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    A new portable console from nVidia "Project Shield"

    nVidia introduced a new portable console based on Android at CES 2013 which is currently being called "Project Shield". Noteworthy features include a quad core Tegra 4 processor and a 5" 720p multitouch screen. Read more about it here...
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    nVidia introduces "Project Shield" portable Android game console.

    nVidia announced "Project Shield" at CES 2013 which is a portable Android based gaming console. It has a quad core Tegra 4 processor with a 5" 720p multi-touch screen, a massive controller for a portable device and a 38Wh battery. Slots included are HDMI (micro HDMI?), microSD, microUSB and a...
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    PC Peripherals Which Power Supply should I buy?

    I will be buying a rig soon and need to decide on the power supply. AMD Phenom II 955BE Asus M4A78T-E 2x2GB DDR3 GTX260-216 or similar card. Asus Xonar Sound Card. 2 HDDs 1 DVD writer I am currently thinking about getting a Corsair VX550W. Can I manage with a VX450 or do I need a VX650? Are...
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    PC Peripherals New Rig Recommendations

    I will be buying a new PC within 3-4 days and need your help in deciding the components. Will be using a few parts which I have( GPU, monitor, HDD) Budget: less than 40K for the components required below. Required Components CPU: Phenom II(AM3) (720BE/945/955BE. depending on total cost) Mobo...
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    TF2's secret fourth weapon

    Check this thread for more discussion from those who have "found" it. naother achievement quesiton - Steam Users' Forums
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    Graphic Cards nVidia GeForce GTX 295 review

    check this finnish site. images are in english from nVidia which is helpful. I didn't try to translate the site Esikatsaus: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 295 – Muropaketti – Plaza also found this in google cache. original link is 404 now. GeForce GTX295 and HD4870 X2...
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    How the Xbox was hacked

    found this while searching for encryption algorithms. A bit long but very nice read if you are interested in security. lists in detail how they hacked into the original Xbox and microsoft's mistakes which helped them. 17 Mistakes Microsoft Made in the Xbox Security System - Xbox-Linux
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    CPU/Mobo Intel Core i7 reviews out.

    Dailytech has a list of sites which reviewed the core i7. check your favourite site from the list here. DailyTech - 11/3/2008 Daily Hardware Reviews -- Intel Core i7 940, 920 and 965 Extreme Edition from the guru3d link Core i7 920 at 284 USD (mainstream) Core i7 940 at 562 USD (performance)...
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    Baba Ramdev: The Google Chrome connection

    check the image at the end of the article :) Baba Ramdev: The Google Chrome connection - Play Things
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    Camera Reccomendation:Memory Card for Digital Camera

    I have decided to buy the Canon S3-IS camera(around 360-380$) a friend of mine will be getting it from US. need suggestions as to what brand/speed memory(SD card) to buy with it. i would like to keep my budget for the memory to about 50$. do i need to buy a fast SD card (133X) for recording the...