1. D

    2 ISP Internet connection for failsafe setup help needed

    hi guyz ,,i need help. I own a cyber cafe, using 1 internet connection already ,so setup is like ISP 1 > fiber> archer C7 router 1750 (,> Gigabyte 24Port Switch > 20 pcs connected with manual IP ( to 220) gateway is now today i got new connection as...
  2. Zak

    Ads and buttons appearing on websites

    Hey guys, Does anyone know if there any way to stop or avoid those '' viruses'' ads and buttons from appearing on the websites? Thanks!
  3. 6pack

    Government looks to hike minimum internet speed to 2+Mbps

    Source: Economic Times
  4. seshu

    [Hyderabad] need a best wireless broadband service

    please suggest a best wireless broadband service in Hyderabad to be used for a laptop in & around Malakpet, Dilsukhnagar, ...
  5. M

    Free 10gb internet for every Airtel postpaid for three months

    Make the most of it, I personally tried and received free 10gb data every month for 3 months. :) " Today is a day of celebrations. Dear Customer, We are celebrating your brand Airtel being declared India’s fastest mobile network. Coming from the world’s largest and most credible speed test...
  6. M

    Budget 31-40k Laptop for programming and internet,I am an engineering student.

    Hello, I am an engineering student and i want to buy laptop for programming and internet,kindly suggest me what specs will be best for me.. i3 6th gen. Vs i5 4th gen Do I need graphic card(I doNOT play games).Thanks
  7. G

    Best tips to secure your computer?

    Hey everyone. I was just wondering what your best tips for keeping your computer secure were. I am moving and believe it or not I am moving to an area that doesn't have internet access (who knew those still existed). So if I want to be on the internet my only option will be to drive into town...
  8. viktik

    i emailed TRAI to increase the broadband speed, you should also do so

    I have emailed TRAI to increase the broadband speed to 1024 Kbps or higher. I have given my reason why it should be increased. You should also do so if you want the broadband speed to be increased sooner than later. TRAI email address :
  9. Clarkdale44

    BSNL EVDO - Any modem+wifi sharing type device that uses ruim for bsnl evdo?

    Hello I had it with trying to use bsnl evdo zte ac2766 + tp link mr3220v2 setup. It works for few hours than i have to restart the whole thing, most of the times restart doesn't works, so i have to unplug the modem and then restart. On my laptop my 2766 runs flawless and stays connected for...
  10. Detox101

    Dualband Gigabit wifi router for 1,800 sq.feet home

    Hi I need to buy a wireless router for my home with the following requirements. Budget - upto 5k Type: ac router with at least three antennae Non-modem router. The one that takes LAN cables as input. Router will be used to browse the internet, stream HD content and play multiplayer games...
  11. Rajesh Meena

    Brodband Connection in Pune

    Can anyone suggest me best brodband service provider in pune Budget 1250 and less Speed atlest 4MBps Unlimited downloading no speed capping after Some GB's i live in Shivane,Kothrud - pune