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    Budget 0-20k How much should I pay for this config??

    I'm getting a deal for 3 year old rig, which has: - Intel Q9550 Processor - Intel DG45ID motherboard - Western Digital 500 GB HD (@7200 RPM) - Zotax 9600 GTX - 4 GB DDR (2 x 2GB) - Local PSU - LG DVD R/W - 2233sw Samsung (22") My queries are: 1. How much ideally should I pay(min/max range)? 2...
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    Need your opinion on buying Body Massager, which is Awesome!!

    Hey Everyone, I recently visited Garuda Mall at Bangalore and had a experience with gadget from OSIM's uSueeze...and trust me, I felt that I should buy that right on spot. Now questions which putting me on hold are: - Are devices like these are good for body and heatlh? - Does they make you...
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    Audio Need upgrade to my AudioEngine A5+

    Hello TE Tribe.. I'm looking to have a upgrade to Audioengine A5+. Meanwhile considering for Dynaudio BM5A, Adam A7, but open for any suggestion. Availability of bookshelves-speakers is not a problem because my friend is coming from States in 2nd week of October, 2012. Budget constraint <...
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    WTB Swan M200MkIII

    Hello TE Tribe, Once again, I want to seek your help. After doing a long research and reading(googling), I came to point to buy "Swan M200MkIII" model. I met several peeps at SP Road as well also called few Chennai dealers, but failed to find any distributor who deals in Swan. Finally failed...
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    Spring Mattress

    Hey Everyone, I need suggestions and your valuable opinions for a good spring-mattress. I can max damage myself upto 50k. Open to buy/import, if any good is option. @mods: I'm not sure, whether its a legitimate-post or not, if making any violations, please remove the post.
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    Suggestions for good Personal Finance Software

    Hey TE Tribe, I'm looking for some good personal finance software, like Intuit's SaaS-app. Particularly reason why I pointed out this app is- Intuit somehow having partners-channel(collaboration) with if you do any transaction using your bank-a/c or ATM or CC, it fetch out...
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    Audio Genius speaker sw-hf5.1 4500

    Hey Guys.. My younger brother is looking to buy "Genius speaker sw-hf5.1 4500" @ 7000/- appx. I couldn't found any reviews for this product. It would be great, if someone like to share his opinions about this product. Thanks in very-advance..for reading me. :)
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    SBI Platinum Credit Card

    Hello TE Tribe, I want opinion/review of your-guys, regarding SBI Platinum Credit Card. I've a pay 60,000/- as FixedDeposit, and they will provide credit-limit upto 5Lacs. (starting from 54,000) So what you guys say, opt-in or opt-out. To Moderators: I couldn't found more appropriate...
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    MacBook Pro 15" Early 2011 Edition (Sale)

    MacBook Pro 15" Late 2010 Edition (Sale) Hello Everyone, I'm looking to sale my 15" MacBook Pro (2010-late, or Early-2011) Edition. Details are: - Processor: 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 - Memory: 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 - Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 330M 256 MB - Operating System: Mac OS X Lion...
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    Klipsch Image S4i

    Hello Guys, Looking to buy Klipsch Image S4i, if anyone interested to sale with some good offer than let me know.
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    Audio Iphone Earphones ~ 3k

    Hey Guys I'm looking to buy a new pair of earphones for my iPhone-3gs. My budget is: 3k or less Preference: - Earphone having rubber-membranes...coz I like them over traditional-earphones. - It would be great if they have built in mic, so that I can use them to speak peoples; But its a...
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    Iomega Zip 250

    Guys I want to sell my Iomega Zip 250 drive. Details are: Condition: 9/10 (that 1 is also deducted because of outer scratches, working-wise its perfect 10/10) Working: 10/10 Type: External Storage Drive Any Issues/Repairs: Never Accessories: Requires USB Cable, but I'm not having that with me...
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    Second-hand Monitor Buy

    Hello Everyone... I'm looking to buy either a second-hand CRT or a LCD monitor. Budget and spec details are:- - If CRT-: 17' > Size AND Price < 1500 - If LCD-: 20' > Size AND Price < 3000 Interested in local-pickup at Bangalore only. Monitor and its screen should be in good...
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    Audio Audio Technica ATH M50

    Hey Folks I'm planning to buy Audio Technica ATH M50, but I'm curious to know about other alternatives, within the range of 7000INR budget. Any kind of suggestion regarding buying or not buying or looking for other options is most welcomed.
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    MacBook Trackpad & Keyboard Guard

    Any ideas for trackpad and keyboard guards for MacBook 15" in Bangalore ?
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    IRC (Internet Relay Chat)

    Please can somebody guide, how to learn using IRC(Internet Relay Chat) ? I've goggled a-lot, but most of them I found were talking about history or talking about command-line options. I'm a very-newbie and eager to learn IRC. Please let the valuable-suggestions keep flowing.
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    Mac OS Tree in Terminal

    Hey Geeks.... I'm hardcore terminal-lover and getting disappointed by Mac-terminal as I couldn't find TREE-command on the terminal; Though I got some awk/shell scripts, but they are sluggish- hack...I just want a fully-functional 'TREE', as we do have on Unix. ...I know its not yet there, but...
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    APPLE Wired Keyboard & Mouse

    Where can I get best deal for genuine APPLE keyboard and mouse ?
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    Dell 3011 or 3008

    Where can I get the best deal for Dell 3011 or 3008 LCD's at SP Road, Bangalore ?
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    Best Editor for Programming...!

    Please share your opinion abut best editors, for coding ? And why ? --- Updated Post - Automerged --- I guess, for Mac- TextMate and Aptana are best. Both of these having Project-Window, Snippets, Comments/Uncomment, Auto-Indentation alike features. If you are on Ubuntu, GEdit is good one...