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    FS: Storage Hardware WD1003FZEX 1TB Black

    Brand New Sealed, received from RMA
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    Storage Solutions Which to Buy or Please suggest for a Old Desktop
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    Storage Solutions Which SSD is faster?

    Which one is best buy in terms of speed ? or...
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    AMD CPU for 880GM Chipset

    Entry Level X4 AMD Cpu required for 880gm chipset
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    CPU/Mobo HSF for LGA 775 - Intel Q8200

    Please suggest a CPU Cooler of Q8200 which available online and low cost.
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    Alternate Internet with 3g Dongle Configuration

    Dear Members, Look for alternate internet connect with 3g dongle when bsnl broadband fails. Present connection: Bsnl broad band connection with wifi modem cum router is connected to 8 port switch for LAN. total 5 wired system connected for lan and internet. Requirement : When bsnl internet...
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    Static Vs Auto IP

    Dear Members, Pleas help me to implement Wired Lan of 12 Computers with Internet Connection. Which is better option assigning Static IP or Auto IP to each computers, which is better for fast access to server Note internet connection is BSNL broadband with TPlink 8968 Modem cum Router
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    Unable to Access Router Web Page in Win 10

    Help Unable to access Router Web Page in Win 10, but if the same cpu booted with Linux able access.
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    WTB Entry level gpu pci-e, very low cost

    On board vga dead. Looking for pci-e gpu
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    Storage Solutions Help : Can Laptop DVD Slot be used as Primary HDD ?? With the help of the above, can we use this as primary OS hdd ?
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    WTB AMD x2 Processor

    Looking for AMD X2 Processor suitable for Gigabyte MA785gm-ud2h
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    WTB Only Corsair 2gb x 2 Nos DDR2 -800

    Looking for Only Corsair 2gb x 2 Nos DDR2-800 FSB
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    Can DDWRT be installed on Tplink TP-LINK TL-WR841N V9 and above

    Urgent help required. Purpose : In a wired Lan of 12 system, some 5 systems are allowing to access internet. Which is possible with DDWRT 1. With Default firmware of WR841N version V9 and above can I achieve the purpose ? 2. DDWRT is support for V9 and above ? 3. Any other 300mbps with dual...
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    Budget 0-5K BASIC Entry Level CDMA Phone for Relience

    Please suggest Basic Entry Level Feature [Not Smart] Phone for Relience with Good Build Quality
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    Will NAS improves Networking Access Speed for 10 to 20 User

    Thanks in Advance, Presently, a. 12 to 15 Wired Systems connected to Cisco 10/100 - 24port Switch. All connections with static IPs b. TP-Link 8968 Modem cum router is connected to the switch for Internet, One Printer sharing & 2-3 Wifi[laptop] c. One Desktop is connected with Wire for...
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    Storage Solutions Urgent Advice to Buy Used Intel 320 SSD

    Dear TE's, Please suggest me to buy the below without warranty one for Laptop and other for Desktop. Waiting for your Advice
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    Asus 32" Monitor as TV

    Dear Member, Please suggest me to use the below as TV Cum Monitor with DTH Connection ? Professional 31.5inch 4K UHD monitor (PQ321QE)_C7P19721.html Pros : Price 3 Years warranty With Extra Budget for Good Speakers Rs. 3k
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    Video 15 feet HDMI cable works ? Help to buy the above cable. Will this works properly for HD - DTH Connection?
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    Storage Solutions Plextor 256GB SSD M5S Series PX-256M5S @Rs 9999/-

    Is it HOT ? Shall I buy
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    Urgent Suggesation to Buy LED TV => 32" Budget 25-30K # Additional Speakers May Not Required # 3 years warranty...