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    Nokia Lumia 625 for Rs. 11699/-

    Available on Flipkart as a part of Holi Sale to Axis Bank Card holders
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    Mistakenly plugged a 110v adaptor to 230v supply but nothing happened..

    Got a small audio receiver from US that clearly mentions 100-120V. When I last checked, someone had directly plugged it directly in our 230v wall socket since a couple hour for charging the device. Now interestingly nothing happened, i would have expected the adaptor to burn out but its working...
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    Do Ionisers in ACs produce ozone ?

    After reading this thread in great detail and researching on products, I am mostly going with three Sharp Inverters for my new house. Just had a concern with regards to Ion Air Purification.. isn't it the one that will also produce ozone in small quantities and hence not good? Should this...
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    Nokia Lumia 800 GPRS/3G Issues on Airtel

    Calling all Nokia owners on Airtel.. wanted to check if anyone has faced issue with GPRS/3G connectivity. My setting are all correct and I have toggled various combinations E/3G as well as with APN settting - but without any luck. Most of the apps/mailboxes do not work except for...
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    D-LINK 2750U Modem or like

    Need a D-LINK DSL 2750U ADSL Modem + N300 Wireless Router or similar. Budget: ~ 1200, preferable with some warranty. Main requirements - N based router, RJ12 + RJ45 jack, 300MBPS, some warranty.
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    Free Deal coupons from Timesdeal on Feb 13-14

    Buy any deal at Rs.0/- till Feb 14. The deal shows actual price but becomes 0 on buying. Only catch is one deal per ID. (You will off course have to have to pay the indicated amount at the outlet!) edit: was able to place multiple orders by clicking back button and refreshing the page
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    Buying iBall 150M Wireless-N ADSL2+ Router. Need suggestion

    After being a loyal customer of VSNL Broadband (now Tata) since several years, I have finally decided to shift to MTNL Triband. Am planning to take their Trial Plan 50 and then shift to a better plan if all goes well. Now, I require a "N" based router to connect to a few PCs/Mobiles, watch...
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    Liteon Internal DVD Writer (iHAS624B)

    Need a Liteon Internal DVD Writer model number (iHAS624B) or Liteon iHASx24B. Am sure many members would be interested after Burner Max FW to be released shortly by c4e. Can some dealer create a GO here ?
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    Microsoft set to take Xbox 360 to 3D

    Microsoft is rumored to be working on an update to the Xbox 360 that will focus on bringing 3D content to the platform. If true, this would be a complete reversal from last year when Microsoft said 3D was too niche and it had absolutely no interest in encouraging developers to make engaging 3D...
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    IQ Test

    Whats your IQ? I wonder how people just co-relate things!! [attachment=8893:15451.attach] Source: Tech News - IE users have lower IQ than users of other Web Browsers | Techgig
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    Buy 1 get 1 ticket free offer on ticketplease

    A cool deal for movie goers, 100% off on every second ticket booked online through Movie Ticket Booking, Book movie show, Celebrity blogs, Reviews | Ticket Please. But you will require a Mastercard. Follow the link for more info - MasterCard Exclusive Offer for Debit & Credit Cardholders ::: Get...
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    Far Cry 2 save game issues

    Guys, need urgent help with Far Cry 2 I have successfully completed act 1 and was able to quick save (F5) anytime I wished. However I am now unable to save game in act 2. I have tried all the methods but none works. It just kicks me out and returns me back on desktop. Nothing has changed in my...
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    Free Webcam from Microsoft worth approx 6k

    Dear TE Members, There is an interesting online survey for which I can invite you to participate and the incentives include high end Microsoft Webcam (approx 6k) + other benefits. :ohyeah: Who is eligible - 1. Techies like us who are live, breathe, eat, dream technology :cool2: and updated...
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    FS: Palit HD 4850 + DDR2 Rams + old PSU

    Palit HD 4850 – Rs. 7,000/- shipped [No Longer on Sale, selling thru ebay action @ Rs.0/- now] Link: eBay India: PALIT ATI Radeon HD4850 512MB DDR3 (item 200344275408 end time 27-May-2009 17:05:41 IST) Selling off my 1 month old Palit HD 4850. Includes all assessories + bill + box. Mint...
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    Storage Solutions Firmware Update Help for Seagate 320GB

    Just realised that firmware ver AAK of 320GB Seagate HDD was slower and noisy as compared to version AAE. I have managed to get hold of AAE firmware but not able to create a bootable CD out of it.. to flash my HDD :( Have spent like 2 days, downloading every possible file to make cd bootable...
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    Microsoft to Announce 64-bit Office 2010

    Microsoft is going to announce its next productivity suite code-named Office 14, which will be branded as Office 2010. All the related applications will carry 2010 stamp and the suite will be released for public next year. Apart from this, Microsoft will also be rolling out Service Pack 2 for...
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    WTB: Mobo for C2D with at least 8GB Ram support

    Looking for a used mobo with support for C2D, PCI-e and at least 8 GB ram. Preferably with a warranty. Within 3k. OR If you are looking for a downgrade and want to trade it with my Asus P5LD2-VM-SE + E6300 (both under 1.5 years approx. warranty) PM me your quotes...
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    Will 4GB RAM give a better gaming performance? vs 2GB

    I own an 8600GT video card. Will installing 4GB memory give better gaming performance (enable FSAA, high graphics setting) as against 2GB ?