1. T

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Phones at discount (shipped directly by Samsung)

    I have access to a corporate offer which enables me to purchase Samsung Galaxy devices at a significant discount which are then directly shipped by Samsung. In addition, there is a 1-year insurance for accidental and liquid damage protection (from HDFC) worth 1800. The prices are over 10% lower...
  2. Z

    Samsung galaxy note 8/9, IPhone 7+/8+/Xr/X

    Hi, I am looking for Samsung galaxy note 8 or 9. Also looking for Apple phone 7+/8+/Xr/X. Please PM the details. Thanks in advance!
  3. assender

    Galaxy fold breaking?

    Was thinking of buying the new fold phone, today noticed all the news about it breaking (the screen in particular). Anyone here have this device or experienced issues with it? :0
  4. R

    Budget Above 25K Galaxy S10e or Galaxy Note 9 or others?

    Budget : 40 - 45k Display : 5.5"+ Amoled screens Criteria : Camera (Rear and selfie), performance, light gaming(hi gfx) reliability Options (in mind) : Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S10e, Huawei P30 Current : Galaxy S7 Is the Galaxy Note 9 worth getting ? I can get it for ~41k from Dubai. Need to...
  5. D

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy S10+ S10 Plus, 8GB/128GB, Prism White Color

    For Sale ! Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Samsung Galaxy S10+ S10 Plus, 8GB RAM, 128GB Storage, Prism White color (MRP Rs 79000) and Samsung Galaxy Watch 42mm (MRP Rs 25990) - Watch sold on another forum. Only phone available now. Expected Price: Sold offline Source and Time of...
  6. swatkats

    Samsung Galaxy S10 launch in India: S10, S10+, S10e

    Pricing (India): Samsung Galaxy S10e 6GB + 128GB – Rs. 55,900 Samsung Galaxy S10 8GB + 128GB – Rs. 66,900 Samsung Galaxy S10 8GB + 512GB – Rs. 84,900 Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8GB + 128GB – Rs. 73,900 Samsung Galaxy S10+ 8GB + 512GB Ceramic (Black) – Rs. 91,900 Samsung Galaxy S10+ 12GB + 1TB Ceramic...
  7. kanishk619

    FS: Mobile New Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    I have few of these, let me know if someone is interested in purchasing. These are unlocked US versions of the phone. CPU: Snapdragon 835 RAM: 6gb Storage: 64gb SIM: Single
  8. mach9

    Android Samsung Galaxy A5 Dual Sim 2017 Region Change/CSC

    Can any of the android guru's here help with this? I picked up a Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 on a whim earlier this year in the UAE and it appears the phone has complete customisation for the UAE local market including features like Samsung pay which do not seem to reset to India inspite of me...
  9. sharang

    FS: Mobile Brand new Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 edition Sealed Pack

    For Sale ! Brand new Samsung Galaxy J2 2016 edition Sealed Pack Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL:‎ Expected Price: Rs 7,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Got it as a gift. Reason for Sale: In need of cash RMA/Servicing history: Not applicable Product...
  10. D

    FS: Tablet Apple iPad Air-2 64GB Cellular + WiFi, Under Apple Warranty &AppleCare+ till 22/11/16

    Sold outside the forum Product Name, Manufacturers code & URL: Apple iPad Air-2 64GB Cellular (SIM) + WiFi, TouchID (Fingerprint Sensor), Under Apple Warranty & AppleCare+ Coverage until 22-Nov-16, MRP: Rs 59900 (currently retails for Rs 48990 + extra for AppleCare coverage) ...
  11. mach9

    FS: Mobile Steal Deal: 32GB Samsung Galaxy S6 Black + Samsung Wireless Charger + Spigen Case

    Looking to sell off my unlocked sparingly used Samsung Galaxy S6 Black as soon as possible as i've upgraded to an iPhone 6S. I was gifted this phone by a family member back in Sep for my birthday but i've always been an iPhone guy and never made the switch to it fully as a result this has more...
  12. 3

    FS: Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 3 w/ PowerBank

    Phone is in good condition except for a little usage mark on the edges. I am selling the phone with a leather window case, an aluminium bumper and a 10000 mah ZeroLemon Powerbank. Please do not PM Lowball offers.