apc ups

  1. K

    FS: Office Hardware APC BX1100C-IN 1100VA/660W UPS System

    Selling brand new APC UPS which is 1 kva , purchased from amazon.in . I had to purchase offline due to amazon late delivery unfortunatley they are not buying the ups back due to policy . Now I have two new UPS. So selling this box piece. Will prefer local buyers . Shipping charges will be...
  2. Phani123

    Planning to buy UPS - mostly APC

    Hi Guys, I am planning to buy new APC company ups BX600 model for my WiFi router. Is it good one. Are shops in sp road closed Sunday 27/08/2017. I'm planning to go now. Please suggest me. Regards Phani
  3. netant

    PC Peripherals 1 KVA UPS ... APC or Alternative?

    Using APC since their availability in India. Last year when my BACK-UPS RS 800 broke and took almost 6 weeks to get it repaired only after sending escalation email to APC HQ. After APC acquisition by Schneider they are least bothered about domestic consumer & after sale service went down to...
  4. nRiTeCh

    FS: Others APC Backup RS-1500 UPS [non-working]

    On behalf of my friend, For sale is APC Backup RS-1500, 1500va UPS [non-working] Bought in 2010. **Batteries not included. **Only local Pune city buyers preferred due to obvious weight issues hence no shipping. Possibly its Relay went bad. Can be repaired/replaced for cheap and again be...
  5. netant

    PC Peripherals Exorbitant visiting charges for APC UPS service

    Have APC BR800, bought in year 2008, went dead in past and was replaced by refurbed APC ( 2002 model). currently out of warranty. few days back the ups is dead again, showing overload even without anything plugged into that. Called APC service centre, Bangalore, they are asking Rs.830/- only...