1. D

    Question Security System in Riyadh Saudi Arabia ?

    I am looking for a online security system provider in Riyadh Saudi Arabia . if you know any one please tell me Thanks
  2. jammy420

    CCTV setup help

    I am just trying to get a CCTV setup for a small stationery shop, for one of my relatives. One camera is sufficient for the shop. One day - two days storage capacity should be sufficient. I have no idea of the cameras. I am thinking like if there is a camera with a memory card slot, which can...
  3. N

    Suggest for FPV/DVR setup

    hi, I want to set up a cheap monitoring system for my street with two cameras focused towards both ends of the street. I don;t need live/remote monitoring. I don't to spend much on this setup as there are no serious concerns. I have never setup such a thing and my searches led me to two devices...
  4. Jules Goes

    Video CCTV setup | Suggestion | Help

    Hi, I`m looking for a cctv setup for my small shop, start with just 2 cameras , hope to upgrade to two more later on. budget is Rs 6000. Is it possible ?
  5. iosoft

    Video Suggestion: CCTV Setup

    Dear Friends, I need help and equipment suggestion to install a CCTV Camera setup. Reason: To protect my old parents when I am at office or out of town for office trip. Placements: We have two flats, 1st-floor and 4th-floor (top-floor). In the 1st-floor, I want to install 2 cameras, at the...