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  1. arup

    WTB Firetv remote

    My firetv remote has liquid damage. Need one remote. Amazon's price seems unfair. Fire tv for 2599 and remote for 1999.
  2. arup

    FS: Video Card Zotac 1080 & 1070ti (2 to 3 months used for mining)

    At the begining of 2018, I started mining. The 1070ti was my first card. Later within a month I bought two more 1080 cards. Mining was profitable in February, but profits were dropping rapidly. At some time in April I quit mining and kept all graphics cards in their boxes and planned to restart...
  3. arup


    fx6300+hsf Need it shipped to W.B. 733141 Thanks...
  4. arup

    FS: Storage Hardware Tosiba 320gb laptop hard drive

    upgrading to ssd for the laptop, the HDD label removed for some unknown reason. free sipping by indiapost in well packaging.
  5. arup

    FS: Laptop Acer aspire one 725 11.6"

    Up for sale is Acer aspire one 725 AMD dual core CPU 11.6" HD LED HDMI & USB3.0 NEW 4GB RAM 320 GB hard disk (changed from 500gb just after purchase) No BACKUP It was purchased in 2012 and used for 2.5-3 years.then kept in storage. Few days ago, I took it out from storage and found the battery...
  6. arup

    2nd/3rd gen i3 processor

    PM me if you have a dead DDR3 Ram or LGA1155 processor lying around.
  7. arup

    FS: Mobile 2x Redmi 1s, JioFi2

    Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Expected Price: 2000/- each Source and Time of Purchase: Both September 2014 from FlipKart. Reason for Sale: Both upgraded to Redmi4. RMA/Servicing history: Both phone's touch/digitizer cracked and replaced. .Both...
  8. arup

    FHD monitor 23"/24"

    Shipping should be done to Kumarganj 733141, W.B.
  9. arup

    FS: Storage Hardware Seagate 2TB External & Internal for sale

    Up For sale is 2x 2TB Hard Disks. Seagate External 2TB Model- Seagate Expansion Desktop Drive, SRD00f2 P/N- 1D7Ap2-500 2TB S/N- NA4L3GKP Assembled in Thiland, Product of China RECERTIFIED Purchase:- From another member two years back, total age of hard disk 4 years, out of warranty...
  10. arup

    WTB Used laptop adapter/charger

    Any brand charger, just needs to be in working condition. PM me with picture and offer price. Shipping to WB,733141
  11. arup

    FS: Processor AMD 1075T, ASUS M5A88-M (Only sell as combo)

    Product Name: AMD Phenom II 1075T 3Ghz | ASUS M5A88-M | Expected Price: Rs 8500 for all Shipping charges: FREE by DTDC Normal... Manufacturer page URL: 1. 2...
  12. arup

    WTB Redmi phone

    Any used redmi 1s available? Shipping to W.B.
  13. arup

    FS: Mobile Sealed Redmi 1s and Used Htc A310e

    My redmi phone was purchased two weeks ago, and eventually it was lost by bluedart. 7 days no tracking... So, I bought another phone and this phone reached me after my second phone arrived. This redmi phone was delivered yesterday night 9pm. Now selling my old phone and the new phone./. The old...
  14. arup

    Budget 5-10K Sugesion for Phone (Basic Usage)

    I currently use htc explorer for near 2 years and now I'm planning for an upgrade. My requirements are, MATTERS 1. Android 2. Camera with auto focus 3. Responsive touch (I'm used to htc's touch and micromax touch looks very slow to me) 4. Good battery like 2000mah 5. Dual SIM (atleast one...
  15. arup

    Just another wallpaper

    Background downloaded, foreground clicked, and few minutes of photoshop;......
  16. arup

    WTB laptop ddr3 ram

    I need 4GB single stick in warranty and not OEM.. PM me offers and mention warranty time and bill date. Location: West Bengal
  17. arup

    FS: Laptop HP Pavilion Dv4 laptop (i3)- steal at 15K

    Product Name: HP Pavilion Dv4 Series Entertainment Notebook PC Expected Price: Rs 22000 (Negotiable by PM, but no ridiculous offer please) HUGE price drop = 17000 15000 only., (because i need money before durga puja) Shipping charges: Depends on deal and location. Manufacturer page URL...
  18. arup

    WTB ddr3 ram

    DDR3 laptop ram 2GB/4GB In warranty preferred.
  19. arup

    FS: Others Epson L300 Printer

    Product Name: Epson L300 Expected Price: Rs 6500 Shipping charges: Indiapost @400, DTDC @1000 Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Not used much, see ink levels. Reason for Sale: No need of...
  20. arup

    FS: Processor i3+mobo+ram+win 7 OEM

    Product Name: Intel core i3 2nd gen SandyBridge 2120T IPXSB-DM motherboard (H61 based) 2GB DDR3 1333Mhz Kingston RAM Windows 7 home basic key+coa for the rig Expected Price: Rs 9000 Shipping charges: Included Manufacturer page URL: