1. Veek M

    Prepping for Armageddon - my list of chemicals, any suggestions/modifications?

    (Edited to add this: You will note that my list contains Glacial Acetic Acid at 90%+ concentration - if the Chemist had sold me some, I'd be dead by now. So.. it's a list I could never actually use because of my lack of knowledge on how dangerous some of this stuff is. PAY THE EXTRA for...
  2. AliceMartin

    New at Tech Enclave community

    Hey Community Members, Hope you are doing great at home in this crucial Covid-19 crisis. I’m Alice Martin. I’m a web developer living in India. I am a fan of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in writing and programming. Hope This journy will be wonderful and...
  3. Veek M

    Corona-virus: medical tips and tricks thread

    Reddit thread on the same topic involves taking five deep breaths, and ending the sixth deep breathe with a cough - covered with the hand or a tissue, of course. This would help...