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    FS: Tablet iPad Mini 4 128GB (Wi-Fi only) - MINT- in warranty

    I have a mint condition 128 GB iPad mini 4 for sale; its a wi-fi only version. 10/10 condition. Comes with a generic smart cover; has had tempered glass since day 1. Purchased in the US; has warranty until Jan 2020. Was a gift; not using it at all. Location Mumbai. Price 22500.
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    FS: Tablet iPad Mini 4 16GB LTE/Cellular with box

    selling my trusty ipad mini 4 16GB cellular version. I am currently using it with a Jio SIM and find it extremely convenient while travelling. comes with original box and accessories. ipad has had a screen/scratch guard from day 1 and has been in a smart cover from day 1. let me know if anyone...
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser IE 80 (Mint condition)

    hey guys, selling my barely used IE 80s. these were originally warranty replacements and were purchased in mint condition from a user on HeadFi in Dec 2017. however, I don't have any invoice or bill. I only have the original accessories as my relative didnt bring back the box. These have been...
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    need help with refund from Joister

    dear all, i took a connection from Joister in Mumbai (paid in advance for a year). Their connection was practically down for 2-3 weeks and they refused to resolve my issue cos of which i had to take anoher connection. I mailed them for a refund but they refused citing no refund policy. I...
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    iOS would an unlocked AT&T iphone work in India?

    hey everyone, a quick query: would a fully-paid off AT&T iphone XS purchased in the US work in India? the model number sold in US is A1920 and it supports all the 4G bands being used in India currently. I have the same query for Verizon phones as well. Any inputs on this would be highly...
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    FS: Home Audio Video FiiO D03K Optical to Stereo + Bluerigger Toslink cable links to the products are posted above. product is excellent. I bought it to connect my apple tv with different speakers and it worked like a charm. however i ended up using th bluetooth adapters instead of this. let me know if there is any interest
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    FS: Others Mr. Burberry (DAD) EDT Gift Pack - unused

    Received this as a gift. I only use 2-3 perfumes these days and this is lying unused. makes for a very good gifting option. this was purchased overseas by a relative. I am flexible on the price but dont expect lowball offers to be entertained. thanks
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    FS: Laptop Macbook Pro mid-2010 (has issues)

    selling my 2010 13inch macbook pro cos i'm hardly using it these days. it has the following issues: 1. display has pixel lines 2. battery needs replacement; works with the power cable plugged in 3. wi-fi works with a USB dongle only. despite the issues the performance is butter smooth cos I...
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    FS: Home Audio Video FiiO D03K Optical to Stereo converter + Blue Rigger Toslink Cable

    Selling my FiiO D03K with a Blue RIgger Optical Toslink cable. Both were purchased from Amazon India and come with invoice. Both are barely used. I had bought these to connect my Apple TV to my speakers, but then I relised that my speakers pair very well with the Apple TV via a Bluetooth...
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    FS: Headphone Ultimate Ears Super-fi 5 pro

    UE double BA super-fi 5 pro. The original cables gave up on me and hence were lying unused for a long time until i ordered replacement cables from Aliexpress. Sonically they sound just as good as they did when i first got them. Comes with original UE box and some unused tips. open to reasonable...
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    FS: Networking Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 High Power router

    Buffalo Air Station High power router. Some reviews here: The antenna base is broken and does not fit the router very well. But if you tape it up, it still functions well. I will be including another antenna which fits and works...
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    importing used electronics from the US

    hey guys, I was wondering if anyone has managed to import used gadgets/electronics from the US. I'm specifically looking to buy some used IEMs and headphones from fellow members of an audio forum in the US. I would like to avoid to customs hassles and having to pay hefty customs duties. I also...
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    Looking for a good webdesigner in Mumbai

    Hey all, I'm looking for a good website designer who is talented and experienced and not expensive. any experience with SEO and social media marketing would be a plus. Do inbox me with contacts, preferably in Mumbai Thanks
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    FS: Headphone Westone W30 - Mint/Box packed

    selling my mint condition Westone W30 IEMs: great sound (tons of reviews online). The box still has the plastic on it. Bought these from the US and haven't used them much cos I use another pair of IEMs. Looking for quick...
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    FS: Tablet HP Touchpad 32GB Android CM 4.4.2 going cheap

    HP Touchpad 32 GB for sale. SOund is not working. Bluetooth/Wi-Fi working perfectly. Running CM 4.2.2. Even Lollipop CM works on this. Touch experience is very smooth. Open to offers. Thanks
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    FS: Others Added new fragrances! - Fragrances: mid-high end brands

    trying to rationalize my fragrance collection: Dior Aqua Fahrenheit (125ml) - 75%+ left - a very long lasting fragrance with strong projection; Dior is an ultra premium brand for fragrances; Fahrenheit is an all-time classic; can be worn for day and evening wear; bought in US Price: 5,200...
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    Budget 5-10K Windows vs Android for parents

    I'm looking for a phone for my mum, primarily for whatsapp and frequent video calls (skype) with us in addition to regular calling and messaging. My concern with non-stock Android phones is that they slow down/hang after sometime (or so i hear from a lot of users). Windows OS phones on the other...
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    Storage Solutions MBP HDD replacement

    guys, I have a 2010 MacBook Pro, whose HDD conked off recently. I am looking for a HDD replacement. I don't need a lot of storage and even 250 GB would do. Any suggestions? Would you recommend an SSD for an older laptop such as this; would there be a noticeable improvement in speed with an SSD?
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    FS: Others FS Designer Fragrances

    Burberry Original For men 50 ml (missing 4-5 sprays) + 100 ml (100% full) all over body Shampoo - Rs. 2500 (classic fragrance from Burberry; very nice for daily wear; Got it as a gift but have already tried the fragrance earlier and not interested in repeating it) Davidoff Champion 90 ml -...
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    FS: Headphone Ultimate Ears TF-10: less than 200 hours usage

    Product Name: Ultimate Ears Triple-Fi 10 Expected Price: Rs 6800 Shipping charges: at actuals Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: Excellent condition. Less than 200 hours usage on these. Comes with the original box (Box has some big...