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    Google Pixel 2 XL

    I am looking to purchase a Google Pixel 2 XL, used, obviously. But has to be in perfect cosmetic condition, like no scratches, dings or other small marks on the body of the phone. Those who have used the device with a case and protective screen from the beginning basically. Won't mind if the...
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    Has AC energy efficiency increased drastically in the last decade?

    Well I know nothing about ACs. I use a Hitachi window ac for my room, bought it back in 2011, 5-star and all those, back then it was supposed to be really power efficient. This is the particular model- Anyway, I always run it on automatic mode and...
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    All OS Any Jio Phone user?

    Looking to purchase a feature-phone for mother (60+ years old), as her Nokia 215 phone is outputting extremely low earpiece volume wherein the opposite party is almost impossible to hear to, and as none available, or available at outrageous prices being a feature-phone I'm looking at the Jio...
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    Is a legit website?

    Hi there. Just wanted to know whether this website I've stumbled upon is legit or not, never personally heard about this place before! I want to purchase something, a Logitech mouse, which is available on this website only it seems, so wanted to inquire whether this is not a fake website or not...
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    Any G304 owner?

    I'm planning to purchase LOGITECH G304 mouse. I have never had a wireless mouse before. So I don't know about the battery life on them. I see that the mentioned model will output 250 hours of battery life (continuous gaming). Does that simply mean if I use the mouse 8 hours per day, the battery...
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    (Urgent) Monitor like U2412M

    You know, 24 inches, 1200p etc. Anyone who has grown tired of his monitor and looking to upgrade shoot me.
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    Anyone use a monoblock pump?

    Hey fellas, have a query, so the thing is the residence we live in have terrible water force. We actually never did have any reserver/underground tank and another overhead, as the water pressure was excellent we never contemplated that, so we only have a loft tank of 500 ml (just a family of 2)...