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    FS: MP3 Player Aune M2pro for Rs.13,000/- only

    For sale my beloved music player which is known for Sound quality.UI is simple.You can read about it on Head Fi,infact detail review about same is posted by our GH member @faheem on
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    FS: MP3 Player Aune M2pro with Fidue A73

    Up for grab is one of most SQ DAP in the market that is easily compete with likes of Mojo.Only DAP can be purchased for Rs.18000/- that's almost 50% of current market price.Model is Aune M2pro.You can read Faheem review on Head fi for this DAP SQ pros.Price is almost fix.Fidue A73 iem can be...
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    Not able to port my number from Reliance Communication

    As title suggest I tried to port my number from Rcom to Idea. During last 4 months I tried 9 times..... yes 9 times to port my number. Every time reject message "Your number is in progress for Updating or deactivation". The number I tried to port is my primary number. Room customer care said...
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    Reliance 4g data services started

    At last Reliance 4g data services started.I am from Maharashtra circle. Good speed. But confused about data plan. If any user on forum using 4g dongle pls share your experience.
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    How to get paytm refund into bank account ?

    Yesterday I had jump on Paytm deal where Panasonic trimmer which costs 1800/- available at Rs.34/- However as expected order get cancelled and to my surprise refund credited to Paytm wallet and not to bank account.
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    FS: MP3 Player Colorfly C3 and BH2 amp

    For sale Colorfly c3 music player in mint condition and C&c bh2 amp combo. C3 and BH2 combo is supposed to be best combo under 15k. C3 is in mint condition . C& C BH2 one output1 is working fine which can be used to run anything upto 150 Ohm while output 2 is not working. Will give pure silver...
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    FS: Headphone ATH M50X for Rs.6700/-

    For sale mint condition ATH M50X. Audiophiles know these for there sq. These are one of best headphones under 15k. For any queries pls pm me.
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    Fidue A73

    looking for purchasing Fidue A73.Is any one from our forum receive demo tour unit so that they might give short review.I am currently using ATH M50X and very happy with its sg.But as it is Hp portability is an issue.
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    FS: Headphone Sennheiser PX100ii at 2400/- only

    As title suggest willing to sell px100ii. Headphone is in Pristine condition.Only 15 days old.Very good sound quality considering price. Box is not available however I will take care to pack it properly. Price slightly negotiable but over pm only.Bump
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    FS: MP3 Player Colorfly C3 & C&C BH2 amp with silver cable

    For sale Colorfly C3 & C&C BH2 combo ,a dream combo for audiophiles without breaking bank.Both items purchased from te member toxicdrift for Rs.8000/-.Colorfly C3 working perfect,for C&C BH2 amp there are 2 outputs i.e.output 1-for iems & output-2-for headphones with impendence above 150...
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    FS: Headphone Havi Pro B3 old version on sale

    Selling Havi Pro B3 old version as in Urgent need of money.Purchased it from Penon Audio.All tips,Box available.Price is non negotiable.
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    FS: Headphone Hifiman re400

    Bump for Reference iem under100usd.
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    Audio How safe is Shenezen Audio

    As title suggest I am thinking of purchasing dunu dn1000 from shenezen audio.As dn1000 available at us159 as special offer. Has anyone purchased any gear from this site and what is your experience.
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    Audio Where to buy the havi pro b3 in India ?

    I am interested in purchasing Havi pro b3 old version.where I can purchase it in eBay selling it for Rs.6000 but without warranty.Please help me.
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    WTB BA iem

    Need Ba iem for colorfly c3.preferably musical fidelity eb50 or t peos h100,h150,h200
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    WTB BA driver iem

    Hi.I need BA driver iem to use with my colorfly c3 & c&c bh2.used or new.budget 6k .
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    WTB c&c bh2 amp

    Looking for c&c bh2 amp for colorfly c3.
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    Audio import & custom duty for c&c BH amp

    Hi I am considering purchasing c&c BH amp for my colorfly c3.on eBay it is listed for99 dollars but one of the Indian seller keralashop has price of rs.11300/- so consider buying it from eBay or other site.does any one know how much custom & import duty I need to pay.
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    Colorfly C3 iem & amp

    Hi; all community members.I have colorfly C3 purchased from toxicdrift sir.I need iem & amp for same.Please advice.Budget up to 10 k
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    WTB c&c BH amp

    Hi I have purchased colorfly c3 from toxicdrift sir.From forum I came to know that c&c BH amp has crazy synergy with c3.I need to purchase this amp new one or used.I am very new to this field therefore your kind advice needed from where I can purchase it or if any member want to sell please...