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  1. madhukannan

    Budget 0-20k Suggestions required for a video editing system on a budget

    1 What is your budget? 20K 2 Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) Monitor - LG 24 nch keyboard , Mouse Radion basic card with hdmi 3.Which hardware component are you looking to buy (component name). If you have already decided on a configuration...
  2. madhukannan

    How good is hostinger web hosting ?

    I saw an offer on webspace by they are providing unlimited sites and space for some thing like 160 per month . Is it a reliable host ? Couldint find any review of their indian counterpart any body here using there service ?
  3. madhukannan

    Other yoga 8inch or ipad mini 2 ? please suggest

    I am planing to buy a tablet mainly for reading magazines and web sits . My preference is android but most of the android tabs have lesss resolution comparing to ipad .can you suggest which to go for yoga tab 8 2gb or ipad mini 2 retina will the screen be superior in ipad mini for reading ? or...
  4. madhukannan

    Legal Usage of images in Blogs

    Can images from manufactures sites used in blogs for example if i am writing a blog about iphone 7 and i dont have my own images can i use images from apple site without legal problems ?
  5. madhukannan

    Windows Is this a genuine deal

    Microsoft Windows 10 Professional 1 PC/User Product Key Is this genuine ? Can i use it for a new computer without windows ?
  6. madhukannan

    Other What i learned when my mobile fell and the screen broke

    I was a big believer of gorilla glass and for one and half year it survived many falls. But last month it had a terrible fall and the screen got shattered . Then i realized that i have not saved my photos ,my sms and some other docs offline or online . I connected it to my pc and it detected...
  7. madhukannan

    Android Need help in recovering data from a broken screen phone

    HI i Broke my Oneplus One screen badly and the the display is not working but the phone is getting connected to the PC unfortunately in charging mode . is there any way to change it to file transfer mode so that i can get the files out of it . is there any software which can extract the data ? .
  8. madhukannan

    Any photography enthusiasts from jaipur ?

    Hi I will be visiting Jaipur for few days for official purpose ,i will be getting some free time in the evening so please suggest me some places in Jaipur town good for photography
  9. madhukannan

    Audio Suggestion for Portable speakers

    Please suggest a good pair of portable speaker for powering a medium sized room with 8 to 10 people on high spirits . if there is an option for BT connection its ideal
  10. madhukannan

    Is this deal real or fake ? windows 8.1 for Rs 300

    some seller is offering windows 8.1 32 bit for rs 300 is it fake or real
  11. madhukannan

    Debit card fraud .... Help

    My friend got looted by some phone fraudsters , they called him saying they are from icici and his debit card is gone to expire soon and has to be reissued and that he will receive a pin that he has to validate . poor fellow just gave the pin and within seconds they made two purchase and he...
  12. madhukannan

    Kochi-Muziris Biennale 2014

    Kochi Muziriz Biennale is a international Art event organized in Kochi , Kerala once in two years .Artist from various parts of the world participate in this event . Paintings , installations , sculptures fo these eminent artists are featured here . If you are a art lover and visiting kerala...
  13. madhukannan

    Audio Suggest me a good 5.1 speakers for PC (under 5K)

    i want a basic 5.1 speakers under 5K ( as low as possible ) for movie surround sound , it will be connected to my computer . some models i considered Creative Creative SBS Computer Multimedia Speaker A550 Creative Inspire T6300 5.1 Multimedia Speaker System or any other suggestions
  14. madhukannan

    Other Yellow screen issue with samsung Core Prime

    Today i bought a Samsung Core prime for my father , after coming home only i noticed the screen has a yellow tint . Will samsung replace the phone for this problem any idea bout yellow tint replacement policy of samsung ?
  15. madhukannan

    FS: Others Hundai Verna Fluidic Petrol

    2011 model Verna Fluidic Fuel : Petrol KM Run : 37,000 expected price :525000 For Local buyers only (Thrissur , Kerala)
  16. madhukannan

    Free video editor for DSLR footage

    Hi Could you suggest a free video editor which support canon DSLR video files . any thing running on window or linux is OK.
  17. madhukannan

    The One Plus One Pics and initial impressions

    Thanks to Techenclave and @Xanthor who was kind enough to give me the invite, i received The Oneplus One yesterday. Here is some pics and my initial impressions I received the package (to Thrissur ,Kerala) in three days from ordering . the packing is not that good with just one strip of glue...
  18. madhukannan

    Camera Suggest me a good point and shoot camera under 10K

    Hi , My first digital cam was a Canon a510 which was an excellent camera, then i bought a canon Powershot 1200 which was the worst camera i owned, my mobile shot better pix than that and it broke within a year. Really the build quality and performance was bad , since last year I am using my...
  19. madhukannan

    Android Upgrading Kitkat on Galaxy Grand Duos - CM11(Unofficial)

    My Galaxy grand duos was driving me crazy with its supper laggy interface most of the apps like camera and gallery was taking lot of time to load . I even thought about an upgrade because of this and Samsung was not providing Kitkat for this model which supposed to run well on low end...
  20. madhukannan

    Audio PC speaker upgrade which one you suggest ?

    Hi , I am considering a PC speaker upgrade , currently using a Altec lansing VS2621 2.1 Channel Speakers. I am looking for a good pair which offers good quality sound . It will be mainly used for music listening only , no gaming or movies . Which one you would suggest among the following or...