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  1. dilpreet

    Events & Meets What to Buy from Singapore Airport?

    I am travelling to Bali this weekend and will have a 4 hour stop at Changi Airport(Singapore) and i was wondering if someone can tell me what should i buy from there at duty free shops which is worth the spend. I am looking to buy Liquor ,Electronics,Cosmetics and anything else which is at a...
  2. dilpreet

    Need Google Chromecast

    I am looking for a google Chrome cast possibly with warranty and in a decent condition. Pm me in case you have one and are planning to sell it off
  3. dilpreet

    Budget 0-20k Should I Upgrade and to What? AMD965BE --> ?

    So here is my issue. My Current setup has a AMD 965BE I have created a Vmware Workstation lab recently I have only 4 Vms currently(Basic Vmware setup for now) My Observation is that when i use the lab the CPU utilisation hits 100% consistently(Up and Down) The Lab works fine most of the times...
  4. dilpreet

    PC Peripherals Which Printer To Buy?

    I am planning to buy a printer and below are my requirements:-- Cost->Upto 8-9 K Usage->10-15 prints every month(Most of the times black and White) ->Should have Scan and Copier Option as well and WIFI(If possible) ->Apart from that i am looking for a printer which is like Value for money in...
  5. dilpreet

    Graphic Cards New/2nd Hand GPU Below 5500Rs.

    One of my friend is building a new rig for Virtualization and the MOBO he bought was a Gigabyte 970 which unfortunately does not come with any on board graphic options to even plug a monitor as in there are no display ports on this card hence he has to buy a GPU for the diaply. I wanted you to...
  6. dilpreet

    Which accidental plan to buy for Mobile Phone?

    Guys i bought the Moto Z play Yesterday and was planning to buy a Damage/Theft insurance for it. I am not sure which one to buy. Based upon your recommendations please suggest which one should i go for? Please advise fast so that i can buy one and get my phone insured.
  7. dilpreet

    Budget Above 25K New Phone Advice Please...Really Confused I am.

    Questions:- 1. Budget? A: INR 35K(Can Extend lil bit if its really worth it) 2. Preferred display size, type and resolution? A: 5.2"-5.5", Frankly speaking i cant figure out the difference in most of the screens.All i need is minimum of Full HD resolution(I know it sound silly) 3. Preferred...
  8. dilpreet

    Rhino Shield Going Cheap on the official website.....

    Guys Evolution labs is looks like holding some kind of sale on the Screen protectors on its products . Primarily i have seen the prices slashed for the Screen protectors. I have placed order for my Xperia Z2 (Back and Front) for 12$ including shipping.(Rs 807 Incl Shipping) The actual cost was...
  9. dilpreet

    What to buy from US?

    Guys one of my friend is in US right now and will return on 3rd Of July,16 I am planning to get some stuff from there. But i have no idea what to order. I have seen some offers which are kind off alluring like i found a 480 gb SSD(Corsair) for 108$ and i found Solo 2 Beats for 89$. Ofcourse...
  10. dilpreet

    FS: Storage Hardware 1TB Internal HDD (Hitachi)

    The Error scan was done last night and it was a FULL SCAN Price Dropped 2350 shipped
  11. dilpreet

    Wait or Buy?????

    Guys i was planning to buy some computer stuff(GPU,HDD) specifically and i was wondering that should i wait for some Christmas offers or new year offers ? I mean do you guys think that there is a possibility of any flash sales kinda thing on Amazon or Flipkart or Snapdeal. Secondly do you think...
  12. dilpreet

    Graphic Cards Logical Upgrade from 7950

    I am currently using 7950 3gb card which has served me without any issues for the last 3 years and i had no issues till date. Now with the launch of so many new cards i was thinking weather i should go ahead and buy one of those or not Below are my requirements:- >I am not a fan of all the FPS...
  13. dilpreet


    Looking for a quick sale as i am planning to upgrade the RAM to 16 gb,hence selling this off. Have another 2gb ram which i will be selling in a couple of days. That one is a Corsair select stick. Ping for a quick sale
  14. dilpreet

    CPU/Mobo Mother board does not have enough fan connectors

    Guys i recently bought GA78LMT-USB3 mother board I installed it and to my surprise it only have 2 Fan connectors My system has atleast 4-5 120 mm fans and in absence of these fan connectors i am not able to use them Can someone please suggest what should i do Is there a cable or connector i can...
  15. dilpreet

    CPU/Mobo AM3/AM3+ Motherboard Suggestion,Urgent!

    Guys i am currently using the following configuration:- MSI 785G-E53 7950 powercooler CM 650M PSU 3 X 2GB CORSAIR 1333,1 X CORSAIR 1600(Both are standard memory modules) Phenom x4 965BE But looks like the Mobo has an issue now where the Bios settings are not getting saved. So i need suggestions...
  16. dilpreet

    PC Peripherals System Not Powering On

    Hi guys I am facing a problem with my Desktop that it does not stay on for more than 10-15 SECONDS. I have not used my system for over a month and today i thought lets power it up and update the anti virus an all. I powered it up and it completes the post and powers off while booting. I tried...
  17. dilpreet

    32" Full HD TV advise please

    Guys i am planning to buy a 32" Full HD LCD/LED but i am confused which brand to go for or which model to go for the only 2 thing i am looking at is it should be Full HD and decent performace overall It would mostly be used for PC gaming and and sometimes for TV viewing My budget is 28 k approx...
  18. dilpreet


    Let the picture do the talking I am working for HP so if anyone is intersested i can get them same offer. Let me know if anyone is intersested Since its a email which i got so i am attaching the screenshots for the same You can ping me if anyone is intereseted
  19. dilpreet

    FS: Games Crysis 3 stalker pack,brawler pack,crysis 1 download

    For Sale ! CRYSIS 3 STALKER PACK,BRAWLER PACK,CRYSIS 1 DOWNLOAD Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:Crysis 3 dlc coupons Expected Price:300 each for Stalker and Brawler pack,180 for Crysis 1(Price updated) Time of Purchase:22nd,Feb,2013 Company official Indian warranty...
  20. dilpreet

    Team elite showoff

    Guys i Pre ordered Crysis 3 a few days back from GAME4U.COM and i opted for being a member of Team Elite and just today got my team elite kit So just felt like sharing it with you Lets the pics do the talking The preorder cost me 1499 and i got a few benifits 1.Crysis 1 download free 2.Crysis...