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    Am I back?

    I dunno. We'll see.
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    Close Range

    Hot New Video Game Consists Solely Of Shooting People Point-Blank In The Face | The Onion - America's Finest News Source I love the onion.
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    Wall Street Fighter IV

    GameCherry Videogames, Comics, & Girls: Wall Street Fighter 4 Have a look and enjoy :bleh:
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    Themes for Windows 7

    Windows 7 Themes | ithinkdifferrent These only work on Windows 7 (or so it says). Those of you running the beta may want to take a look. I haven't tried them myself, but people at work claim to like them.
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    Which of these games should I get?

    I am going to buy one of these games. Yes, I know they are a little old (and so perhaps I am getting a good deal..) 1. Crysis 2. Guild Wars 3. Dreamfall 4. Gears of War Which one would you get? (All of these are PC)
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    Pune Central gift vouchers?

    Does anyone know how I can buy these online? Futurebazaar (same ownership) only sells Pantaloon and Big Bazaar vouchers online...
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    The next tech bubble

    YouTube - Here Comes Another Bubble v1.1 - The Richter Scales
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    CPU/Mobo New desktop! My very first...

    Hey guys, so I am buying my first self-bought (as opposed to my parents buying me one) desktop. Let me tell you what I want 1. Decent sound card plus 2.1 speakers - I am not an audiophile, but I'd be using this a lot for music. 2. A dual core? A quad core? No idea. I won't be using this...
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    March Console sales figures Japan Once again, the Wii thrashed everyone. The X360 only barely squeaked past the PS3, and if supply constraints have lifted, this looks bad for Microsoft.
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    Remember the Vista DRM article?

    Here is a rather long series of articles by a ZDNet blogger.... comes down really hard on the original analysis. I always found the original article fishy; here it is debunked point by point. The original DRM article was here: A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection Here is the...
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    IE8 will be standards mode by default

    IEBlog : Microsoft's Interoperability Principles and IE8 Now all pages can be standards compliant and not have to insert meta tags :)
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    Bill Gates Quote of the Day

    Questioner: So I have Windows Media Center and it gives some errors, do you think upgrading to Vista will fix the problem? Bill Gates: (Upgrade to Vista) I guarantee you you'll get different error messages. From his talk at UT Austin.
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    The Mask is getting married!

    Now, those of you who are long time members of TE may know that every year Masky claims he has gotten engaged and is going to get married on the 29th of February. People congratulate him, and then someone reminds them that February only has 28 days. Well no more, dear friends. This year...
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    Linux Linux Kernel vulnerability allows Acquiring a Root Shell

    Here is the Slashdot link: Slashdot | Linux Kernel 2.6 Local Root Exploit Sysadmins around the world are probably tearing their hair out. While the exploit itself can be used as a workaround, it is not much of a solution... While a patch will be/is out, it will take some time to filter...
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    Intel sued for Core 2 Duo patent infringement -- by the University of Wisconsin

    Intel sued for Core 2 Duo patent infringement -- by the University of Wisconsin - Engadget Gurindar Sohi is a huge name in Computer Architecture. So this is not likely to be some daft concept, its probably something pretty fancy. I wish there were more details as to the patent in question.
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    I have a 16 core 48GB machine

    Unfortunately pictures of it are out. It runs Linux, so maybe a screen shot will do? More details soon.... if you want them.
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    How good are these Maximo's? Maximo iM-490S iMetal Isolation Earphones: Electronics How good are they? Compare to EP-630 for example. I need something other than the standard earphones for my Zune, they tend to be uncomfortable over longer periods.
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    Question for people with Vista SP1 RC installed

    Can you tell me which version of ntoskrnl.exe is installed? To check, navigate to windows\system32\ , right click on the file ntoskrnl.exe, select properties. In the details tab, there should be a version which will look something like 6.0.6000.xxxxx Can you let me know what the version number...
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    Storage Solutions SATA enclosure in Pune

    Hi guys, do you know if there are any decent external SATA enclosures available in Pune? Basically my computer is toast, and I need to copy data over from the SATA hard disk to a laptop, so an enclosure would be good to connect it externally. Preferably ones commonly available (say at S'tech...
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    Too many contraditions - Google Microsoft Bhai bhai?

    Look at these screenshots. Note the Google ad.... to hire developers for Microsoft... on Land of MS haters aka Slashdot!!! Now look at the next one: Google advertising MSN search on youtube. Clearly 1. Google just loves money 2. Microsoft doesn't care who it is paying But I prefer to...