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  1. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others Made in Japan - 6 pc Assorted Precision set - Unboxed with tweezer

    6 Piece assorted Precision set. Made In japan. Swivel top for easy rotation. items in box: 1x No.0 screwdriver 1x No. 1 screwdriver 1x No. 1.4 screwdriver 1x No. 2.0 screwdriver 1x No. 2.4 screwdriver 1x Tweezers. Kindly check the pics for more detailed view of the tools. These are japanese...
  2. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others Imperial Eastman FLARING (45°) & SWAGING TOOL set - IMP. 275 -FS

    Product link Product price link from manufacturer: Price as per manufacturer's website: $454.44 Do not lowball. I am selling this unused item below its manufacture's price and I am open to reasonable...
  3. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others Watsco - Made in USA - Hex Wrench Kit - Part no P - 13

    Unused Hex wrench set for sale.
  4. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others [Unboxed] ASBEST 40 pc. socket wrench set - Made in Japan

    Unused and Unboxed for the purpose of this thread only. 1/4" and 3/8" drive combination. SAE and Metric size. Contents 40 pieces sockets (total) Check the photographs for closeup of each socket in the diagram. 1x spark plug socket 1x reversible ratchet handle 1x adaptor 1x extesnion bar...
  5. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others [Unboxed} - 24 Piece Socket Wrench Set - Chrome Vanadium Steel Rust resistant - Elora - Made in Germany

    Kindly note, earlier this was mentioned as 18 Pieces set. That was an error. You can count for yourself the pieces in the picture provided. The previously mentioned set has been sold on another platform. Also note the item weighs 6kgs packed for shipping (or more) yet I am providing free...
  6. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Mobile Redmi Note 3 - 3GB RAM/ 32GB Internal Memory- Explorer Edition

    Xiaomi Redmi note 3 Explorer Edition IMP: This product comes with a factory unlocked bootloader. I will be shipping it out as is. Meaning, it has TWRP installed to prevent any future Mi update from locking the boot loader This is an explorer edition piece, only a 100 odd pieces are available...
  7. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others Cruiser Chronograph Men's Endurance watch - Stainless steel

    Cruiser Chronograph Men's Endurance watch - Stainless steel Water resistant upto 5ATM / 50 meters. Sapphire glass Ronda xTratech Quartz chronograph movement. 42mm case diameter. Watch material: Stainless Steel Lumed hands: Yes. "Swiss Made" the movement is made by ronda in...
  8. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Tablet Xiaomi Mipad - 16GB Expandable Upto 128GB - Excellent Condition

    Product link: Xiaomi Mipad 7.9 This is the 16GB model. Supports expandable storage upto 128GB. Supports USB OTG out of the box. The screen is an IPS display. The exact resolution is in the product link above. Shipping method: Speed Post (Item will be double boxed)...
  9. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Mobile Redmi Note 3 - 3GB RAM/ 32GB Internal Memory- Explorer Edition- Unlocked Bootloader

    Redmi Note 3 - 3GB/32GB Explorer edition phone. Item will be double boxed for shipping for added safety. IMP: This product comes with a factory unlocked bootloader. I will be shipping it out as is. Meaning, it has TWRP installed to prevent any future Mi update...
  10. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Tablet Mipad 1 - 16GB - Expandable Memory with SD card slot- - Tablet for Sale - Excellent Condition I am putting this Mipad 1 16gb up for sale. Its in excellent condition. No scratches or knicks anywhere. Shipping will be done via Speed post. The item will be double boxed for increased protection. If the buyer wants any specific courier...
  11. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Mobile Mi4i Pink Limited - Global variant 16GB - excellent condition

    The product is excellent condition. Sparingly used. Unlocked bootloader. No warranty implied or expressed. No scratches etc on either the screen or the body. All in box accessories included.
  12. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Mobile Sealed Brand new Xiaomi Mi4i Special Edition (Pink) + Xiaomi Mi4i Screen Protector for sale

    Mi4i Special Edition (Pink) for sale. All details are pretty much given above. I have no idea what to enter here as all details are given above. Price on bill is 0 as I used coupon code that was given as credit to me. Please don't lowball. After including shipping charges, I am providing a 3%...
  13. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding Noctua NF -P14 FLX and NF - S12B for Sale. Sealed, Unused in Perfect Condition.

    Product Name: Noctua NF - P14 FLX Expected Price: Rs 1000/- Sold Elsewhere Product Name: Noctua NF - S12B Expected Price: Rs 1000/- Shipping charges Manufacturer page URL: - sound-optimised premium components "Designed in Austria"! Description if any: Won from Kitguru in an...
  14. mrnikhilsudo

    Android Looking for Swiftkey APK

    CAn anyone help me out with the Swiftkey apk from the original mi3 build. Please post it here as I have had to rest my system and swiftkey is missing.
  15. mrnikhilsudo

    Does USB OTG work on Xiaomi Mi3?

    Anyone here gonna use a otg usb pen drive to increase their storage capacity? I am thinking of it as my music collection is huge. Any idea on wireless storage?
  16. mrnikhilsudo

    Android Xiaomi Mi3 freedom apk

    I will most probably use the dev roms. MIUI has already stated that they "will" provide warranty for rooted phones..... os no problems :) Now for an important question. Eveyrone here who has an mi3 has ggogle play store installed right. Please check and let me know if the Xiaomi market app is...
  17. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Mobile Motorola Defy

    All the "lifeproof" functions of the phone work very well. Its still waterproof, headphones have never been used. Even the memory card hasn't been used as I used a 32gb memory card of my own from day one. Shipping costs FREE. Will ship for free is buyer does not bargain and takes it at this price.
  18. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Monitor and LCD Samsung 2033 SW Plus 20 Inches LCD Monitor Accessories Included: Monitor and vga cable and power cable.
  19. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Keyboard and Mice Sale:Logitech T650 Touchpad, Jabra BT Headset, Air Con/Refrigerator Compressor

    Product Name: Logitech T650 Touchpad Expected Price: Rs 3900 Rs 3500+shipping. Shipping charges:100 Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Like I mentioned used for exactly 45 days to test how long its battery lasts on a single charge...
  20. mrnikhilsudo

    FS: Others Garage Sale: Processor, RAM, HDD's and DVD Writers

    Product Name: Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung SH s222 IDE DVD/CD Writer combo drive Expected Price: Rs 750/- Shipping charges:Rs 100/- Manufacturer page URL: SH-S222A - OVERVIEW | SAMSUNG Description if any:Very good. Its working quite well actually. Connected it to an external...