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    Prism + Mef ; Doubt

    Hi all, I'm new to the framework Prism and have some doubts regarding how this works.The bootstrapper is the service which runs on the application startup, it creates the container and all the necessary services in the application. The module catalog is created with all the modules which make...
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    CPU/Mobo AMD's FX-8150 After Two Windows 7 Hotfixes And UEFI Updates,3119-3.html
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    So What should i buy?? Please suggest

    Q: What is your budget? 40K Q: What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel q6600 Motherboard - Msi p45 neo-f GPU - GTX 460 768mb RAM - Corsair Xms2 4gb Monitor - Dell 2409...
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    [MA] GTA San Andreas Multiplayer v1.2 Released!

    Changes in 1.2 - Multi Theft Auto: Wiki Download link
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    CPU/Mobo [CPU World] Ivy Bridge CPU Prices

    Prices of Ivy Bridge desktop CPUs
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    CPU/Mobo Intel shares i7 3960X (Sandy E) benchmark results: 36% perfornamce increase over 990X

    Intel shares i7 3960X (Sandy E) benchmark results :: TweakTown USA Edition
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    CPU/Mobo AMD FX/Bulldozer Registry Fix - 40% performance boost!

    AMD Bulldozer Registry Fix | Apple think different, Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Calgary, the Crash, Web-bots, Greece Default, Free Stock Footage
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    Graphic Cards AMD 28nm GPU Demo w/ Radeon HD 7000 series video card

    AMD 28nm GPU Demo w/ Radeon HD 7000 series video card : ATI Forum
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    CPU/Mobo AMD FX Series Processors Up For Pre-Order

    AMD FX Series Processors Up For Pre-Order | techPowerUp
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    Graphic Cards Inside the second: A new look at game benchmarking

    Continue reading.......
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    CPU/Mobo a decent mobo for sandy bridge

    is there any decent mobo available for sandy bridge(lga 1155) at around 5~6k price range. planning to buy a i5, have a budget of aroung 15~16k for both proccy and mobo. please give suggestions and any possible alternatives !:hap2:
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    90% of Gamers Don't Finish Their Games

    Source: CNN: Why most people don't finish video games games are getting shorter,now i know why !
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    database developing and administration.

    Hi all can nybody suggest me good books and/or online tutorials(apart from msdn) which i could use to learn adanced topics on database developing using transact sql. i use microsoft server management studio for developing, not the GUI but using scrips. thanks in advance...................
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    CPU/Mobo Intel Roadmap Shows DX11.1 for 2013

    Google Translate
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    CPU/Mobo Shootout: 16 CPUs, One Core Each, And 3 GHz

    Tom's CPU Architecture Shootout: 16 CPUs, One Core Each, And 3 GHz : A Real (Theoretical) Performance Shootout Found it to be a very interesting read so thought to share.....
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    which site to buy pc games??

    please guys can someone tell me sites to buy pc games.... there were some dealers in TE ,, don't remember their sites thou... can anbody list the sites which are exclusively for games and consoles etc !! thanx in advance
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    portrait photography

    hi all ,, i recently bought a canon sx210is , i would be mostly using it for shooting portraits and nature scenery , mayb some macros too................but mostly portraits. need some help with shooting portraits with soft/blur backgrounds,, read somewhere that taking pics with low f...
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    Camera help me choose a cam for general purpose shooting..

    help me choose a stillcam for a budget around 10-13k....... the image color should be good , i mean i had a sony W180 , its image colors were not that good..... anyways, buying a new model , help me choose between the options,, also suggest other models too.... --- Updated Post -...
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    Graphic Cards Leaked AMD Radeon 6970 results

    Leaked AMD Radeon 6970 results? :: TweakTown USA Edition
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    Graphic Cards Radeon HD 6870 is Twice Faster than GeForce GTX 460 in MSI Kombustor

    Radeon HD 6870 is Twice Faster than GeForce GTX 460 in MSI Kombustor - 3D Tech News, Pixel Hacking, Data Visualization and 3D Programming -