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  1. Vince

    FS: Storage Hardware 3TB HDD WD Green RMAed Unopened

    Western Digital Green Power WD30EURS (a.k.a. AV-GP) 3TB Hard Disk This is one of the best of WD Green Drives. (Please don't lowball as this is not an EZRX drive.) Low Power Consumption. High Performance. Review: Product Condition...
  2. Vince

    Basic phone non-touchscreen non-qwerty with Whatsapp

    I've googled, but am unable to find a proper link. What is the cheapest non-touchscreen, non-qwerty keypad phone with Whatsapp? (Prefer Nokia)
  3. Vince

    Camera Help Req.: Lens Cleaning - Mumbai

    Hi guys, After 3 years, my two canon lenses make a whirring noise when focussing. I remember someone mentioning a famous and good lens cleaner in South Mumbai. Could someone kindly reshare the address/contact please? Also, should I give my cam for any sort of cleaning/servicing, to him? TIA!
  4. Vince

    Tablet with 3G sim slot

    Hi guys, after burning my fingers with a tablet which supposedly uses 3G dongles but didn't work with two Reliance dongles I tried, to avoid similar headache, I want a tablet that can accept SIM cards for 3G network, basically for skyping/fringing. Any suggestions? Req. 3G via direct SIM card...
  5. Vince

    Apple charging pin issue

    Guys, I've had 3 of the above Apple charging pins blow up on me in the past one month. 2 at home and once at office. I do not think it was due to a loose connection, but it could've been a power surge (but at office I doubt it could've been a power surge) These were bought officially for my ipad...
  6. Vince

    Samsung Note Deals

    http://www.logicbuy....hone/37363.aspx Any feedback on logicbuy? And shipping to India would be via SNS i guess? EDIT: Also available under amazon...
  7. Vince

    Cable Broadband providers : Thane- 5net/Honesty/WNet

    Hi I stay in Thane and am trying to get a broadband connection (if cable, then good dc++ hubs) Spoke to the provider in my area SVistanet, and they provide 5net/fivenet, Honesty and WNet. He told me that they 5net doesnt have permission to have cables in my area, and is saying Honesty is...
  8. Vince

    Deals on Online Photo Printing Related

    Hi folks, If anyone comes across any deals for any photo-printing service (normal photos, t-shirts, mugs, calendars, gifts, etc.), please do post here. I'm currently looking for deals on standard photo prints.
  9. Vince

    2G Scam Verdict

    Just saw the news that all the licenses have been cancelled. (Chidambaram seems to have escaped.) New 2G auctions in 4 months time. So what does this imply...
  10. Vince

    Anyone still using the classic iPhone 2G :D

    Anyone still using an iPhone 2G a.k.a First Gen? Stopped using it around mid-2010 when i got my 3GS. Last week when I needed an extra phone (and was *surprise surprise* looking for a 4S), I decided to show some fiscal restraint, and resurrected my 2G with a soul (i.e., SIM card) after 2...
  11. Vince

    No 'Chaiyya Chaiyya' possible in Indonesia anymore :(
  12. Vince

    Req. A Tablet ONLY for video chat

    Hi guys :) I'm looking for a cheap tablet for my mum to do video chat with my sis and me. Sis and I have iPad2s. Since my mum's requirement will be for nothing more than video-chat, (and native 3G sim card support for the same), can you guys suggest the cheapest alternative? I already made...
  13. Vince

    Touchmate Android 8" Tablet

    Bought this in the 2nd week of October 2011 at GITEX in Dubai. It is hardly a month old, and I have used it for 2 weeks. Tech Specs: 8" Screen 8GB Built-in memory Micro-sd card slot HDMI slot USB slot Micro USB slot Front and Rear cam Android 2.3 Wifi enabled. According to the box...
  14. Vince

    Moving to Mumbai - Help needed

    Hi folks, Will be moving to Mumbai for work, by mid-november. Am looking at renting an apartment (1/2BHK, semi/full furnished) in Thane for a year or two. My office's location is at Sun InfoTech Park (Wagle Estate, Thane) . Am looking at a place with minimum travel to workplace, proximity to...
  15. Vince

    USB Internet plans?

    Hi guys, Need one of those USB Internet connections (are they 3G?) for my home laptop in chennai. Usage: Video chat (which is the priority) and a gb or 2 of downloads. Rates comparison between MTS, Tata and Reliance seem similar. MTS seems to have more resellers in my area, so I'm assuming...
  16. Vince

    GITEX '11 Dubai (Oct 9th-13th)

    Hi guys, Heard GITEX in Dubai is good for electronics' deals? Anyone been there for the earlier events? -V
  17. Vince

    (Back-packing) Trip to North India

    Hi guys, Similar questions might have been asked before, and I'm sorry if that is the case. But any info would be appreciated. A friend (a western woman) is planning a back-packing trip in India. Plan is to arrive at Delhi in mid-December for 3-4 weeks. (Return from Delhi as well, most...
  18. Vince

    Survey on Gamers

    Hi folks, A friend is doing a survey on gamers. Would appreciate it if you could help! TIA!
  19. Vince

    Help: Internet on Archos 7o Internet tablet

    Hi guys A friend's got an Archos internet tablet 7o. We've managed to get it conencted to the university wifi network, and using AnyCut and TransparentProxy apks, managed to set up the server and port. But we are unable to connect to the internet using the standard browser and DolphinBrowser...
  20. Vince

    Laptops Backlit Keyboard in Inspiron?

    Hi Does anyone have any info if backlit kepbaord is an option for Dell Inspirons? A friend who works for dell said its customizable, but their CC says impossible. I'd buy the Inspi 14 (old) on the spot if it had a backlit keyboard :(