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  1. hardyieks

    Budget 41-50k VFM Future ready Gaming setup

    Waddaap Fellow TE Members! New To build a new Gaming Rig From Scratch ...Need Help and humble Advices.... What is your budget? 50k What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) I have nothing as of now except for my laptop. Which hardware will...
  2. hardyieks

    WTB Sansa Fuze 8 gb Battery Replacement

    So my goto mp3 players battery went kaput last week..need a new one or one in a working condition if any of you guys has one letmeknow! I also cant find its battery replacement here, any ideas where i can get it here in Mumbai ?
  3. hardyieks

    Audio Earphones Started Peeling after 2yrs..Kya karoon ?

    Namaste, So i have been using this Scosche earphones past 2 years and they are great, but all of a sudden its showing signs of wear and tear and has started would like to know is that is there an easy solution to this , as i like the earphones very much. i am sure many of you have...
  4. hardyieks

    Graphic Cards Gpu for gaming on a Workstaion!!

    Namaste ;), So my office was geting rid off this workstaion as they are going all laptops, so i thought of amking this my gaming setup, although i am not into full on gaming per say but love to play some games once in a while!! The setup details are as follows: CPU : Intel Xeon W3550 @ 3.07...
  5. hardyieks

    All OS Need advice on a tablet buy...

    Wassup TE!.. need some advice on which would be the best tablet to buy around 8K INR Uses: 60% : watching movies & videos 30% : calling..yup needs calling 10% : games also it needs to fit within my pocket....also i came across iball tabs..are they any reliable ??? Thanks...
  6. hardyieks

    FS: Others FitBit Flex (Slate) Sealed pack...unknown warranty

    sealed pack, excellent device, shipping from mumbai!
  7. hardyieks

    Budget 41-50k New All Purpose Rig

    Wassup TE time i build a new PC as my daily driver, i have been managing my i3 laptop for all the photoshop/ premier pro stuff i do but now my laptop cant keep up with all the razzmatazz!! hence i need your humble help to finalize a new Desktop!!! What is your budget? 50K What...
  8. hardyieks

    Budget 0-5K Mobile Phone that replaces iphone 3g 16gb

    Hi! My mom uses an iphone 3g 16 gig ...i have installed whited00r on it and it runs pretty nice except for timely crashes and she also wants whatsapp. so i thought of selling it and getting a new phone, getting 4k for it. so what phone would you recommend that would satisfy her need for...
  9. hardyieks

    Budget 0-20k need help buying a home PC

    What is your budget? 23K What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - dual core Motherboard - Asus XXX GPU - none RAM - 1 gb Monitor - 15" crt PSU - local Which hardware will you be keeping (component name - component brand and model) HDD...
  10. hardyieks

    Budget 5-10K Larg screen sized smartphone

    HI! need help regarding a large screen sized smartphone around 7k/8k...for my mom she wants to replace her iphone 3g have to consider following points 1.white coloured /silver coloured / pearl finish etc. 2.4.5 to 5 inch screen/ should be good for watching youtube videos nokia 501...
  11. hardyieks

    Please Suggest a Step Down Transformer

    Hi! I have certain things coming from usa: 1. Roku 3 2. chromecast 2. 4tb Desktop HDD with power adapter. will roku 3 need a step down transformer ? if yes, i am getting a 50 watts adapter type 240 to 110 step down transformer..will this work ? will the same work for the 4tb desktop HDD...
  12. hardyieks

    How is lenovo g560 i3-330m ?

    hi just saw this laptop Lenovo G560 i3-330m for Rs 28000 is it a good deal ? need to buy a laptop urgently..(maybe today itself)
  13. hardyieks

    Audio BLuetooth Headphones for Itouch ?

    Hi Can some1 recommmed me a pair of Bluetooth headphones to go with my itouch2G Budget: 2k Preferences: 1.Good Sound Quality 2.Comfortable for long Travels I currently use pl21's from Soundmagic...looking for best bang for the buck headphones nuthing to great!