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    Graphic Cards Problem with new Palit HD 4850 Sonic Special GDDR5 Edition

    Hi, Really need some help regarding this. I recently built a new rig with the config mentioned below. The problem is when i use the onboard graphics i can boot fine and everything works perfectly. However when i connect my Graphics card (palit 4850 sonic spl edition) , the pc wont
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    Monitors New Dell IPS 22' panel LCD monitor

    Dell has launched a new 22" monitor with IPS panel. Good for production work, graphics with 6ms response time. Details on dell site (india): Dell UltraSharp 2209WA 22 inch HD Flat Panel Widescreen LCD Monitor Black Further reviews: Dell's 2209WA LCD monitor reviewed, deemed king of 22-inchers...
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    Monitors Advice on the best 22" LCD for Graphics/ Editing and occasional games

    Can anyone advice me on the best 22" or 20" lcd for graphics / Editing work and occasional Gaming too. Budget is arnd 15k.