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  1. Emperor

    Budget 0-20k Suggest Cabinet with TOP PSU Mount

    Hello Friends, For some reason, I'm unable to use Bottom PSU Mounted Cabinet. Can you please suggest any GOOD Cabinet with TOP PSU Mount up to 3k (non gaming). Cabinet should not have any Vent upper side (on TOP/ROOF), as I'm living in Dusty Area and fear that heavy dust gathered inside...
  2. Emperor

    AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs Might Get Better Boost Clocks

    AMD Ryzen 3000 CPUs Might Get Better Boost Clocks as New Microcode Update with 100 improvements Inbound
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    Budget 0-20k Please suggest Power Supply Unit (PSU) upto 4k

    Hello Friends, After reading suggestion on this forum, I selected 3 PSU (suggest any ONE from following or any other if you think I miss the Best in Budget) Cooler Master MWE 550 Corsair VS550 (New) Antec NE550M Request, to read my Configuration /USES as below (before suggesting any PSU) My...
  4. Emperor

    System Restart wihtout any BEEP.. what's the cause?

    Sorry to post here, as unable to find appropriate place for... Friends, Since past 15-20 days, my system, suddenly restarts 3-4 time (Mother Board Power LED keep glowing-stable, Processor FAN & Cabinet fan restart 3-4 time) and than all ok. While this 3-4 time sudden back-to-back restarts (no...
  5. Emperor

    Graphic Cards Basic Graphic Card for use with Bluestacks

    Hello Friends, My requirements are basic (as I'm not gamer, didn't play any game in last 12 months) I'm looking it for BlueStacks who lately didn't allow to open Instagram with Intel Stock Graphics and always flash message [This app requires Advanced OpenGL engine] . I check my friends basic...
  6. Emperor

    PC Peripherals Bluetooth Mouse Suggestion

    Hello Friends, Was using Microsoft Optical USB Mouse (wired) light weight & within my budget. Letter due to some arrangement, need to go with Wireless and bought Logitech M235 (with 3 year warranty) start giving issue within 1 year of purchase, sent for service and received new. Again New one...
  7. Emperor

    Budget 10-15K Suggest best phone under 10-15 K

    Friends, Please suggest me any Brand upto 12k with... 4GB RAM up to 5000 mAh Battery (for full day constant calling) Quick Charge Sturdy as user is bit careless due to constant call receiving + talking + Instructing Workers (all 3 at same time - most of time) Decent Camera/Sound Long Lasting...
  8. Emperor

    FAN or CPU Cooler? Please Suggest?

    Hi, Friends, Following is my system Temp (No Air Condition, just ceiling Fan, dusty environment as reside near to very busy street in Mumbai) Computer constantly keep running 12-15 hrs. After going with above image/details, please suggest me what Cooler type (just Good FAN or need to...
  9. Emperor

    Windows BlueStacks Not Loading/Windows BSOD (Memory Management Issue))

    Hi, Was using BlueStacks Android Emulator with my Windwos 7 till last year without any issue. Since January 18, start using Windows 10 and BlueStacks ALL LATEST NEW VERSION failed to load. Can use old version (they are able to load) but than with some issue (like video not playing etc.) and...
  10. Emperor

    Budget 0-20k Memory Upgrade Suggestions Required

    Hello Friends, As all hardware prices are keep increasing, thus I postponed my new system build plan and looking to upgrade existing one's RAM (Memory) But in dilemma, that, out of 2 system with me, which one should I upgrade (DDR3 or DDR4)? Open for NEW or Used RAM too (either Online/Offline...
  11. Emperor

    CPU/Mobo Whopping rise in Intel Processor Prices

    Hi Friends, Just with to update, don't know where to post so choose this thread: on : 25 July 2018 - Intel i5-8400 Processor was Rs.13800/- 25 Sept 2018 - Intel i5-8400 processor is Rs.19700/-
  12. Emperor

    Windows DVDs not running with Windows10?

    Hi, My Nephew bought some Educational DVDs and found that working ok with Windows 7 (at sellers place with Windows Media Player), but not working with Windows 10 (Even unable to run with Windows Media Player from Win10 ...) I try VLC, PowerDVD16, MPC-HC, KM Player and few FREE Software from...
  13. Emperor

    What happend to BOTH hdd, pls. help

    Hello Sir/Friends, I have 2 system. Both have windows10 and found very slow and few other issues. (driver etc.) Thus decided to install windows7, as both system previously run very good with Win7. Now here I did silly mistake (with both system), just take back up of data and simply run...
  14. Emperor

    Budget 31-40k Suggest System with Good Speed

    What is your budget? Upto 40K (+/- 3k) What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) (Please Note: All Below H/W, except Monitor- bought in June 2011) CPU - Intel i5-2400 Motherboard – Intel DH67BL GPU - NA RAM – Gskill DDR 3 (4GB x 2) Monitor -...
  15. Emperor

    PC Peripherals Is my PSU Dying? Check Pic & Suggest?

    Hello Friends, Today while cleaning my system PSU (SeaSonic S12i - 400 W bought in June 2011), yes as 5 Years Warranty already over I open it as it gathered lots of dust. And shock to ... please check below pics;- My Existing System is (yes at present powered by same above PSU, while I'm...
  16. Emperor

    Health & Fitness Triclosan, Flouride & SLS Free Toothpaste in India?

    Hello Friends, Please suggest any toothpaste which doesn't contents Triclosan,Flouride & SLS. if you don't know, just check your Toothpaste and post it's NAME/BRAND if it have any of above ingredients, as it may help me to avoid them and search for other. Thank you
  17. Emperor

    Budget 0-20k Suggest PC

    Questions What is your budget? 10 - 15,000/- What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - Dell 22" HDD - 160 GB - WD PSU - Generic Keyboard & Mouse - Logitech DVD Writer- HP Cabinet - Intex Which hardware will you be keeping (component...
  18. Emperor

    Bluetooth Headphone.. help pelase?

    Hello Friends, I bought Bluetooth Headphone (local/chines made) and since day one noticed that as soon as 2nd call rings.... the BlueTooth Device automatically disconnect FIRST call and connect to SECOND call? Is it Faulty Hardware or I need to enable/disable some setting with handset? Please...
  19. Emperor

    Refrigerator - with Digital Inverter or Regular Model?

    Hello Friends, Looking to buy 190/192 Liter Single Door Refrigerator. While searching online and Visit shops came to know about Digital Inverter Refrigerator from Samsung. Digital Inverter Refrigerator cost 14k with 10 Years Warranty on Compressor. Normal/Regular Refrigerator cost 10k with...
  20. Emperor

    Budget 15-20K Good Camera Phone with NFC & Type C USB

    Questions:- 1. Budget? A: INR 15K-20k (15K will be best) 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: 5.5", IPS LCD/AMOLED, FHD and above 3. Preferred operating system? (Android (with version), iOS, Windows Phone etc). A: Android 7.1 and above 4. Preferred connectivity options? (4G, 3G...