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  1. Amien

    Gaming hardware wishlist?

    Greetings everyone! Are you a current PC gamer? What's high on your hardware wishlist? Option 1: Display upgrade:- Variable refresh display+card/2-4k/Panel type Option 2: GPU upgrade:- HBM video card/more VRAM/more power Option 3: Storage upgrade:- SSD, SSD raid array or PCI-E/M2 SSD Option 4...
  2. Amien

    WTB Xperia Active/Inexpensive ANT+ Smartphone

    Greetings, As the title suggests, I'm looking for an inexpensive smartphone that supports ANT+. This will be used to monitor fitness activity so durability is a plus. Thanks!
  3. Amien

    User Review Corsair Raptor LM2 Gaming Mouse

    Manufacturer's link:- Usually, when computer peripheral manufactures not primarily known for input devices decide to foray into the area, the results are Luke-warm and tend to just provide an...
  4. Amien

    Win7 64:- Insanely long boot-up time

    Hello, This is sort-of a follow-up thread to this one:- ^Formatting the partition allegedly solved the issues. However, the PC now tends to take an insanely long amount of time to boot-up. On pressing the power...
  5. Amien

    Ipod 30 GB 5.5G battery+service

    Hello, Not quite sure if this is the right section for this(I was thinking of posting this in the audio section).:- A friend of mine needs to have his iPod fixed with a new battery. There is also some mono/stereo issue with the earphone jack (which apparently can be replaced as well). Based on...
  6. Amien

    Win7 Boot drive format

    Hello. I'm in need of some help. I recently built a PC for a friend, but due to being short on time I could not install an anti-virus program after installing the OS and running basic stability tests, so i left that up to him. Long story short, he tried using some removable storage and got...
  7. Amien

    Audio PC speakers suggestion?

    Hello! Im considering getting a pair of decent speakers, mostly for music listening within a budget of 10k. Previously, i would've picked the AL MX5021 with eyes closed like most of you. However, now that they are EOL, I am looking for something comparable. Most people are of the opinion that...
  8. Amien

    CPU/Mobo Gigabyte's 890FXA-UD7 New AMD Flagship

    In the coming weeks, Gigabyte is expected to make the official presentation for the "RD890 890FX" chipset, which will be the flagship of their AMD line-up. Gigabyte is preparing for the launch of the 890FXA-UD7, the company's most advanced AMD motherboard yet. As AMD has managed to attract...
  9. Amien

    CPU/Mobo New top-tier socket from Intel in 2011?

    Looks like the X58 platform, which was the only seemingly/relatively future-proof socket from Intel may not retain the high-end crown for long as, apparently, Sandy Bridge will be compatiable with LGA 1156 and may use a new, quad memory channel-ed extra PCI-E lane and HT enabled "X68"(or...
  10. Amien

    Hilarious Indian dude on

    For your reading pleasure:- I7 - 920 Worst Than Core 2 Duo ? - - :rofl: I sincerely hope this guy isn't a TE member. : | PS: Ignore if posted already. "My Daddy bought me the brand new i7 and i was so happy BUT My Happiness Is all Vanished in just 15 Days (Today...
  11. Amien

    Evga gtx 260

    Selling this for a friend:- EVGA Nvidia GTX 260 GPU Link= - EVGA 896-P3-1260-AR GeForce GTX 260 896MB 448-bit GDDR3 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready SLI Supported Video Card - Desktop Graphics / Video Cards Details:- *192 SP, 896MB GDDR3, 448-bit. *1 Year old, Purchased from the US...
  12. Amien

    Mechwarrior series finally returns!!!

    For those of you who ever played the originals, this is the big news you've been waiting for since 2002, after which the series was indefnitely cancelled. First reports indicate Mechwarrior is finally back! Maaaan I used to love this game back in the day.... Trailer:- YouTube - MechWarrior 5...
  13. Amien

    Notice To All Those Who Need Help With Builds and Guide to Rig Suggestions !!

    Please mention the budget for your rigs before clicking the "Submit New Thread" button... "Is this config. alright?" "Should i go ahead with this upgrade?" "What's the better option between these two?". Questions like these are the first posts of many, many newbies who join TE. Some stay back...
  14. Amien

    [FS]New[RMA'ed] 7300LE OC Pci-E GFX Card

    BIG Geforce 7300 LE. Brand new card that i recieved as a replacement for an old card yesterday. Opened only for testing. Plenty of warranty left, in warranty till 6/1/2010. Original Bill, Box, and everything else that came with the package will be provided. 256MB Supports Turbocache Full DX9...
  15. Amien

    [FS] Viewsonic VA1912WB 19'' LCD

    Native res.:- 1440x900 About 2 years old, in pristine condition, no dead pixels or any other issues whatsoever. Mumbai pick-up only. Please keep the thread clean. Pic.(excuse the quality) :-
  16. Amien

    [FS] Mobo, CPU, RAM

    1) Intel 915 GAVL ATX Motherboard This board has served me faithfully for 3+ years. Supports 4GB of DDR1 400Mhz RAM via 4 DIMM slots across 2 Channels. Supports PCI-Express graphic cards via PCI-Express 16x slot. Runs socket 775 Intel® Pentium® 4 and Intel® Celeron® D processors...
  17. Amien

    [FS]1GBx2 DDR1 400Mhz D.C. RAM

    First of all, sorry about the pic. quality and the fact that it's a couple of days old. This is a matched 1GBx2=2GB pair of DDR1 400Mhz Transcend JetRAM that was purchased specifically for running in dual channel mode. Serial numbers are very close to each other. The RAM is about a year old and...
  18. Amien

    [WTB] 80MM Fans

    Hey Guys, I need 3-4 80MM fans to get me through till i upgrade my cabinet, which will be soon. Im looking to buy used ones since they will become useless once i change my case. Payment can be made in person for locals or via ebay for those outside Mumbai. Thanks a lot for looking :)
  19. Amien

    PC Peripherals Another Sub-30K Rig

    Hey guys, Im going to be building a PC for a friend. The following is the config. i intend to go with for now:- Processor: Intel C2D E7400 2.8ghz =5,500 INR Motherboard: Gigabyte P31 ES3G...
  20. Amien

    PC Peripherals [Problem] Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

    So, i just recieved my X360 controller for PC that i ordered a week ago. I pop the driver cd in and it tells me, i do not meet the requirements, because i need Windows XP Service pack 1 or 2 to be able to install them Annoyingly, im using XP SP3. Im supposed to install the driver before i plug...