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    Video My TV sound not working properly

    Check the video that I have posted and need suggestions/guidance how do I make it work properly:
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    Cordless Landline Phone

    Which Company and which model landline phone is good and can last long term? Please let me know preferably a caller id one.
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    High Dividend Paying Stocks

    I would like to know from experienced ppl over here who are and currently who all are investing in stock market. I mean experienced and mid experienced ppl need your opinions. I have never invested in stock market but have heard that either it makes us rich or it makes us poor. I don't want to...
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    Good Quality Leather Belts

    Where can I get good quality leather belts in Mumbai for formal and casual both?
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    How are MHADA flats?

    I wanted to know guys how are MHADA flats. Has anyone in this forum bought a flat in MHADA and staying in it. Whats the procedure exactly. Is it affordable for a common person to purchase. Do they charge lower amount then the builders?. Does it have 24 hours water, & electricity supply?. I would...
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    Maintenance Bill amount can be reversed or not?

    My building managing committee said once the amount is increased in AGM meeting in bldg maintenance bill it cannot be reversed at all. My bldg AGM increases the amount every year in maintenance bill in some or the other way. Last year twice in 6-6 months they increased total 700 Rs each flat in...
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    CCTV camera selection

    I am looking for CCTV camera installation for my entire Bldg/society/colony which is around 50k sq ft. Which 1 would be good let me know. Which one should I select. My bldg managing committe has got a quotation from Zicom 15k per month for 3 years on rental basis for 20 cameras and after 3 years...
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    Which Social Media Management tool do you use?

    I would like to know which social media management tool do you use and the reason why and how much it has helped and since how long you have been using. 1. Buffer 2. HootSuite 3. Sprout Social 4. Eclincher 5. Agora Pulse 6. Sendible 7. Social Pilot 8. Coshedule 9. Mavsocial 10. Friends+Me 11...
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    Some useful links for SEO

    check it out It might help ppl who work on SEO
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    India improves internet speed but still fares poorly in global rankings Guys how much long would it take for us to have 185 mbps download speed in India like Singapore has it currently? Also y cannot on this earth we...
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    Did anyone check this video? How much % is true I really don know

    1 जनवरी 2019 से देश मे 17 नए नियम - हर भारतीय जान ले PM मोदी का बड़ा ऐलान today news headlines
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    "Are Indians third Class in using Git"

    I don't know what this person thinks but I know our India is the best of the best in terms of anything is related and we Indians do not cross our boundary lines due to restrictions and because of that these ppl think we are worse. I am not an expert but I want the experts of this field to show...
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    Is anyone using 7 star internet service?

    Hi Guys. Is anyone using 7 star internet service. would like to know how is it working in your area in Mumbai?. They have mentioned some big names in their client list like yash raj films and all. From past 7-8 years i was paying...
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    Which IPO is worth buying? Which IPO is worth buying from the above list. Which one you people are you going for?
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    Can we upload movies on youtube

    hi can we upload movies on youtube?
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    Video Detel D1: This 19-inch LCD TV will cost you just Rs. 3,999
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    Audio Suggest a good Unbreakable earphone

    I need a good unbreakable earphone. Mostly while traveling in office up and down daily basis earphones break out and I am really tired of purchasing in every 1-2 months. No issues with money but need a unbreakable earphone like we see in cables which don't get entangled even after its twisted so...
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    Looking for Good Nose Trimmer

    I am looking for a good nose trimmer which can last for long term. Can anyone suggest me a good long lasting one.
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    Best place to cure elephantasis in India only

    Guys I wanna share one thing the best place for curing Lymphoedema, Lymphatic Filariasis, Vitilgo, Psoriasis, Lichen Planus, Wound Care, Warts is this check it out it might help someone in need and u can share it too. Doctors all over the hospitals don't provide these details...
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    Looking for waterpump in Mumbai

    I was looking for waterpump in Mumbai for my bldg and this quotation has been given to me. I wanna know your suggestion guys whether this is the best or not. Check the screenshot please ""