music player which is known for Sound quality.UI is simple.You can read about it on Head Fi,infact detail review about same is posted by our GH member @faheem on
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    Good lasting Perfumes suggestions

    I am not expert about perfumes but as far as i experienced never choosr your perfume on the basis of reviews or someone's suggestion.Go to shopper stop ,smell yourself and choose. I wasted my 2.4k on Aramani deo which isn't lasting for even 5 minutes.So take one which you like most.
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    Motorcycle ~ 1L

    Go for Suzuki Gixer. Best in class mileage,handling,style.Sporty also.
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    FS: MP3 Player Aune M2pro with Fidue A73

    Bump for SQ dap on budget
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    FS: MP3 Player Aune M2pro with Fidue A73

    Up for grab is one of most SQ DAP in the market that is easily compete with likes of Mojo.Only DAP can be purchased for Rs.18000/- that's almost 50% of current market price.Model is Aune M2pro.You can read Faheem review on Head fi for this DAP SQ pros.Price is almost fix.Fidue A73 iem can be...
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    Moto G5 Plus to be Flipkart exclusive, launched on 15th March 2017

    Got my G5 plus today. Using Samsung S5 for almost 1.5 years.Definately missing great display on g5.I think Camera is great but because of display photo not look that great,need to confirm by transferring Photos to laptop.Finger scanner is pretty fast and accurate. Enjoying stock Android and...
  8. S - Feedback Thread

    Recently purchased Samsung S5 battery cover from Aliexpress.OMG 100% fake.
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    Ereader from Japan - Customs and Other Queries

    I ordered Zero iems via White Rabit Japan. No hassle at all. In fact I found there customer care very much customer friendly. They also offer service of Forwarding. Just ask them via chat option available on there website. Regarding custom duty no one can tell u exact amount (for electronic...
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    Not able to port my number from Reliance Communication

    As title suggest I tried to port my number from Rcom to Idea. During last 4 months I tried 9 times..... yes 9 times to port my number. Every time reject message "Your number is in progress for Updating or deactivation". The number I tried to port is my primary number. Room customer care said...
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    Reliance 4g data services started

    At last Reliance 4g data services started.I am from Maharashtra circle. Good speed. But confused about data plan. If any user on forum using 4g dongle pls share your experience.
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    How to get paytm refund into bank account ?

    Ok Sir, I don't know that Paytm allows transfer funds to bank account before I posted since this is my instant with such refund. And thanks for sharing your view.
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    How to get paytm refund into bank account ?

    On cancellation of order it is expected to credit refund amount to bank account na. They credited it to Paytm wallet. Don't you think this is one type of cheating?Since I paid order amount through my credit card and not from Paytm Wallet. Please give ur view on this.
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    How to get paytm refund into bank account ?

    Thanks for your guidance. Money transferred to Bank.
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    How to get paytm refund into bank account ?

    Yesterday I had jump on Paytm deal where Panasonic trimmer which costs 1800/- available at Rs.34/- However as expected order get cancelled and to my surprise refund credited to Paytm wallet and not to bank account.