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    Budget 0-20k Suggestions for HTPC with 4K Video Playback support

    Hi All, I am looking at buying a HTPC which would support smooth 4K playback support primarly. Passive cooling would be great advantage as it would be great silent machine. I was looking at ASUS J1800I-C but its good for 1080p , on this 4K video is lagging quite a lot and get 100% CPU...
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    WTB L Type Sata Cable

    Hi All, I am looking for a L Type Sata Cable. If anyone has it in spare kindly drop me a PM,
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    FS: Headphone Tekfusion - Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones

    Product Name: Tekfusion - Twinwoofers In-Ear Headphones • Expected Price: Rs.1150 Shipped via DTDC / cost of new 1239. • Shipping charges: Free • Manufacturer page URL: • Description if any: In like new condition, used...
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    WTB 16/32 GB Ipod Touch 4thGen Retina Display only

    Hi All, Looking for 16/32 GB Ipod Touch 4thGen Retina Display only Player Should be in good condition. Screen should not have scratches. Audio Jack and USB/Charging connectors should be in good shape. Should have good battery life. IOS Version does not matter , if jailbroken please specify...
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    TP-Link TL-MR3020 Repeater Mode config problems

    Hi All, I am facing problems with MR3020 Repeater mode configuration. My Configuration. Parent Router ASUS RT-N56U on Stock Firmware SSID : ASUS IP: Serves DHCP : till Repeater Router TL-MR3020 on Stock Firmware IP: Put the hardware switch...
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    WTB Core i5 2500K

    Hi Guys , Looking for a second hand Core i5 2500K In good condition and with bill Kindly PM me with your offers.
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    WTB ASUS RT-N16 Router

    Hi All, I am looking for a second hand in-warranty ASUS RT N16 ASUS - Networks- RT-N16 Kindly PM me your best offer.
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    WTB PlayStation 3 Dualshock 3 Wireless Controller (Black)

    Hi All, I am looking for a good condition second hand "PS3 Dual Shock 3 Wireless Controller" Kindly PM me with the details if you are interested. Note All buttons should work smoothly
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    WTB CPU : Core i3-2120 or i3-3220

    Hi All, I am looking for a second hand Core i3 CPU. Intel® Core™ i3-2120 Processor (3M Cache, 3.30 GHz) Intel® Core™ i3-3220 Processor (3M Cache, 3.30 GHz) Kindly PM me with your offers.
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    Graphic Cards Enable Switchable Graphics on my Sony VAIO Laptop (Core i3 - 350M and Ati 5650)

    Hi Guys, I have a Sony VAIO VPCEB26FG and i have read that the Core i3-350M has an onchip GPU as well. It has a Ati Mobility Radeon 5650 Integrated Graphics Yes Graphics Base Frequency 500 MHz Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency 667 MHz Intel Flexible Display Interface Yes Intel...
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    PC Peripherals Front Audio + Mem Card + USB 3.5' Bay - Where To Buy

    Hi All, My Cabinet does not have any of these posts so i am looking for a 3.5' extension bay. where can i get one in India. I am looking for Front [Audio + USB] memory cards reader would be an added bonus but not a necessity. Any suggestions are welcome.
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    Hardkernel ODROID-X : Quad Core Exynos 4412 Board @ 129$

    Quad Core Exynos 4412 Board @ 129$ : Hardkernel ODROID-X runs Android 4.0.4 Quad Core Exynos 4412 Board @ 129$ : Hardkernel ODROID-X The Hardkernel ODROID-X has a 1.4 GHz Exynos 4412 quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 CPU, Mali 400 graphics, 6 USB 2.0 ports, 10/1000Mbps Ethernet, and mic and...
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    Linux Rasspberry Pi and Hackberry A10 - Where do i buy this ?

    Rasspberry Pi B, Hackberry A10, Mele A1000 - Where do i buy this ? Hi All, This looks like a fantastic board but the problem is how to get it here in India. Rasspberry Pi Model A Model B Target price:[5] US$ 25 US$ 35[57] SoC:[5] Broadcom BCM2835 (CPU, GPU, DSP, and SDRAM)[3]...
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    WTB Kinect Sensor

    Hi All, I am looking for a second hand Kinect Sensor + Power Adapter USB Cable. Should be in good condition(no physical damage). Should be working properly. Should have a Bill/Receipt/Proof of Purchase.
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    Monitors Suggest Monitor 24/27 + HDMI + Display Port + PS3 Conn with Audio for 25K Max

    Hi All, My subject covers all thats required. Monitor : 24 or 27 inch Resol : Full HD or Higher Ports : VGA DVI HDMI Display Port PS3 Connectivity with Audio Budget : 25 K Max
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    Microsoft Sidewinder X6 Gaming Keyboard - New or Used

    Hi All I am looking for this particular keyboard. It should be in good condition with all bundled stuff and bill.
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    Micro USB Host Cable or USB OTG Cable for Galaxy S2

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a USB Host cable for my Samsung Galaxy S2. So i can directly connect pendrivers and keyboards to the Galaxy S2. Something like this ...
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    Audio Any Mumbai Guys having Brainwavz M3 and M2

    Hi All, After a lot of help from esanthosh i have zeroed on 2 IEM's but i want to try them before i purchase it. I am inclined towards the M3 but i want to be sure that the stick coming out is not causing any discomfort while listening. Anyone in Mumbai kind enough to schedule a meet at a...
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    32GB/16GB Micro SD Card for Samsung Galaxy S2 and Sansa Clip+

    Hi Guys, I am interested in buying a 32GB or 16GB Micro SD card. PM me with offers or provide a link where i could get a good deal. Thanks. Flipkart ...
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    Nokia C3 or Motorola EX 115

    One of my cousins wanted Social Networking , IM , Email , Music , Radio , Full Qwerty on go. So there 2 phones popped in my mind but i had a few queries about motorola which no one answered. Queries for EX 115 1. Can we store message on internal mem card. 2. Does the music player sort music...