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    Exide tubular battery started leaking acid from +ve terminal

    Good choice. Check with local battery vendor whether your old battery can be revived. Mostly cleaning the battery and replacing with new acid should do trick if the cells are not shorted
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    Exide tubular battery started leaking acid from +ve terminal

    Checked the battery interconnections and looks like cracked lead joints where the cells connected in series
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    Exide tubular battery started leaking acid from +ve terminal

    Yes.. some black goo in the casing. Have you checked the sp.gravity of the cells. If not then please check. Cleaning with such big battery is not easy task. The steps as follows. Drain all the acids to an HDPE container (plastic paint dabbas, blue drum in waste paper mart). Add a mix of baking...
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    Exide tubular battery started leaking acid from +ve terminal

    My battery is also finished. its been 6.5 years of hard journey for the battery. 4 cells are between 1.26 to 1.28 sp gravity and remaining 2 cells are 1.18 . I have tried with edta and desulfation charging but none makes it to hold the battery charge. These batteries are designed for 10 years...
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    Air conditioner Maintenance Tips

    Bi metallic bearing does not have ball races inside. Its just a bronze bush riveted to the frame. All bi metallic bush needs to be lubricated with oil only. Further the motor is sealed , no way to open and do repairs. Ceiling Fan usually comes with ball bearings and it needs to be greased
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    Air conditioner Maintenance Tips

    Well nothing to report. The same AC is running as usual went with yearly cleaning routine as in the thread. There was an issue as soon as the compressor is switched on malfunction indicator begins to blink. The AC wont cutoff even after arriving at preset temp or even switchoff in remote. Have...
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    Reciprocatory split AC suggestion 1.5T

    Hi Guys. I want to buy an AC for commercial purpose around 220 sq.ft . I have seen compressor online catalog for kirloskar and Tecumseh which got EER of 3.2 which is pretty good for reciprocating compressor. Inclined on Reciprocating compressor than rotary for much better cooling under high...
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    Exide tubular battery started leaking acid from +ve terminal

    Simple solution is to use wine cork to plug the hole. It is porous enough to breathe . Mine also broke but luckily i got similar ones from battery recycling shop where they just discard the caps and case
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    Suggest Inverter and Tubular battery

    Its been 5 years from purchase and the battery performs just good to take care of everyday timed power outages. We can still able to run mixer grinder in case of emergency. Planning to give equalisation charge to prolong the life of battery. Most of my neighbours already replaced the battery...
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    new ac consuming 20% more power.

    Hi, If you have the electronic meter, one can cycle through different features like voltage, current (A), power (kw), Power factor (PF) etc. KW will give exact power consumption of you AC unit. We had one v-guard double booster stabilizer and it just loves to drink more juice. It consumes 100%...
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    Hyper Cheap LED Bulb - worth the pain?

    I have purchased Eveready 12w led at a very cheap price in paytm (16rs/watt) . It has replaced the kitchen lighting and a small 10x10 room. I would say led is certainly brighter than tubelight. The reason is as we put more hours on the tubelight the electro luminescent coating decays hence...
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    Suggest Inverter and Tubular battery

    Since I moved to my new flat in May, we get the power through DG sets only due to NGT issue. So intermittently there is a cooling period of few hours. So in a day We have a healthy 7hrs power cut. If there is diesel shortage it can easily extend upto 1 day. The battery is handling the scenario...
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    Suggest Inverter and Tubular battery

    5 year for a tall tubular battery is nothing. It can easily work beyond 8 years if maintained properly. 1 hr tubelight run time is equal to a dead battery. For inverter microtek is better. Heard lots of complaints for APC inverter. Any ISO standard battery with C10 rating is much much better
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    Suggest Inverter and Tubular battery

    I must say I am mighty impressed with this brand atleast for me. Its still running strong for the past 4+ years without trouble. I have replaced the inverter though as it was not charging the battery. Replaced with Microtek E2 1025va inverter, the battery has passed acid test of torrential...
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    Inverter vs non- Inverter split AC

    what is the reliability of the inverter drives? After some period of time I am finding lots of complaints on the net where the inverter main motherboard which drives the compressor fails irrespective of the brand. There is one more component to fail. Money saved in the electricity is money lost...
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    How would you have shaped your career differently?

    I love mechanical work and fascination about automobile. After completion of BE Automobile engg, I wanted to do higher education and I got MS Aerodynamic engineering in collaboration with Jaguar design studio. Dad got VRS when I was studying engineering and naturally I was looking for a good pay...
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    Double Booster / Triple Booster stabilizer - do they draw voltage from neighbours?

    Normal socket.. you mean 5A or 15A, In our apartment they have given normal 20A socket, there is no need of French socket anymore
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    Extreme low voltage. Best Air con stabilizer

    Thats not an issue. Heavy duty relays does its work. You have hear vew500 sound, good quality heavy duty relays makes noise.
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    Refrigerator issue---ice build up and defrost

    check the tray for blocked drain. This will cause the spillage. I too have the single door fridge and every month we will defrost. Better exchange for frost free. I am thinking of new godrej nxw series
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    My woes with 1.1T Sharp AH-XP13PHT

    what we all referring to Made in Malaysia/Taiwan units which are pretty good irrespective of brands. After Midea purchased stakes of carrier, I wont touch it again with barge pole. Company strategy changes periodically and we need to do through market research each time taking plunge. We have a...