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    Storage Solutions Seagate 4tb game drive and 4tb backup plus

    Hi all, I'm looking for an external storage solution to my laptop as I have a lot of data from other hard drives that I wanna consolidate. I am NOT a gamer, purely looking for something from a reliability point of view. These are the two external hdd's I've picked out and need your help...
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    FS: Laptop BRAND NEW Lenovo IdeaPad s540 15.6" 8GB/1TB SSD/2GB Nvidia MX250/i5-8265U/Win 10

    Hey all, I just got this BRAND NEW Lenove s540 IdeaPad exactly one week ago to the day (August 27th 2019). After using it sparingly on the first day (connected it to the internet and downloaded Firefox to register the product online, no additional downloads or installations), I found the laptop...
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    Budget 71-90K Lenovo Ideapad s540 and Legion Y7000

    Hi guys, Need a laptop for home, work and multimedia use. Must be able to run multiple tasks smoothly such as having Firefox open with multiple tabs, running a real-time stock ticker at the botton, downloading and playing/streaming of video and audio, excel and word open at the same time. Will...
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    Audioengine A5 repair needed

    Hi guys, I bought a paiir of Audioengine A5's many years ago from These are the wired speakers, not the A5+. Over time they've started hissing and crackling whenever the power is on, even if nothing is playing. If an audio file is playing the jissing and crackling and popping sounds...
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    Budget 51-70k Gaming rig for microsoft flight simulator

    Hi guys, This rig is for a friend of mine. Since I'm not a gamer I'm turning to you guys for advice. My friend wants to use this for simulator-type games ONLY. He usually gets his 'IT guy' to buy his PC's for him, but the configs he's recommended seems a tad bit expensive. Am including both...
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    Video LG 32" LED-backlit LCD w/ blu-ray player for 40k

    Hey guys, I've more or less decided what I'm gonna get, so I'd like your opinion on whether you think this a good deal. I'm picking up a 32" LED, the LG 32 LE5500. I'm getting it for 40k with a lg blu-ray player (lg bd550) thrown in. I can get the tv fro 36k without the blu-ray player if I so...
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    Belkin dual-band router availability?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to get a good dual band router for my house. I have a desktop, laptop, ipad, and an xtreamer that I wanna set up on the same network. I'm looking at getting either the Belkin Play Max F7D4301ZB or the Belkin F6D6230UK4 - the latter being recommended to me by my tech guy...
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    PC Peripherals Question about 'warranty' on CM 690

    Does the warranty (if any) on the CM 690 cabinet cover the case fans that came with it? My Cm 690 is about two months old, and the blue LED light in the front intake case fan has conked out. the fan seems to be working fine, except that the LED is flickering at times, and going off at other...
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    System Restore error in Win 7

    Hi guys, Over the last 3-4 days I've been having some weird issues with my PC. About 4 days ago when I turned it back on in the morning, The welcome/login screen had two accounts on it - my account, and an 'administrator' account (even tho technically I am the admin since I am the only user, I...
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    Storage Solutions Problem with Xtreamer or internal 2.5" hdd?

    Hi guys, *Just* bought myself an internal 2.5" WD 500gb drive for my Xtreamer. Have installed the hdd but seem to have a problem formatting it, and I'm not sure whether it's a problem with the drive or with my xtreamer. First of all when I plugged the device into my pc, it recognized the...
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    PC Peripherals Help with PC assembly

    Please see the following link - Thx.
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    CPU/Mobo Need help 'assembling' my PC

    Hi guys - I've finally run my 5yr. old PC into the ground, and I wanna attempt my first 'build' and would like some help. Although I'm quite a n00b compared to most of you guys, I'm very much a PC/tech enthusiast, and this is something I've wanted to do for a while. I've already got all the...
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    Security Software Norton Internet Security 2010 - availability and price?

    Hi guys, Any idea what I can expect to pay for Norton's latest 2010 Internet Security Suite here in Bombay? Would have gone for Kaspersky but quite a few ppl seem to think KIS is quite the resource hog, which actually is a bit of an issue for me. Not sure what the price of Norton is tho, but...
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    Storage Solutions Christmas upgrade - HDD/Optical drive recos

    Hey all, My old 250gb hdd has gone into the crapper, and I need significantly more storage anyway, so here's what I was thinking of getting. Please advise as to which ones you guys would recommend in terms of performance and reliability. Will not be doing too much gaming on my rig, but will be...
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    Audio Cyber Acoustics A3780 vs Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 vs MX5021

    Awright guys, I'm planning on completely upgrading my system, possibly even buying a whole new one. One part of that is to get a brand new speaker set-up. The ones I'm looking at are 1. Altec Lansing MX5021 (long-time TE fav, seems to have fallen a bit recently) 2. Cyber Acoustics A3780 (I like...
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    Is my Pioneer DVD player w/ USb compatible w/ 16gb pen drives?

    Hey all, Just bought myself a new dvd player, the Pioneer dv-410 v-s. This player has a USB port built in which I can plug in my pen drive (currently have a 4gb). I want to buy a 16gb pen drive but I've heard rumours that large capacity pen drives have performance issues with dvd players, and...
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    Storage Solutions 750 gigger recos

    Hello all, My buddy has just left for the US and is looking to buy a *huge* HD to hook up to his qnap 109 (don't ask which one). He's currently looking at the Seagate 750's - 1. - Seagate SV35.3 ST3750330SV 750GB 7200 RPM 32MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s Hard Drive - Internal Hard Drives OR...
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    Nokia 5610 XpressMusic - thoughts?

    Nokia 5610 - Full phone specifications Any of you guys have this phone? Whaddaya think of it? And where can I get the best deal for this? I've only been to one guys so far and he's quoted me at Rs.11,700 with the 512md card. Thanks in advance.
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    Graphic Cards Can a PCI-E card be put into any PCI-E slot?

    Yes, I know, n00b question - but I'm interested in learning how to assemble my own PC, so here it is. If I'm using only one gfx card, does it matter which PCIE slot I put it in (x16, x4)? The reason I'm asking is that a lot of the mid-range and above cards like, say the 9600's and 8800's, are...
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    CPU/Mobo Right Mem for MoBo

    Hey guys, I have a Gigabyte mobo on which I was using a basic 2g set of Kingston RAM (don't know the model no.). I wanna upgrade to a pair of Crucial Ballistix Tracers, but then I came across this 'memory support list' on Gigabytes page, and they've only included two models of Crucial ddr2 800...