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  1. srjsrajan

    FS: Storage Hardware Brand new seagate barracuda 3tb hdd (st3000dm001)

    [/IMG] [/IMG] P.S - there is no need to crap my thread,i bought same hdd from nehru place for 7k 6 days ago so if you are getting it lower than my price then feel free to post the link here
  2. srjsrajan

    WTB 3TB seagate hdd under warranty

    pm me offers
  3. srjsrajan


    CONDITION - HDD's lower cover is missing so i tapped it(pic attached), dvd eject button was broken so i removed it too (which is not a problem because we can open dvd tray from xbox menu itself). console is in good condition overall. games included in HDD are - GTA5, DMC 2013, WWE 2011, GEARS OF...
  4. srjsrajan

    FS: Games Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) FOR XBOX 360

    I wanna sell my GTA 5 for xbox 360 in as good as new condition.
  5. srjsrajan


    i wanna sell my controller , condtition - 7/10 , a button needs to be pressed a little bit hardly and there is no grip rubber on joysticks and the back cover was cracked a little from inside so i tapped it.
  6. srjsrajan

    WTB a good mobile phone under 10,000

    need a nice phone to use as backup phone under 10,000 , pm me offers
  7. srjsrajan

    WTB A good psu 500-550w under warranty urgently

    pm me offers
  8. srjsrajan

    WTB xbox 360 play and charge kit

    pm me offers
  9. srjsrajan

    WTB iphone 4s 16gb white color in mint condition urgently required

    have cash ready , pm me offers , or contact me on watsapp @08871370919 so that we can talk easily as i cant open forum many times
  10. srjsrajan

    iOS which color iphone 5s 32gb should i buy? (white or silver)

    i wanna buy iphone 5s 32 gb asap but confused in color , i had white and silver color ip5 before, and i wanted to buy that color again but one of my frnd said gold looks good, now i am confused, help me which color is good? do gold looks good?
  11. srjsrajan

    WTB urgently required any good AM3+ motherboard in warranty

    pm me offers or it would be good if u contact me on watsapp @08871370919 as i cant check forum everytime
  12. srjsrajan

    WTB amd fx series cpu or amd x6 cpu (6 core wanted) (urgently required)

    pm me offers, wanna buy urgently , have cash ready.
  13. srjsrajan

    WTB 4gb and 2gb ddr3 ram

    wanna buy 4gb ddr3 ram urgently , pm me ur offers
  14. srjsrajan

    WTB wireless reciever for pc to use xbox controller

    pm me offers
  15. srjsrajan

    WTB xbox 360 wireless controller in good condition ( urgently)

    white colored prefferd
  16. srjsrajan

    F.E.A.R 3 not opening .

    i installed fear 3 on my win 8 64bit but when i double click it then nothing happens , whats the problem? i tried opening it on compatibility mode and admin mode but then too nothing happens. all games are working this game is acting weird. help me
  17. srjsrajan

    Audio best acoustic guitar for beginner?

    i wann buy acoustic guitar , dont tell me very exxpensive one.
  18. srjsrajan

    WTB nexus 4 or optimus g or xperia z urgently.. will pay instantly.

    pm me ur offers or contact me on watsapp 8871370919