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    I5 2500k setup

    Hi all, I'm looking to buy a used i5 2500k or something similar along with a motherboard and 8gb ddr3 ram, also looking out for a gpu something like a used GTX 970. Please message me if you have any of the above with age, condition and expected price. Thanks !
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    GTX 750ti

    Hi guys, i'm looking for a GTX 750ti or something similar which can run off the pcie slot. Will also consider the GTX 1050 or RX 460 if anyone has one for sale. Thanks for looking!
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    FS: Motherboard Asus B85M-G for Rs 2500 shipped

    For sale is an Asus B85M-G without bill for Rs 3000, one ram clip has been replaced as it broke but i have glued the original clip if you want to put it back in i can do that. The rear IO backplate is missing but i made a diy backplate and it works fine . I was using an I5 4590 on this board and...
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    WTB Gtx 750ti

    Hi all, i'm looking for a gtx 750ti with some warranty for 5k. Willing to stretch the budget a bit for an rx 460 or gtx 950 . Looking for cards that can run via the pcie slot without 6 pin power connectors.
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    WTB Need fifa 17 game files

    Hi all, i need the game files of fifa 17 as i'm gonna buy the game and i don't want to download it via origin as my data plan is capped at 40gb and fifa 17 is 30gb+. I would really appreciate it if someone who has the game or someone with good internet speed with a high data cap could download...
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    WTB Wired Xbox 360 controller or just the pcb

    Need two used xbox 360 controllers or the pcb of two wired xbox 360 controllers,i need them as i've got two controllers with water damaged pcb's. Willing to buy used controllers with damaged analogue sticks and d-pad. I am also open to buying proper functioning controller if the price is low...
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    WTB 8gb ddr3 ram at 2k

    As the title says i need 8gb ddr3 ram at 2k.
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    Mini displayport to vga

    Hi everyone,i bought an hd7950 but its dvi port is defective and only hdmi and mini displayport work but my monitor only has a vga in.My question is can i use a mini displayport to vga adapter and use it as my only display?If it is possible which mini displayport to vga adapter should i buy...
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    WTB 500-600 watts psu

    Hi all need a quality 500-600 watts 80+ psu around 2k with warranty.should be from a good brand
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    WTB Hd 7950 or gtx 670...

    Hi all,im looking for a used graphic card ,something like a hd 7950 or gtx 670.The budget is around 8kish ,please message me if you have one for sale.
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    WTB 4th gen Core i5

    Hi everyone,im looking to buy a used 4th gen i5 and mobo.A locked i5 with a B series mobo would do.
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    WTB Xbox 360 controller for windows

    Looking to buy a used xbox 360 controller for windows,i would prefer a wired controller but wireless is also ok.Please throw in your offers if you've got one for sale.
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    Urgently need adsl router for bsnl broadband.

    Hi everyone,need your help buying a new wifi router for my home.I'll be using a 8mbps bsnl connection with max 5 to 8 devices connected at the same time,also i live in a three storey building so ill place the router in middle of the house.The house is around 50 to 60 meters wide so if i place...