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    Tripura, Nagaland and Meghalaya Elections 2018

    Communist Party's North East citadel demolished by the BJP, Tripura: BJP+ 43, CPM+ 16. So, After losing West Bengal and Tripura, the communists are left with just one state Kerala.Congress decimated in Nagaland with zero seats. Nagaland: BJP+ 30, NPF+ 26, others+ 4.
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    Audio Yuin PK3 earbuds quality has gone down massively

    Just posting this thread for earbud users who have used Yuin PK3 earbuds in the past and also for the future buyers, the latest ones on sale sound very very lousy, they sound like any other basic earbud now and the difference between the new and old is so large that i was astonished and in...
  3. RS4 Feedback thread I have placed an order after getting good feedback by some Techenclave members and also the Reddit Xiaomi community, apparently they are one of the reliable options for getting Original Xiaomi products in this huge world of Xiaomi fakes. Have ordered Xiaomi USB LED...
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    AC for Drawing room+ Dining Hall, Inverter or Cheap 2 star AC?

    I need to buy a 2Ton AC for Drawing room+ Dining hall, as there will be open space between these two areas and also adjoining kitchen, what is the best option: Efficient Inverter AC or a cheap 2 star AC as anyway you can't get any efficiency in open places?
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    Star India trolls TRAI and Telco cartel by demanding share in data revenues
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    Real Estate forums

    What all forums are popular in India for Real Estate just like TE is for tech?
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    Where can I mod(RGH) Xbox 360 in Bangalore?

    Guys, I bought a used xbox 360 arcade and want to RGH mod it. Where can I get it modded in Bangalore? How much does it usually cost?
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    BSNL validity expired

    My BSNL prepaid validity expired today even after doing regular topups of more than rs.1000 in last three months, a topup of rs.100 was done 5 days back, tried Rs.220 topup today on bsnl portal website and it failed, so the earlier way of extending the validity by topup is not working now. The...
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    Video Suggest 40inch LCD/LED, Budget:45-50k

    Any suggestions for 40inch LCD/LED in 45k-50k budget? the viewing distance will be 7-8 feet, avoiding plasma due to image retention and reflection factors, some of the options: 1. Samsung LED-LCD 40EH5000 for 50k. 2. Sony LCD 40NX520 for 50k. 3. LG LCD 42LK450 for 37k. ready to buy any good...
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    Audio Suggest closed headphones+mp3 player for 50k budget

    my friend wants to buy a good setup of closed headphones+mp3 player and the max budget is 50k, the requirements are: 1. The mp3/mp4 player will be used for music and photo viewing. 2. The headphones should be closed type with good isolation and fun sounding/coloured sound signature. 3. No...
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    Apple cannot use the iPad name in China

    Apple was suing the chinese firm Proview Technology for infringing its iPad trademark but the Court in Shenzhen rejected its lawsuit as Proview Technology registered the iPad trademark in 2000 and also ordered Apple not to use the ipad name in china. Do note that it was apple who sued this...
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    Vote/suggest features for next WP7 update

    After launching the WP7 mango update, Microsoft has started Windows Phone Feature Suggestion Box, where you can vote for the features required or suggest a new feature. We can say that Microsoft is taking these suggestions quite seriously from this statement on feature suggestion page...
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    Nokia 701 launched in India

    Nokia 701 is now available for Rs.16999, 701 is the first symbian belle phone along with 1GHz processor and 512MB ram. Source: Nokia 701 | Nokia 701, 1 Year Nokia Warranty | IndiaPlaza
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    Nokia N8-01 (801?) leaks on video, looks smoking hot

    The images of this phone were spotted in a Nokia 700 hands-on video while testing its video player :P The phone is expected to come with Symbian Belle, edge-to-edge curved screen with qHD resolution and an awesome camera. Source:Nokia N8-01 (801?) leaks on video- news
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    Happy Birthday Dark Star

    Many many happy returns of the day, have fun :D
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    Apple files second patent infringement complaint against HTC

    Apple Inc. filed a second patent- infringement complaint against HTC Corp. at the U.S. International Trade Commission, seeking to block imports of "personal electronic devices" by the Taiwanese phonemaker. Sources:Apple files second ITC patent infringement complaint against HTC Apple Files...
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    GetJar:"Steve Jobs is not our dad"

    Just two days back apple lost the suit to block Amazon appstore,now they have sent a 'cease & desist' letter to GetJar, a web-based marketplace that serves apps for Android, Blackberry and Nokia phones. Getjar replied source:Apple targets GetJar for using 'App Store' name | Apple Talk - CNET...
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    Apple lose suit to block Amazon app store

    Apple has been denied its request to force Amazon to stop using the "Appstore" title for its digital download shop.The request was denied by the U.S. District Court for Northern California, Judge Phyllis Hamilton. Sources: Apple lose suit to block Amazon app store: Hope for Samsung? Apple's...
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    Meego is dead, even if the N9 is a hit

    As expected,Nokia CEO Stephen Elop has made it clear that Meego is dead and windows phone 7 is the only future. Sources: Nokia's Stephen Elop is still over MeeGo, even if the N9 is a hit -- Engadget Helsingin Sanomat - Nokia CEO Stephen Elop rules out possible comeback of MeeGo
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    HTC SENSATION for 27,449 shipped

    HTC Sensation is available for rs 27,449 including shipping on, just add the item to cart to see the discounted price :) Buy HTC Sensation| HTC Sensation - Full phone specifications