1. Veek M

    Why don't Indian companies sell to individuals vs NGO/company?

    So I contact this company they make plastic bags that I can buy on AliExpress - a 100 of them for USD 27 ish. INR16/8L pkt. That's the best price I've found - Amazon has some seriously ridiculous prices.. He...
  2. H

    I want to buy used GTX 1060,1070,1080

    Hey everyone, I would like to buy GTX 10 series card.Whichever is the best deal for me.Leave a comment below before pming me.
  3. R

    budget PSU 450-550 watt - India

    I am looking for a budget PSU. My corsair vs (orange) 550 gave up. got it RMA'ed and again after two years, it went kaput. (pc restarts on power fluctuation. I have a good UPS. APC 1100. psu was at fault. not UPS.) my pc- i5 4430 760GT 1 ssd 2 hdd 3 fans and lots of dust
  4. N

    Budget 51-70k Gaming laptop under 70K ?

    I want to buy gaming laptop under 70k. Advice me which laptop i should consider. My personal choice is Acer Nitro 5 (i5 variant) suggest me better option if any also suggest me from where should I buy laptops online. Thank you ! :) ;)
  5. creative420

    Budget 21-30k URGENT: Getting a laptop from US. Have to decide today.

    This was the last thread created by me: Unfortunately, because of some payment errors the order was cancelled and now I will have to rely on a purchase from the physical stores in a very remote part of US. Why...
  6. S

    Audio Looking for Ibasso dx80

    Hi, I am looking for dx80 to use with my FLC8s and Fidelio x2. Where can I buy it from? Not able to find it in flipkart and snapdeal price is too steep. I am upgrading from Fiio x3 1st gen. Thanks
  7. T

    Audio Swans m10 customer service

    Hi All I am planning to buy Swans M10 after reading a lot of positive reviews online. But I have two major concerns: 1. There are two sellers 'Hifinage' and 'Pro audio home' which one should I prefer? 2. I am currently in NCR and I am not able to find any swans service center here. What about...
  8. creative420

    Need help from Bhopalis!

    Hello people! I'm a Bhopali who has been living away from the lovely city for a very long time. I'm coming down to Bhopal for Diwali and need help from you guys. I want to assemble a rig for my nephew and I haven't a clue where can I get it done from? I mean it will be awesome if you guys have...
  9. O

    Budget 21-30k CPU + MOBO + SSD 120GB Gaming upgrade build

    What is your budget? 25K (+/- 2000 INR) What is your existing hardware configuration (component name - component brand and model) CPU - Intel Pentium G 620 Motherboard - Gigabyte H61 DXX GPU - XFX R9 270 RAM - Corsair Vengeance 4GB 1600MHZ (running at 1066MHZ from 3 years CPU Limited :mad...
  10. anil_sethi

    Help: How to Buy from ?

    Hello Friends, I want to buy few products from As you know we can't pay with our indian paypal. So how to buy products from ? I don't have Credit Card. I only have SBI and Axis bank Debit Cards. Anyone know how to buy from ? And now Gift card also not...