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    Budget 90k+ New Pc for gaming

    Hello all. I want to purchase a new pc for gaming budget around 1.5 lakhs i have decided to source part one by one i don't know which platform yet since ryzen 3000 release is around the corner however i have decided to start with gpu my budget will be around 25k but i will be purchasing it from...
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    FS: Mobile Xiaomi Redmi note 4 64gb 4gb ram version

    Hello everyone Selling my xiaomi Redmi note 4 64 gb version it is scractless, used for four months only. i can provide digital invoice comes will all accessories charger cable and you get case cover with it. remember is it 64gb version with 4 gb ram. only interested buyer please contact
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    Need to connect net to my TV

    Hello, I want to connect net to my TV, i have adsl modem/router (MTNL), my space is 2100 sq feet, the problem is modem/router is on end and the tv on the other, i don't know which type of ethernet cable do i need and don't know the wiring pin out, to connect it from my modem to my tv, the wire...
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    FS: Storage Hardware WD Black 1tb

    Hello, Looking forward to sell my WD Black caviar 1tb, it is new received as a RMA from WD, warranty period 1 year still left.
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    Logitech does not offer service for product which are more than 1 year old.

    Hello everyone. I had purchased a fairly expensive logitech keyboard G110 somewhere 3 years ago, however lately they keyboard had developed few problems like the macros key execute command whenever they like, sometine get stuck and the board itself get stuck/hang in BIOS. I decided to get...
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    CCTV Video surveillance for home

    I am searching for a good agency to install cctv in my home, none of them appear reasonable to me, if any one from mumbai know a good agency please let me know Asap Thanks.
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    Monitors Monitor 24-27 which one?

    Hello, I am looking forward to buy a montior from 24 inches upwards 27, the monitor will be used to watch movies, Play games, Excel, words related work. Looking for IPS, have make two choices LG and HP one, let me know guys which one to get. Thanks.
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    Need automated solution.

    Hello, I am looking for automated solution for printing Rent receipts, like for tenants, i am still using the hand written method. but wanna switch to automated printing receipts. problem is i don't know where and how to start. is there anyone here (professional) or knows anyone who can help in...
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    Storage Solutions Seagate RMA Issues with Accel Frontline

    I dont' know why only singling out WD? Seagate is equally bad perhaps worse,i have visited Accel frontline twice everytime i go there their attendant says "Server down Hai, pata nahi kitna time lagegha kal aana" BS don't i have any other work? how many times should i visit them? they don't pick...
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    Storage Solutions Which SSD to get from US?

    Hello, My aunt is coming from us, i told her to get ssd, i have chosen Intel 520 series as it comes with international warranty, if anyone know better choice then this one with international warranty let me know soon :D Thanks.
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    Storage Solutions Seagate RMA in mumbai?

    Well i am trying to RMA my seagate HDD, the seagate website says contact fortune pvt ltd, but does not provide information to contact them, has anyone recently does RMA of seagate drive? let me know. thanks.
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    Storage Solutions Erase before RMA?

    Hi, I am planning to submit my Seagate HDD for RMA it has bad sectore and spin up error, like to which software can erase the HDD so that nothing is recoverable, please suggest tried and tested Software. Thanks.
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    FS: Mobile Samsung galaxy R with 2 1/2 months gurantee

    Hello, Want to sell, Samsung galaxy R mobile phone with dual core cpu with 1gb of ram, Product Name: Samsung Galaxy R Expected Price: Rs 11,000 Shipping charges Not sure will inquire, mostly want to sell locally Manufacturer page URL:GALAXY R - OVERVIEW | SAMSUNG Description if any: the...
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    Blu-ray player that also play mkv x264?

    Does anyone know any blu-ray player thats also play mkv x264 format? i am specially looking for a sony BR player as it will be easy to sync with my Bravia tv. thanks
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    PC Peripherals Thermal pads/tape

    Does anyone know where can i buy thermal pads/tape here in mumbai? i think vram are getting overheated and end up crashing, let me know ASAP not sure if i can find them at lammy Thanks.
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    Storage Solutions Growing bad sector

    Hello, I have this Seagate HDD 750gb, HDD sentinel and HDD Tune pro are reporting badsector 142, which have grown from 124 reported in Aug, however seatools are not showing any error does this disk qualify for RMA? i assume i should buy a new one now, which one is the best nowdays. Thanks.
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    Dell ST2420L HD LED new monitor.

    Hello, re-posting this thread as it was removed by mods for posting in wrong section. I got this dell ST2420L monitor as a replacement for my faulty monitor, i have opened the box and install it for taking pic, the new box is taken back by dell to ship with old monitor, this monitor will come...
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    Patapon 3 how to get new uberhero?

    Hi, Does anyone know how to make a new uberhero? i am struggling to make one, all i have uberhero as tartarazey class, dekapon, mamasya and destrobo, but on youtube and other site i see pykorider and canossa class as hero? any one know how to achieve this? please let me know. Thanks.
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    Genuine panasonic cordless battery?

    Does anyone know where can i buy genuine panasonic batter HHR-P105 in mumbai. i have been searching for them for a long time now, just got many fakes in my hand, too scared to use them, are these availiable in Heera panna or alfa? Thanks.
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    Problem with MTNL's broadband.

    Hello, i have got a strange problem with mtnl, it connects but, when i surf, what i think the sites hosted on indian server work and those site on foreign server does not open, like FB, Microsoft etc. is that the problem from the source or something wrong with my configuration, heard that the...