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    Budget 41-50k Need a powerful PC

    Questions What is your budget? 60k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) None Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) Keyboard and mouse Speakers Which hardware component are you looking to buy...
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    Android Is MI Pad 1 worth it?

    I am looking for a tablet with a 8" screen size and powerful hardware.I would prefer the screen resolution to be 1080p or above.I want Android as OS.The tabs I have shortlisted are Mi pad 1 and lenovo S8-50f.The main usage will be media consumption with videos upto 4k and lil bit of gaming.And...
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    FS: Networking ADSL Modem and cables

    I have two ADSL modems and four meters long RJ11 cable TPlink and Digisol No warranty and invoice for digisol Warranty and invoice available for tp-link
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    User Review iPhone SE 64 GB Review

    Apple!WHY? Sane homo sapiens when spend their hard earned dimes and nickels on a dead asset,contemplate a lot.We look out for the slightest flaws but when the pros weighs more than the cons,we decide to buy.But when the time passes by,we start heeding the shortcomings.Those shortcomings we have...
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    Budget Above 25K S7 or 6s

    Hey guys Need a new phone.I want something with good storage capacity,good display,battery that lasts for a day.I own a mac.And I like 6s more than s7.That's because of two reasons.One I have never owned an iphone so want to experience it and second since i have a mac so it makes more sense.But...
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    User Review Initial Impressions and Unboxing: Portronics PRO 343

    A charged day Today,I woke up “charged” not because it was a weekend or any other special day, just because I got a call from a Flipkart delivery guy.Yes,the guy who delivers happiness not babies.Anyways,he said,”Sir you have a parcel,please open the door and receive it”.It may seem weird to you...
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    Security Software Anyone interested in buying Bitdefender Security Solutions.

    Hey Guys I have bitdefender antivirus plus/internet security/total security 2016 3PC/1year.Its authentic and cheaper than the market.If anyone is interested please message me directly.
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    What kind of softwares you buy?

    Hello everyone, I know this fact very well that many of us download the software/games/apps we need through illegal way, which in my opinion is not correct.I know many would disagree with me but I would like to ask them a simple question, What if you were developing a software/game and you're...
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    User Review Moto X 2014.After the buzz.

    To start with,I must tell you before owning this device I had a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 which was not only crtically acclaimed but was also a workhorse in a day to day usage.But according to me there are two reason for which a person changes its phone.First,the phone is not working,getting...
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    Inventory Manager

    Hello Guys, I am creating this thread for my friend who is in need of an inventory manager.Actually he owns a store and sells different items in bulk and sometimes retails also.There are different items in his stores with no barcodes or serial numbers.Sometimes the name on the box of the product...
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    Video Full HD or 4k TV around 35k

    Hey guys From a very long period of time I was waiting for my CRT to die so that I can get a LED TV for all those high definition movies and clips.The time has come.The CRT is on its verge to die.And it's time for a new TV.My requirements are below Screen size-32 to around 40 Budget -Around 35k...
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    Advice on lasik

    Hey guys I have myopia and Astigmatism.And the power is high and I can't see without glasses.Three months back I had blurry vision and was diagnosed with dry eyes by both vasan and a local ophthalmologist.But using eye lubricants dint solve the problem so decided to visit my local opthalmologist...
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    Career options for a computer and mobile troubleshooter

    Hey Guys I am asking this on my friend's brother behalf.Hopefully he will be completing his 12th this year.He is good at problem solving and have a deep interest in computers and mobiles.He has very good knowledge of softwares and can almost any software problem whether it is of mobile or...
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    Importing goods from china in bulk

    Hey guys I want to import some goods from china from sites like alibaba in bulk for selling it in india.I want to know what is the procedure of doing it?Is there any way i can avoid getting into the hassles of getting official documents?like a broker or some company who can import stuff for...
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    Franchise or own business

    Hey guys I want to open my own business with an investment range of 3-5 lakhs.As I am inclined towards technology i would prefer something related to mobiles and accessories or repairing of the gizmos.To be very honest I have been a entrepreneur for last 5 years but have zero experience in this...
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    Audio Portable audio rig for basshead

    Hey guys I want to buy a complete basshead portable audio rig which must include a music player,in-ear earphones and dap/amp.Being a basshead I need something which has no comprises in bass section.the bass should be tight and clear and mids and highs should be good too..The iems,amp and music...
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    Downloader manager for MAC El

    Hey guys I recently switched from windows to mac and like all i am also missing our beloved IDM.So i want something like it for mac.I want a download manager that starts downloading the moment i press download button.I mean like no manual adding of link,right click and download with whatever.I...
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    Please contact if you want to buy electronics in patna with 1 k discount.

    Hello guys i have a electronic gadget which i want to sell but the buyer which is a shopkeeper wants to me buy something in exchange of it.So if you want to buy stuff like laptops,desktops,computer accessories,monitor,mobile phones etc which must be around 40k or above then please contact me.I...
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    laptop hain ya hawa

    Finally bought the Air.Got it for 67k.Enjoy the pics.
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    FS: Laptop (price dropped)Pristine condition dell inspiron 15 7537 for sale

    Product Name: Dell Inspiron 15 7537 Expected Price: Rs 42000 Shipping charges:shipped Description if any: Specs:Core i7 4500u,8 GB Ram,1 TB hybrid Hard Drive,Full hd touch screen,2 gb nvidia 750m gddr5,original windows 8.1. Out of warranty but have original bill. Reason for Sale:Bought Mac...