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    SE Accesories?

    Hi, I want the Handsfree Converter to a 3.5mm Jack. Any idea where I can get it? Like this > KMSDIRECT.NET - 3.5mm Headphone Audio Adapter Converter for Sony Ericsson W800i (BUY ONE GET ONE FREE): Electronics & Photo Preferably, like this > Stereo Portable Handsfree...
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    FS : Asus P5N32-E SLI (680I Chipset)

    Hey guys, I have a P5N32-E SLI for Sale. Its only 10 days old, I had RMA'd the old one, because of a few issues. I got a brand new board :). Product : Asus P5N32-E SLI (680I Chipset) Price : Rs.11000/- Shipped to Anywhere in India. 10700/- Local buyers, with local pickup. Negotiable. Notes...
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    Recommend a Phone - Budget Rs.10-15k

    Budget is MAX 15k. Preferably cheaper. Around 10-12k is better. What I want is... Great looking phone.. Good sound quality.. 3.5mm Jack for normal earphones is required.. Preferably, a large screen.. Any brand is fine. Ofcourse, sticking to the usual Moto/Nokia/SE. Must be quite slim. No...
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    Storage Solutions Recovering Data from a Crashed HDD?

    Hey! Well the inevitable happened. My Maxtor 300GB Crashed. Im sure it was the damn P5B Deluxe's Dual boots that crashed it. Gah.. anyways.. Well, what softwares can I use to recover the Data? Im using Stellar Pheonix Windows Data Recovery, it reads my HDD perfectly, all folders were there...
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    Recommend a Phone - Budget Rs.6000+-

    Alright, as the topic states.. My budget, well, the gf's.. budget, is around Rs.6000 + Rs.500 MAX. w/ Bill! Please, recommend me a Phone :). Messa noob in the Phone area.. Here are a few things I need and prefer.. FM Required. MP3 Player, would be preferable. Memory should be expandable...
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    Water is good for health :D.

    Well.. Ill let the pics do the talking! All the new Stuff! Pentosin UV Blue, with Petras BioCide (Anti-Corrosive).. 15Feet of 7/16" ID MasterKleer Tubing, for Leak Testing etc. Tygon 7/16" ID for Main Loop.. A few power adapters.. A few Fillport's... My Graphics Card Cooling Kit...
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    Graphic Cards Graphics Card? Which 1?

    Hey guys! Well, I know this question has been beaten to death, but anyways.. I know, Stupid question, because every1 is going to say the 8800GTX.. Ill be buying it by July First week, from USA. Online stores are cool. 8800GTX/Ultra out of the Question. I just dont want em. My Budget is...
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    Omai.. What have I done..

    As it says, Omai.. What have I done.. Well, since my X800XL died (Still in Warranty, going to USA for RMA :P) I was using TechHeads X800GTO2. Which I though id return, since I dont think ill be upgrading to an 88 or a HD soon.. So... I bought this.. 8500GT :ashamed: Notice the EVGA on...
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    My New House (Cheap House, Great Area :P)

    Well, as it goes.. Got my Chieftec BH-02-B-B-B, 3 days back. Modded the Side Panel immediately the same day. Its finally done. Great job that too :D. Pics below.. Just a Pic to show you that the Plexi is there :P. No, above pics arent PhotoChopped :P. As you can...
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    w00t! Raining in TOWN! (Mumbai)

    Weeeh00000000000!! ITs raining! Finaly!!!!!! Its heavy rain that too, not just drizzles! Lighting .. Thunder.. everything!!! Its so beautiful!!! W0000000T!
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    Mumbai Mirror Gaming tournament this weekend.

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    FS : 4GB D9GMH RAM! (2GB OCZ DDR2-1066 SLI EPP Kit, 2GB G.Skill DDR2-800 2GBHZ Kit)

    Hey guys, Im putting up this amazing Micron D9 RAMs for sale. 1) Product : OCZ DDR2-1066 (PC2-8500) 5-5-5-15 EPP SLI Ready Kit Reason for Sale : Need Cash Price : Rs.10000 Shipped. Pics : Here, here and here. Notes : Excellent Condition. Used for just over a month. Has Lifetime...
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    Fs : 2gb Ocz Ddr2-1066 (pc2-8500) Ram

    Hey guys, Im putting up this amazing OCZ RAM for sale. Product : OCZ DDR2-1066 (PC2-8500) 5-5-5-15 EPP SLI Ready Kit Reason for Sale : Need Cash Price : Rs.10000 Shipped. Pics : Here, here and here. Notes : Excellent Condition. Used for just over a month. Has Lifetime warranty. It cost me...
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    Heaven at your Fingertips, and ears..!

    Heya guys! Ill let the pics do the talking! Thats as much as Id ever spend on a Keyboard! Never again! Honestly, even the pics dont do it justice, its HOT! Plus the pics arent that good! Also, typing is like HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Also, you may have noticed some earphones...
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    FS : WaterCooling

    Alright.. Here we go.... Product for Sale - WaterCooling Kit CPU Block - Swiftech Apogee Radiator - Swiftech MCR220 w/ 2x Delta 120mm Silent 36dBa Fans (around 60CFM) Pump - Swiftech MCP655 Reservoir - Swiftech Reservoir Misc - Swiftech Radbox, A Little above 7 Feet (7/16" ID tubing), 3...
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    Team Fortress 2 : Dynamic Levels.. Huh?

    Yea, I was like Huh.. Saw the Video of what Valve meant.. Video here : Source : News: Team Fortress 2's dynamic levels explained - PC Gamer Magazine
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    HL2 : Episode 2.. Preview.. somewhat...

    An HL2 Episode 2 preview... Read on.. Source : Preview: Half-Life 2: Episode Two -
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    Valve planning "Steam Community"...

    Check this out.. Sounds amazing.. Source : Feature: Valve's industrial revolution -
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    TMNations ESWC May Map Pack DL?

    Where can I download the ESWC May Map Pack for TrackMania Nations? I cant seem to find it anywhere. Not even on the ESWC Official Site. :S.
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    PC Peripherals Very Tight Budget PC!

    Alright.. This is for my Gal, Max budget is around 15000. Only everything inside the Cabinet. Already have a 15" Monitor, which will be used for the time being. Later will give my 19" LCD to my Gf. This is what ive come up with.. X2 3600+ - 3600 Jetway 690G - 3600...