1. V

    WTB RTX 2060 Super / RTX 2070

    Looking for any of the above mentioned cards. Send me your offers via pm
  2. FXGalvatron

    WTB Need 1060 6GB or RX570 8GB for around 7.5-8k

    Title. Please be a well known member as I am sceptical dealing with newbies. Please message me and I'll get back to you at the earliest. I am from Chennai, in case you are wondering. Thanks and have a good day! :)
  3. P

    WTB WTB GTX 1070 or 1660 Super

    Looking for a decently priced GTX 1070 or a 1660/ 1660 Super. I'm located in Delhi-NCR region, local offers will be given preference.
  4. jealous21

    Help about GPU for Ryzen 3 3200G

    Guys, I recently build a PC and I need help on selecting my GPU. Below goes a brief spec about my PC. Processor: AMD Ryzen 3 3200G (Radeon Vega Graphics 3.60 GHz) RAM: 8 GB OS: Windows 10 Home The reason for me to add a GPU is only to play games like Cricket 19 and Euro Truck Simulator 2. I...
  5. K

    Budget 0-20k GPU to drive two 4k displays (no gaming / editing)

    Hello all, I need a GPU to drive two 4k displays @ 60Hz. There is no gaming or video editing requirement, this is to just run the displays. The system has a 9700F, 16GB RAM, MSI B360 board and CX550 PSU. Current GPU is a GT710 driving a 1080p display that is going to be replaced with two 4k...
  6. viralbug

    FS: Video Card Asus 280X DC II Top

    Note that this GPU has issues of red lines showing up on display. So selling this for parts or if someone can fix/repair it and use it. Worked fine for 5.5 years until it started showing this problem about 10 months ago.
  7. N

    Graphic Cards Best GPU OEM in India?

    Hey, guys! I have been using a Zotac GTX 970 since the past 4 years and I'm looking to upgrade, what with the next gen Nvidia RTXs around the corner. I would like to know what are some of the best GPU OEMs in India according to you guys. I don't have a problem with Zotac per se, the 970 has...
  8. Darkflicker

    FS: Power Cooling and Modding NZXT Kraken G12 Liquid Cooling Mounting Kit (Black)

    Black color. Excellent condition without any scratches. Only used for about a week before I got a different GPU. Imported about a year ago from USA so no bill All accessories available.
  9. TechStarkR

    WTB Want GTX 1050Ti/750Ti/RX460

    I need a used gtx 1050ti/gtx750ti or Rx 460 preferably under warranty
  10. scott1391990

    FS: Video Card Asus GTX 960 Direct CU II OC Edition 2 GB

    Product Name: Asus GTX 960 Direct CU II OC Edition 2 GB Expected Price: Rs 4000 shipped Shipping charges: To be borne by the buyer Manufacturer page URL: Description if any: NA Reason for Sale: Upgraded Product condition: 8 out of 10...
  11. leap

    WTB 750ti/1050ti

    Looking for 750ti for 3.5k. please pm. th thanks
  12. maj0r

    WTB 1660 Super GPU

    Wondering if there are any of the 1660 Super series cards are up for sale here.
  13. StingU

    FS: Video Card EVGA GeForce GTX 980 HYBRID GAMING GPU

    Product Name: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 HYBRID GAMING Expected Price: Rs 18000/- Shipping charges : depends Manufacturer page URL: Description : USED for a year back then for a bit of gaming Reason for Sale: not...
  14. uchiha_dante

    WTB Looking for GTX 1080TI

    HI All, I'm new here, so open to feedback! I'm looking for a GTX 1080TI, and specifically, a Dual Slot design (m-ITX case) This is the exact one that I have in mind, but I'm open to looking at other variants: EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti SC2 GAMING Do reach out to me here, or whatsapp on...
  15. leidbacc

    WTB WTB either GTX 1060 6 gb) or RX 570/580

    I have a pc with Ryzen 3200G and I want to take it up a notch. I need a GPU to help me stream and not drop frames while doing so. I'm looking to buy in the range of 6-7.5k for RX 570, and around 8-10k for GTX 1060/RX 580. I would appreciate if there was minimum 1 or more years of warranty...
  16. abbi0991

    Ideas for using GPUs originally bought for mining but not used.

    I had purchased a lot of GPU during the crypto crazy phase to mine eth but ended up not continuing to mine. Now I'm left with a lot of GPU that I don't know what to do with. I considered making gaming PC with them and selling them but not sure how to structure it. Open to ideas.
  17. thox

    FS: Video Card EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC 8 GB

    For Sale ! EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC Expected Price: Rs 45,000/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from a friend in US in December 2019 Reason for Sale: Extra. RMA/Servicing history: Never serviced/RMA'd. Product Condition: Open Box, never used. Purchase Invoice Available...
  18. kolayamit

    FS: Video Card Nvidia Quadro M4000 8GB OEM workstation card SOLD

    Nvidia Quadro M4000 8GB OEM workstation card for sale in excellent condition. Amazing GPU for working in 3D/2D Applications. Bought from a IT Admin who was upgrading GPU's for Dell Workstation. Reason for selling is not using this, have upgraded. Price is neotiable. Local buyers preferred...
  19. M

    FS: Video Card **Sold on OLX** MSI R5770 Hawk 1Gb DDR5, dual fan, better than GT 610 OR GT 710, Rs 1250/-

    For Sale ! [BMSI R5770 Hawk, 1Gb DDR5[/B] Expected Price: Rs 1250/- Source and Time of Purchase: Bought from fellow member with broken fans (I got the fan replaced by cooler master fans.) Description: Working great after replacing...
  20. viralbug

    FS: Others Garage sale : Razer mouse + GPU + Router + Switch

    Garage sale! Disposing off stuff that has been lying around in my house. SOLD: Asus N14U N300 router Price: Rs. 500 Condition - 4/5. Have used this router for a few months. Works fine and is stable. Have box + adapter + unused lan cable. TP-Link 5 port Gigabit switch TL-SG1005D Price: Rs. 800...