1. K

    Budget Above 25K Why old phones are still expensive in India?

    Why is older phones are still expensive in India? I am in process of choosing a phone for myself and I don't really wanna spend all the money on the latest one so I was hoping to buy a phone which is launched about a year ago but I noticed that Samsung S9 is still selling on MRP 57k on flipkart...
  2. Futureized

    Search results on Search Engines ? What should search engines display first ?

    Bought some product and surprised, even the hardware manual is not complete via (AMAZON/FLIPKART) only... Search results for Consumer Products Company/Dealers/Search Engines/ Which must appear first ? (A simple poll thought of posting, if stupid, Will request to delete). Will suggest your...
  3. swatkats

    Pulwama attack

    My heartfelt condolences goes out to the families of all Jawans Martyred. I initially thought this to be a Uri type attack but this type of brutality is not really digestible. This is really a sad moment for every Indian who loves this land. Requesting members to put out all the possible...
  4. swatkats

    Ease of Doing Business in India

    Ease of Doing Business 2019: India has jumped 23 places to secure 77th rank on the World Bank Ease of Doing Business index on the back many business-friendly reforms, with the Goods and Services Tax (GST) and the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) emerging as big winners. While India has not...
  5. swatkats

    First case of ‘Netflix addiction’ at NIMHANS

    Last week, the Service for Healthy Use of Technology (SHUT) clinic at National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS) in Bengaluru received its first case of Netflix addiction: a 26-year-old unemployed man had turned to the streaming service to shut out reality for more than six...
  6. A

    WTB: DJI Mavic Pro/Air/Phantom

    Hello Folks, Since a new line of Mavics and phantoms have come in. I'm trying my luck if anyone around here is looking to sell their Mavic Pro/Air or Phantom. Preferably someone in Mumbai. Regards, Arnab
  7. swatkats

    40 government departments are using a social media surveillance tool

    On August 3, the Centre withdrew its proposal of creating a Social Media Communication Hub, through which it wanted to monitor the social media accounts of citizens, after the Supreme Court called the plan an attempt at creating a “surveillance state”. But even before this plan of the government...
  8. iPwnz

    Your thoughts on the BJP's govt. claim of "Every village in the country has been electrified."

    "Every Village Has Electricity, Says Government. A Reality Check" [NDTV] "'97% villages electrified before PM Modi came to power': Twitterati respond on 100% electrification claim"[TNM]...
  9. netant

    Current Unemployment Situation And Job Market In India

    It never took me this long to search a job in my decade+ career, but this time its over 5 months of application and interviews with absolutely no luck. I don't know how i would meet my end-needs and buy food for family after two months. Savings are evaporating faster than water in this summer...
  10. Futureized

    How can #facebook or #google or anything steal your passwords ?

    Most of goverment websites allow, logging in through this channels #google #facebook.. etc. Since everything belongs to non-Indian companies and majority of services are linked with both. Can those create a havoc ? Even, some/lot of public/private services in India does allow authentication...
  11. WillAlt

    BlackBerry 'Ghost' Bezel-Less Android Smartphone to Launch in India

    BlackBerry phone built by the Delhi-based Optiemus
  12. Futureized

    Health & Fitness Purchasing medicines online vs offline ? Please atleast vote..

    I have to purchase some medicines for a period of time (unsure but ordering at least for a month). Can you suggest if purchasing medicines online is proper or not.. I cannot list sites details who sell those online, there are many... But fact being online medical shops are offering upto 30%...
  13. Futureized

    Google Search Results in India ?

    I checked lot of search results (specially medical/oil/pharmacy sectors) and Google provides fraud results for Indians ? Google Seems like a tie up with self-profit making corporate sectors.. no way helping in GROWTH OF INDIA.. Happened same and covered in lot of newspapers during last...
  14. 6pack

    Government looks to hike minimum internet speed to 2+Mbps

    Source: Economic Times
  15. vivek.krishnan

    AWS India - AISPL

    Amazon has created a seperate Indian subsidary for AWS - Amazon Internet Services Private Limited (AISPL). With this, we will have to pay in INR and Amazon will take care of the taxes as well. Well, GST...
  16. V

    Where do you guys buy your computer components?

    Searching through some good place to buy computer components in Chennai. With the release of Ryzen in few days it will be good to make a list of reputed computer shops state wise which will help everyone. Will be great if you guys listed both physical and online store availability. I found some...
  17. viktik

    Sex in Ancient times

    Look what i found online In chapter 63 of Adiparva in Mahabharat, open sex between Rishi Parashar and Satyavati Matsyangandha has been described. Also, in the 104th chapter of Adiparva, it is mentioned that son of Utthat, Dirghtama started having sex with a woman in front of all the people. In...
  18. drkrack

    Xiaomi Launches Mi Air Purifier 2 in India @ 10k (Poll)

    Xiaomi Launches Mi Air Purifier 2 @ 10k As with any Xiaomi product, the Specs are pretty good for the price, it has a very Good CADR and 360 deg capacity, with triple layer filter, targets 2.5um particles which is quite good. I was researching air purifiers recently, but wasn't sure about its...
  19. viktik

    Freemasons in India

    I really want to know all the major members and past activities in india. Previously few months back they deleted my content on freemasons. i did not take it seriously. Quora is repeatingly marking my question for improvement on freemasons. now that is suspicious...
  20. iPwnz

    Moto G4 Play launched in India for 8999rs. (Amazon Exclusive)

    GSM Arena specs: Amazon Link "capabilities" what is this even supposed to mean? :mad::confused: