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    How do companies in India know if someone has an existing criminal record?

    My question is that how do Indian companies know if some or the other guy has an existing criminal record? Can a record be anything ranging from getting caught in flesh trade parlour(offered in all malls afaik) raids or rave parties and stuff? Do they have some kind of DBMS system or in contact...
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    Getting extremely poor internet speed with Airtel 4G

    Results speak for itself. I am using Airtel Postpaid 499 Plan. Doesn’t make sense why I should receive such poor speed in home where most of my leisure time is spent. What do you guys think? Switching is a good idea?
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    Are you okay with someone occupying your flight seat?

    I was traveling with IndiGo airlines with my mom, and as soon as I entered the plane, I saw 1 aunty and her child sitting on my seat whereas the husband was sitting on the seat infront of mine. They kept forcing me to switch to seats we were not comfortable sitting at. Does this happen with...